What is the best way to clean my coffee grinder?

The most commonly recommended cleaner for coffee grinders (including burr grinders) is to run a batch of minute rice through the grinder. The rice will help to pull the leftover oils and other trash out of the system. I usually disassemble my coffee grinder and brush it out before the rice is used but if you clean with rice often enough that may not be necessary.

Minute rice is softer than regular rice so many people (myself included) feel that it is less likely to dull the burrs of a grinder. A small amount of residual rice dust in the grinder after cleaning should not add any noticeable flavor to the coffee.

Commercial Coffee Cleaners

One manufacturer of a commercial grinder cleaner claims that rice can cause issues in a grinder so another option is to use a product specifically designed for cleaning coffee grinders. These include products like Caffiza tabs and powders, which are designed to break down easily in blades and burr grinders so that no damage occurs.

If using a cleaning product and not something natural, you’ll want to run some coffee beans through the grinder to remove the cleaning product and toss the grounds to remove any residual cleaning product. This can seem wasteful, but can ensure longevity of your coffee grinder.

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  1. Yeah the grinder cleaner

    Yeah the grinder cleaner product is the best to use. Urnex makes a great grinder cleaner called Grindz. I got mine at
    works great for me and it doesnt leave the coffee tasting like anything afterward.

    1. Good Day!

      This may work out for me, since the guy that put together this doohickey actually suggests water temp inside the 170-190 degree range. I fill it from the hot water tap on the front from the office coffee machine, that ought to be similar temp to the red tapon the water cooler (only yours is filtered, that serves to get tastier coffee).

  2. Rice is fine, but not too much

    I use rice, but try to pour it through a bit at a time.  When I’ve tried adding a whole cup all at once, the motor really did not seem to like that–maybe the grains interlock or something.  So I recommend adding the rice just a TBSP at a time until it comes out white.  Then run a few sacrificial coffee beans through, until they come out without much white.

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