What happens if you overdose?

The prominent side effects (erratic heartrate, anxiety, restlessness) of caffeine are noticeable from drinking coffee long before death becomes a serious concern as long as reasonable amounts of coffee are consumed. These side effects can nevertheless be serious.

The exact number of cups will vary depending on what coffee is brewed (and how much ground coffee is used) and consumed. An average cup may have 100-200 mg of caffeine, and due to temperature and volume of water, will require an extended drinking period before accumulating enough to cause serious side effects.

These effects can be exasperated by drinking coffees grown at higher elevations, which allows the coffee more time to develop chlorogenic acids and caffeine. Countries that naturally have high elevations such as Ethiopia and Guatemala may contain higher caffeine levels than others, but these are hard to predict and vary by region as well as varietal. Espresso blends and others containing robusta coffee beans should be well respected, as robusta coffees contain roughly twice the caffeine as Arabica on average.

From Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-3-R (American Psychiatric Association, 1987):

Caffeine-Induced Organic Mental Disorder 305.90 Caffeine Intoxication

    1. Recent consumption of caffeine, usually in excess of 250 mg.
    2. At least five of the following signs:
      1. restlessness
      2. nervousness
      3. excitement
      4. insomnia
      5. flushed face
      6. diuresis
      7. gastrointestinal disturbance
      8. muscle twitching
      9. rambling flow of thought and speech
      10. tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia
      11. periods of inexhaustibility
      12. psychomotor agitation


    3. Not due to any physical or other mental disorder, such as an Anxiety Disorder.

Basically, overdosing on caffeine will probably be very very unpleasant but not kill or deliver permanent damage. However, People do die from it.

Toxic dose

The LD_50 of caffeine (that is the lethal dosage reported to kill 50% of the population) is estimated at 10 grams for oral administration. As it is usually the case, lethal dosage varies from individual to individual according to weight. Ingestion of 150mg/kg of caffeine seems to be the LD_50 for all people. That is, people weighting 50 kilos have an LD_50 of approx. 7.5 grams, people weighting 80 kilos have an LD_50 of about 12 grams.
In cups of coffee the LD_50 varies from 50 to 200 cups of coffee or about 50 vivarins (200mg each).

One exceptional case documents survival after ingesting 24 grams. The minimum lethal dose ever reported was 3.2 grams intravenously, this does not represent the oral MLD (minimum lethal dose).

In small children ingestion of 35 mg/kg can lead to moderate toxicity. The amount of caffeine in an average cup of coffee is 50 – 200 mg. Infants metabolize caffeine very slowly.


  • Acute caffeine poisoning gives early symptoms of anorexia, tremor, and restlessness. Followed by nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, and confusion. Serious intoxication may cause delirium, seizures, supraventricular and ventricular tachyarrhythmias, hypokalemia, and hyperglycemia.
  • Chronic high-dose caffeine intake can lead to nervousness, irritability, anxiety, tremulousness, muscle twitching, insomnia, palpitations and hyperreflexia. For blood testing, cross-reaction with theophylline assays will detect toxic amounts. (Method IA) Blood concentration of 1-10 mg/L is normal in coffee drinkers, while 80 mg/L has been associated with death.


  • Emergency Measures
    • Maintain the airway and assist ventilation. (See Appendix A)
    • Treat seizures & hypotension if they occur.
    • Hypokalemia usually goes away by itself.
    • Monitor Vital Signs.
  • Specific drugs & antidotes. Beta blockers effectively reverse cardiotoxic effects mediated by excessive beta-adrenergic stimulation. Treat hypotension or tachyarrhythmias with intravenous propanolol, .01 – .02 mg/kg. , or esmolol, .05 mg/kg , carefully titrated with low doses. Esmolol is preferred because of its short half life and low cardioselectivity.
  • Decontamination
    • Induce vomiting or perform gastric lavage.
    • Administer activated charcoal and cathartic.
    • Gut emptying is probably not needed if 1 2 are performed promptly.

Appendix A

Performing airway assistance.

  1. If no neck injury is suspected, place in the “Sniffing” position by tilting the head back and extending the front of the neck.
  2. Apply the “Jaw Thrust” to move the tongue out of the way without flexing the neck: Place thumb fingers from both hands under the back of the jaw and thrust the jaw forward so that the chin sticks out. This should also hurt the patient, allowing you to judge depth of coma. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Tilt the head to the side to allow vomit and snot to drain out.

From conversations on alt.drugs.caffeine:

The toxic dose is going to vary from person to person, depending primarily on built-up tolerance. A couple people report swallowing 10 to 13 vivarin and ending up in the hospital with their stomaches pumped, while a few say they’ve taken that many and barely stayed awake.

A symptom lacking in the clinical manual but reported by at least two people on the net is a loss of motor ability: inability to move, speak, or even blink. The experience is consistently described as very unpleasant and not fun at all, even by those very familiar with caffeine nausea and headaches.

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  1. Add to the list of

    Add these to the list of symptoms:

    Blurred Vision
    Intense Forearm Numbness at Night
    Panic Attacks
    Heightened Allergic Reactions
    Anomalous Skin Reactions

          1. not as though you are moving

            not as though you are moving in slow motion, it’s as though the whole world is moving in slow motion

          2. Is there any immediate solution to caffeine overdose or effects

            I have strong reaction to caffeine so I have to avoid and occasionally I have decaf. Invariably they give me regular coffee by mistake.

            What can I do to immediately counter the effects? I do not know of anything other than time – usually 12-24 hours to get clear of my most troubling symptons heart palpitations or atrial fibulation.

          3. OD on coffee is possible!

            Didnt’ eat much today and consumed a number of turbo ices from DD. A bout ten minutes after my last one I started feeling funny. My left forearm became numb and my heart was beating out of control. My fiance thought I was nuts and said I was having a panic attack. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack or collapse. My arms were weak as hell and all I could do was pace. I felt nauseous and dizzy and thought I was going nuts. I took a long walk, got in the bath, tried laying down, and concentrated on breathing slowly but nothing seemed to help. I almost went to the emergency room. I forced down a buch of water and that seemed to help. The only reason I even googled caffeine overdose was because I saw a news clip on coffee toxicity the other day. This is some really freaky crap and YES IT DOES EXIST! It is absolutely terrible and you feel like you’re gonna die. My fiance kept looking at me like I was crazy. I even had trouble breathing. You guys really helped me determine what was wrong with me as you all have had similar symptoms. I guess I’m not crazy after all- or maybe all of us are.. either way this is the crappiest night of my life!

          4. I just suffered a scary

            I just suffered a scary caffeine overdose which actually began after the initial caffeine energy burst ended. Started off with being really tired, slight difficulty breathing. Then got EXTREMELY jittery, light-headedness, tingley and worried. Basically felt like an anxiety attack (even though I have never had one). I called poison control and they told me to go to a hospital. But I am too embarrassed….

            Here is what is currently helping (I am still experiencing overdose symptoms, but they are subsiding)

            Drink lots of water, breathe slow and deeply, concentrate on your breathing, sit in an air conditioned room (if possible). And just tell at least one person the problem you are currently experiencing just so you know you are not alone facing this problem. I told one friend over MSN messenger and he set his status to Away and stopped talking to me, my other friend had good suggestions for me. So stay positive, drink water, pee out your caffeine, and breathe properly. It was super scary, Im glad its almost over….. I am starting to get very tired, it looks like I might even be able to sleep tonight =)

            To those who thought they might die, I felt this way too. Stay positive, but if you can swallow your pride and you have medical insurance, go to the hospital just in case. I didnt have this option, so…. I just did my above suggestions.

            Thanks for everyone who contributed to this forum!

          5. Thanks to everyone here

            Hey guys,

            Though you guys may never read this, I just wanted to thank yall for the information everyone has posted. Yesterday I made a stupid mistake after being up for around 20ish hours, and decided to take 3 Zantrex (or however you spell that) at once, and hey, what better to wash that down than a beer?

            Within minutes my skin was burning, and my hands/arms were really flushed and blotchy. I addressed that by taking my shirt off, and holding my arms above my head for a while. When I put them down, I realized I was having to watch my breathing – it wasnt really an automated response for my body. Cold shower, i thought to myself. That helped with my temperature, which i didnt know I had until i got into the cold water. My head was so hot that the cold water actually heated up as it poured off my head and into my hands. Sat in there for a while until my body went cold, then got out and dressed.

            After that I got out and walked around the apartment for a while. Figured I just had so much energy my body was just confused, and that getting active would help. Mistake, I immediately felt sick after doing a bit of a jog and decided to sit down. Trouble breathing came up again, and my heart wouldnt slow down. I sat there for a while starting at a pattern on my blanket to keep my mind occupied while I prayed the whole time. Never been that worried, or ever had a reaction like that.

            After a while I dosed off, but woke up in a shock when i realized i wasnt breathing. After that I forced myself to get up and get my shoes on, then went on a walk around my community… five or six times. During this whole encounter I was drinking a TON of water as fast as I could. On my last lap I turned the corner leading back to my apartment, and went back inside. My body had calmed down a bit by then, and my girlfriend was awake. I explained the situation from there, and went on the balcony and laid in the sun for a while (was cold for some reason). Shortly after that I was feeling OK, and went to a restaraunt (Bone Daddy’s) to celebrate a friends 21sth birthday. I was still jittery, and a bit sick feeling. Decided to get a jack/coke while we waited, and a sweet tea.

            The drinks calmed my stomach, and loosened me up as the night went on. had a good meal, went to my friends place and had a few more beers through the night. went home, went to sleep, then woke up fine today!

            So, thats what happened on our end. Thanks again for all the reports yall put up, it really helped me to understand what was going on. One last thing though, do NOT take those damned diet pills. Two dont seem to affect me, but three almost killed me.

            Best of luck!
            Matt N.

          6. I consumed about 2 grams of

            I consumed about 2 grams of caffeine last night. I spent the last 18 hours in and out of sleep. my body aches everywhere for some reason, I know i’ll be alright but I want to know if anyone else has had an experience like this and if so how long the pain remained. it feels like battery acid is running through my veins and its very unpleasant.

          7. DON’T EVER OD ON CAFFEINE!!!!

            I am 21 years old. Last night at around 9PM I took 10 caffeine pills (NoDoz, 200mg each). I slept maybe 1 hour all night long (on and off). I threw up maybe 4 times, but since my stomach was empty, it was mostly gagging and bile which led to the worst headache of my life. I was shaking uncontrollaby and even though I laid pretty much motionless in bed all night, I barely slept at all. I had cold flashes then hot flashes, and my heartbeat was erratic. It was not until maybe 5AM that I was able to sleep a little and it was only for about 1 hour or so. I kept having to gently massage my chest every so often because I felt my heart was going to pop.
            At maybe 10AM I had a bit of breakfast (the egg form an egg mcmuffin and half a hash brown. It took all my energy to keep from throwing it up. Afterwards I calmed down a bit, until I got hungry again and ended up feeling shaky and having cold/ hot flashes on and off. My arms and legs at times felt tingly and I had to massage them.
            It is now almost 9PM again and I just got out of the shower. Even though I took an ice col shower, the water felt burning hot and I came out shaky, jittery, and my right arm feels completely asleep… I feel like I need to pule but nothing will come out.
            Will try drinking water and Ill let you all know how it goes.

          8. Well,this has proved really

            Well,this has proved really helpful. Yesterday, on about 3 hours of sleep o took 49 pro plus tablets (50 mg each) and 4 red bull energy shots
            worked out to about 2.7 grams of caffeine within an hour. Kicked in within an hour after that, got serious shakes and paranoia, mind was working furiously. Got sent home from work and when k got home I lay awake on bed for 12 hours unable to drift off. Heart was racing and thought I might die. Got to sleep for 3 hours then back to work this morning, shakes were gone but was severely tired and weak, worked half my shift then got sent home again, came back and slept for five hours it’s now 29 hours after the od and mainly just tired though my mind is still working fast. Worst experience of my life, never touching caffeine again. I’m 110kg but never drink coffee SO mist have low tolerance. Water seems to have helped as has being on the company of others.

          9. currently suffering caffeine issues

            at this very moment i have symptoms of caffeine overdose. i get migraines and my doctor perscribed caffeine tablets. 1 tablet every half hour for up to 3 hours. which equates to 100mg of caffeine every 1/2 hour or 600mg in 3 hours. what can help caffeine OD?it is currently 3:30am where i live and i havent had any sleep tonight and it doesnt look like im going to. this is my first time using caffeine related medicine, never again.

  2. overdosing

    Nausea and vomiting is the worst… and that headache!! Its the worst feeling in the world, Also The day after it feels like you have the worst hangover in the world…

  3. Caffeine OD Experience

    When I was about 16 years old, I went on a weekend trip with some fellow school mates up to Camp Keep here in California.

    It was supposed to be part of a children outreach program. I wasn’t a problem child, however, I was in a continuation school. So, when my teacher said there was a free spot open, I lept at the chance to go.

    Well, the camp counselors said that we could stay up all night & have a water fight with the guys (yes, this was a mixed sex event. Don’t worry parents, we had seperate cabins).

    I was pretty young & inexperienced…also tired. I wanted to stay up all night. A friend offered me some Max Strength NoDoz to help stay awake for the event.

    Being young & stupid, I thought if one would keep me up for a few hours, a 5 or 6 would be even better. (I must point out, I never did drugs & hadn’t even taken asprin at that point in my life…so my experience with dosage was nonexistent)

    Within about 20 minutes the stomach cramps started. I ended up spending the next hour or so in the bathroom tossing my cookies. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my whole life.

    After that, not only could I not sleep, I could hardly stay still. I was just too twitchy. When it was time to go to bed that night, I spent most of the time rambling. Occasionally, I got up, & went for a walk. I found that my pulse was racing most of the time though (& I was in pretty good shape)

    Never did get a headache though.

    I didn’t even realise I was suffering from a caffeine O.D. Kinda scary now that I think about it. Even worse, I can’t believe none of the camp counselors noticed my symptoms.

    The next day I felt aweful. Not real sure if thats from the massive amount of NoDoz, or simply due to a lack of sleep. To this day though, I haven’t touched it since.

    Either way my symptoms were as follow:

    * Severe Stomach Cramps
    * Violently ill to the stomach (vomiting continuing on into dry heaves)
    * A feeling of being unable to stay still & slightly twitchy
    * An increased pulse rate
    * Tired & achy the next day

  4. Coffee should have a warning Label!

    I have been drinking 8 to 10 cups of coffee daily for over two decades. Starting having a lot of health challenges (T1 diabetes, insomnia, panic attacks, panic disorder, anxiety, restless legs, serious mental stability, stomach trouble, etc. NO DOCTOR EVER caught this, though I see two on a quarterly basis UNTIL just recently. I had no idea it could do all of this. Never had headached (unless I didn’t get any coffee) and never had vomiting trouble. Dehydrated though!

    1. Hopefully Someone can help

      Your Problem is very serious and coffee has had a negative impact on your life . I hope there is someone there to help you.

  5. If I had to die, I’d much

    If I had to die, I’d much rather die by caffine than anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. NO WAY!!!!The feeling of

      NO WAY!!!!

      The feeling of abject terror and being about to fall off the edge of the world is a living nightmare.

      If it’s time for lights out then give me a downer any day!

    2. The day after I went through

      The day after I went through caffeine overdose I told a good friend of mine that that would be an awful way to die. You feel like your body is flying into pieces, your thoughts are racing uncontrollably and you are convinced that at any moment your heart is going to explode. I thought about the people who HAVE died of caffeine o.d. and felt so bad for them. Seriously, it would be a terrible, terrible way to die.

    3. Do you enjoy the feeling of

      Do you enjoy the feeling of having your guts ripped out of your stomach?  Puking every few minutes?  Unable to stand or even talk?  Gagging on your own tongue, not to mention the puke that’s running down the side of your face while you groan in agony because your stomach hursts so fucken bad?   I can think of better ways to die.

  6. Caffeine Overdose + Ulcers = Please-shoot-me!

    I single most agonizing experience in my life would have to be the time I took about 8 Vivarin on an empty stomach BEFORE I knew of the effects of caffeine on stomach acids. The point is, puking blood, nausea, and feeling like I was gonna pass out every time I stood up isn’t my idea of a good time. The worst part was not being able to sleep it off.

  7. OD’ing on caffein

    Yep i have also took too much of this stuff once. After i bought 100 grams of caffeine-powder i thought i’d take some of the stuff before working out. I didn’t have a proper weighing scale to ensure not taking too much so i dont know how much of it i ended up taking but i guess it was anywhere from 500mg to 1 gram. I remember it tasted awful but i mixed it all up with water and drank every bit of it.

    At first i felt great, i had *a lot* of energy and felt like i could take one the world but after 40 minutes or so i started to feel a little ‘off’. My appetite disappeared all of a sudden while i was eating and i was getting a little sick. After that it went downhill, i couldn’t work out as i had planned because i felt awful and for the next couple hours after that i sat around a bit, walked a bit and tried to eat but i couldnt. I remember gagging like i was gonna throw up *lots* of times but i never did throw up.

    About 6/7 hours after i took it i probably felt worst, with stomach cramps and an overal bad feeling.

    That night i didn’t sleep at all, i just laid in bed, got up walked around a bit and got back in bed again but could not sleep. I didn’t feel tired for one bit. The day after was a little better but i still couldnt eat much. It was only until that evening that i could eat again, it was probably around 7 pm and i was sitting outside in the freezing cold eating some while feeling pretty comfortable.

    So don’t OD on caffeine mmkay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Even a mild caffeine overdose is not recommended…

      I have been reading some of the comments about caffeine overdoses, and though I probably have a mild case, its still quite uncomfortable.

      I was doing a job up in Blacksburg, VA–I live about 3.5 hours from there. Anyway, the job wasnt working out and I had some family problems at home that I had to address so I headed back. Unwilling, however, to risk falling asleep at the wheel again as I had on the way up, I popped about 4 caffeine pills on an empty stomach and begun the trip home. The added complication to this minor overdose was that I was really stressed out with the wasted trip and the family issues that had suddenly come up. Needless to say this combination has had some unpleasant effects on my system. I am actually currently experiencing the overdose effects which would explain why I am wide awake and on the computer at 4:00 in the morning…

      Of course, I am not the least bit tired, but also restless, dizzy, I almost feel intoxicated as if I’ve been drinking, I am really hungry, but my body wont except food, I am weak, and I feel feverish. I tried to go to sleep at a friend’s house on the way back, but was only met with sleeplessness and an acquired knowledge of all the imperfections in the ceiling and walls. With only 1 hour’s drive remaining on the road, I decided to finish the trip home. So here I am, safe and secure in my house. hoping to see an end to this madness, and vowing to follow the directions on specified dosage next time…

    2. Caffeine Overdose

      I experienced the exact same symptoms after take 4 no-doz pills before a big chemistry exam. I thought it would sharpen me up ( and it did) but for the rest of the night i felt terrible. I couldn’t sleep, eat, think straight and i just felt generally weird. It took about 1 hour for the problems to start after taking the pills.

      1. yesterday i got to work,

        yesterday i got to work, felt really tired n was struggling to concentrate even after a coffee, i had brought a pack of no doz that morning, i had had 9 no doz by end of day and the coffee, dont know what that would do, but i got lots of work done, but was doing flat spins in the office near end of day and had been running everywhere and leaping up stairs all day. now im back in office, still lot to do, not sure if good idea to do again.

    3. Why didn’t I see this post before…

      I really wish I’d seen this before I took 600mg of caffine… I could just kick myself for it now…I’m expiriencing horrible (comming from someone with a very high pain tolerance) pain. I didn’t think 6000 was much but holy hell… it is…

  8. You can die

    YES, you can die from a caffeine over dose, who ever said you couldn’t hasn’t done their research. I actually just read a story today where a guy committed suicide by caffeine. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE.

  9. Caffeine OD

    Overdosing in caffeine is quite easy. DYING from a caffeine overdose is rather difficult. You’d generally have to eat at least 5 grams or IV at least .5 g in order to absorb enough caffeine to be life-threatening. Taking more than 600mg usually tends to be painful though.

  10. Don’t take much.

    I have no caffeine tolerance, haha. Picked up a sixteen ounce cappuchino along with a pita pocket and some soup at this one deli downtown for lunch, thinking it would help keep me awake through drivers ed later that night. It wasn’t one of those big bad energy drinks like the one I kind of od’ed on a year before at this one sports meet. So it wouldn’t be making like some aspect of Dante’s Inferno he forgot to mention, right? Wrong. I spent maybe an hour going whee, then it hit. Edginess, inability to focus on anything, a watery eyed, almost gagging cough… but worse than the last time. I’m about ready to just avoid the stuff altogether.

      1. hmm…..

        is it bad that i can drink 2 or 3 of the huge cans of energy drinks with no ill effects? no shaking, no loss of concentration, no irritability. i just get a very minimal buzz from it, i don’t drink that much very often, only when i have a long drive. but when i get home, or to where im going, i pee a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. well some people just aren’t

          well some people just aren’t that sensitive to caffeine…while others have heart palpitations from a small piece of chocolate..

  11. ugh… i love coffee but hate caffeine!

    well it’s comforting to know that other people have gone through the same thing. i was put in the ER on one occaision and the doctors had no clue what was going on. just ended up with a tremendous hospital bill for drinking too much coffee. i’ve had similar instances since then because i overdid it on the coffee and i always get the same symptoms.
    left arm numbness, heart palpitations, i think i’m having a heart attack!
    trouble breathing, headache, nervousness, panic, distorted vision.
    do other people feel similar?
    i think i just need to cleanse my body and stop drinking caffeine all together… i just hate to give it up, it has been such a love! but i don’t ever want to feel like this again.

    1. You hit the nail on the

      You hit the nail on the head!

      I’ve had all those symptoms, thought I was going to die, panic/anxiety, palpitations, raised conciousness of any small ailment.

      I’ve been to my GP, had blood tests, (all clear) even found myself in the ER one time! no-one has ever mentioned it may be a caffeine related condition, I did get through plenty of the stuff (love coffee, tea, choc!) my plan is pretty simple, Avoid!

      Good Luck

      1. Same here, been suffering

        Same here, been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and insomnia from the last 10 years, and since I gave up coffee it all went away, I feel like my 25 years old body has been returned to me!
        Those goddamn overpaid doctors, tons of them, never even mentionned the possibility of caffeine being the culprit!

    2. There should be a warning on all energy drinks!!!

      I too need to cleanse my body of caffeine, but I am addicted! I hate to give it up, too, and it IS such a love, but I am mentally, emotionally, and seemingly physically unable to give up caffeine in any form, but mostly coffee, for good. Fortunately, there are the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and I just substitute “caffeine” for the word “alcohol.” I have just started the First Step, which is “We admitted we were powerless over [caffeine], and our lives had become unmanageable.” I AM powerless over my addiction to caffeine because any opportunity I have, I use it, day or night, and sleep becomes secondary to “the high.” People are not admitting that caffeine is a drug like any other. My life is obviously unmanageable, wouldn’t you say? I lost my 22 year old son, Anthony, to an overdose of illegal drugs and alcohol on October 27th, 2007. Do I have to spit in the face of his memory and overdose myself?! I am desperate for any ideas on this subject that could help us all. In Trouble, Lynn ๐Ÿ™

    3. My 14 1/2 year old daughter

      My 14 1/2 year old daughter drank a Monster energy drink and fainted from it. She ended up in the ER for 10 1/2 hours. It was very scarey. My daughter had very high blood pressure, high heart rate and pulse. She had problems with her vision, she said, things were jumpy and blurry. For about 3 hours her body just flinched uncontrollable and her body was very cold. It was very scarey as a parent to see your child this way.

  12. DAmn caffeine

    Here I am at 2:30 in the morning suffering from heart palpitations, anxiety, tremors, chills and a pretty extreme sense of thirst probably from all the peeing…. All in favor of staying awake on my drive home. I consumed this caffeine nearly 3 and a half hours ago…. It’s not a pleasant feeling at all. The sad thing is I’ve consumed this energy drink before though I must admit it was a while ago. I’m going to assume that maybe next time I should onbly drink one serving from a 2 serving can…. Or maybe I should skip it altogether. I swear Monster Java will be the end of me.

  13. CAFFEINE OVERDOSE as we speak

    Around midnight last night I started to have uncontrollable tremors, irritability like I couldn’t even stand having my glasses on my face, and couldn’t stop pacing. I work at job where I am at a computerized register for several hours at a stretch. The pain in my neck and shoulders can be intense. Yesterday I decided to take Extra Strength Excedrin Migraine. I DID NOT READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR DOSAGE. In the morning I had about 3 cups of coffee and took 2 tabs of Excedrin and went to work. About 4 hours later the pain was still persistent so I took another couple of tabs. During the day I was drinking Mountain Dew. Another 4 hours passed and I still had pain so I took 2 more tabs. I was taking the medication like you would take Tylenol. When I got home from work my neck and shoulders were aching so I took another 2 tabs. About 3 hours later I drank 2 cups of coffee. Around midnight I started to have uncontrollalbe irritability, tremors, muscle spasms, my hands were in spasms, feelings like bugs were crawling over my arms and face, and I couldn’t stop pacing. The situation kept getting worse, and by 1:30 I couldn’t stand it any longer. I woke up my teenage daughter because I was really scared and didn’t know what was happening to me. I do take prescription medication, one of which is xanax. I decided to call Poisin Control thinking I was having some kind of reaction to the xanax even though I’ve been on this for several years now. The nurse at Poisin Control started asking me what I had ate or drank during the previous 12 hours. After telling her what I had ingested she told me I was having Caffeine Overdose or Caffeine Intoxication. Here are the facts: on average a person ingests about 150 mg. of caffeine in a 12 hour time period. Each Excedrin Migraine tab is like slamming 4 cups of coffee, and so 2 at a time is like slamiing 8. 4 hours later, 8 more cups. The total intake of caffeine I ingested in a 12 hour period was 2400 mg, or the equal of about 32 cups of coffee. I also drank 3 cups of coffee in the morning and 2 cups in the evening. And I drank 4, 12 oz. cups of Mountain Dew. The nurse calculated I had ingested over 2600 mg. of caffeine in a 12 hour period, or 18x the normal in a 12 hour period. I was in a caffeine overdose. At first I started laughing. I mean, who ever heard of overdosing on coffee, right? It was the misuse of the Excedrin, with the high doses of caffeine in each tab, that accounted for the overdose, not the coffee or Mountain Dew. Using the charcoal method for ridding the system of the toxin would not have worked because by that time the caffeine was already absorbed into my system. I asked her how long it would take for my symptoms to stop and she told me 8-12 hours. I have to drink as much water as I can to flush the caffeine out of my system. I have only been able to sleep about 1 and a half hours. The nurse told me that when the caffeine is finally out of system I’m going to be exhausted and will probably sleep for a long time. YOU CAN DIE FROM CAFFEINE OVERDOSE IF YOU ARE A HEART PATIENT OR HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ACCORDING TO POISIN CONTROL. I called into work to say I wasn’t coming in. I felt like a fool telling them I was having a caffeine overdose. Hopefully they’ll understand when I go into work tomorrow and am more able to explain what happened. I guess the moral is to read even the over-the-counter medication dosage instructions on the side of the bottle.

    1. I once did something

      I once did something similar. I was popping Midol like crazy all day, in addition to my usual coffee/soda intake, and couldn’t figure out why my hands were shaking so badly.

    2. caffeine overdose

      Feb. 29th I had a busy morning after waking up to a flooded kitchen and clogged garbage disposal. Like any morning I brew a delicious pot of coffee to enjoy while getting the kids off to school. Well.. what occured yesterday was anything but pleasant. I had the kids out the door and had started my second load of laundry which was ten sogging towels. Well this is how the caffeine overdose began. I called my Mother who is my favorite person to call and start my morning off and of course complained about my flooded kitchen. There are few mornings we can actually relax and visit because of each others busy schedules. This was a 45 minute conversation and 8 strong cups of coffee later and an empty stomach. Around noon The fainting spell was overwhelming, my legs were jello, my heart was racing, i was gasping for air and last of all panicking of what could be wrong. I gulped down a glass of water and ran out the door and drove my self to the emergency room. I felt my neck muscles tensing more and more and my legs could barely carry me to the Hospital doors. Waiting to be seen I tried to calm down but having your heart beat so fast and your eyes go in and out of focus, diarhea had started, and I began hypervetilating. My Doctors conclusion ……. I was stressed. Determined he was wrong I googled caffeine overdoses and found all of you. I am convinced I had a caffeine overdose and will be extremely cautious with my next cup of joe.

      1. Done the same thing…

        Hi, I had a similar experience. …heart beating, fatigue, anxiety. In my case though it came about when I stopped the caffeine. I had decided when I changed jobs I was going to improve my diet and cut out the Mountain Dew, Coffee and excess junk food. I ended up in ER a couple of days after my last caffeine. The Doc couldn’t tell me what was wrong, only that I wasn’t dying, which was nice to know since I felt like I was…long story short…I went to another Dr. the next week and he too had no solution. Finally a day or so later I got to thinking about how I also had tremors in my hands almost like a person coming off drugs. So I googled “caffeine withdrawal” and found this site too. Not much good information out there so it was nice to read people’s experiences, I also found a book about Caffeine withdrawal called Caffeine Blues…I read it three times. 6-8 weeks later I felt better than normal…and Caffeine free. I am finding it hard though and I strayed a bit back to drinking tea. But Mountain Dew and coffee are off my menu for good. I started a website, which will take a while to complete, since I’m busy but it’s ‘www.thehiddenaddiction.com’ . I’m going to put the information I’ve found on it about caffeine addiction. Based on what I’ve seen we’ve got millions of people addicted to a drug that they don’t consider a drug. Heck for that matter we put it in sodas for kids to drink? Doesn’t make alot of sense. Anyhow, I read your post and it sounded like my experience, glad you’re over it and feeling better.

  14. Caffeine Overdose

    I’m a 14 year old female and i am recovering from a caffeine overdose from last night. i drank a 8 fl oz BooKoo energy drink in one hour. there were three servings in the can but i drank them all as one. i had heart palpitations where i thought my heart was going 2 explode, i had extreme shaking, and 2 top it all off this triggered an hour and a half long anxiety attack where i was gasping for air and my feet and hands turned purple. i thought i was going 2 suffocate. i ended up having 2 induce vomiting and then i drank about 4 or 5 bottles of water 2 clean out my system. today i feel extremely tired and i am having problems with anxiety. never never NEVER am i drinking an energy drink again.

    1. Allergy reaction, not caffiene

      You say you turned purple and couldn’t breath and you swelled up? that sounds like an allergic reaction.

    2. It never happened to me and

      It never happened to me and I drink a lot of coffee every day, it’s actually the first time I hear about such an intoxication. It also sound pretty bad, I guess I should be more careful with my addictive habit.

    3. I agree with the other reply

      I agree with the other reply that suggests you may have had an allergic reaction, though probably not to the caffeine. The palpitations, shaking, gasping for air, and feeling of suffocation all sound like the anxiety attack, which could easily have been started by a combination of factors, including allergic reaction, caffeine overdose, and other ingredients in the drink. I would certainly agree with you that energy drinks are not for you, since if you did have an allergic reaction, it could be to something that is more potent in other drinks. Most likely, though, coffee would be fine. (Of course, testing the theory should be done carefully, perhaps with a doctor’s help.) Also, at your age, you may be more susceptible to SVT’s, which may or may not be triggered by caffeine. That’s something you might want to see a cardiologist about. I must make a stern warning, though. Drinking a lot of water in a short time, -especially- when having palpitations, KILLS people! Drink when you’re thirsty, drink slowly, and don’t try to hold it in. For the record, I have painful palpitations when I drink energy drinks, but I drink about a pot (12 6oz cups) of coffee a day with no trouble at all. The funny thing about the calculation for a fatal caffeine overdose estimating 50 – 200 cups is that by that time the person could have easily died of heart failure from the sheer volume of liquid instead of the caffeine.

      1. I experienced the same

        I experienced the same feelings from ingesting coffee. Thankfully I was reassured that I wasn’t close to the lethal limit. I have very little stresses at the moment (day after) and I need to calm myself from anything that will even cause a slight panic feeling.

    4. I share you pain

      Last night there was free coffee at a fast food restaurant that was having people camp out all night for a free meal for a week. I never ingest Caffeine ever. I drank 8 cups(or more) within 3 hours. Went to bed woke up short of breath scared. Watched tv and randomly I felt my heart start beating rapidly, could not breath felt like I was sufficating or going to die. parents just told me I had an anxiety attack and to look at a candle and breath. I did but I noticed poor blood flow to my hands and they were purple. I told them I thougth I was going to die, but they insisted that it was happening because of stress. People should know the seriousness of this drug.

    5. 8oz isn’t barely anything,

      8oz isn’t barely anything, try drinking a 16oz BAWLS GUARANA lol then u can talk, Bookoo, Monster, Full Throttle, Sobe, etc. all have about the same amount of caffeine as coca-cola, BAWLS has about 2.25 times more caffeine in one 8oz serving than the average energy drink and 12 oz coke, i drink the whole thing and get a nice lil buzz, dont try it tho becuz your probably caffeine sensitive.

      1. Bawls is shit…drink a

        Bawls is shit…drink a spike shooter. Around 35 mg/fl oz of caffeine in there. Same size can as Red Bull. Red Bull has 9 mg/fl oz of caffeine. Bawls isnt much stronger than a good cup of coffee…or better yet just pop a fucking caffeine pill.

        1. NOS

          Nos has the most caffeine out of any commonly available drinks – 250mils. or take some NoDoz – 200 a piece

        1. Yes, i agree, Coffee is

          Yes, i agree, Coffee is good. About 2 years back i was addicted to looking good, Being thin, working out like a crazy person and willing to take ANYTHING the made me thin (not including steroids).
          My buddy told me about this caffeine mixture, it was NoDoz and an asthma medicine. The asthma medicine included a light dose of ephedrine. Of course, young and dumb me, i took the mixture and it worked! BUT! i felt like 5 big rigs ran over my head and i could barely lift my arms.
          After taking this for a few days i continuously pushed and pushed myself to get used to it and suck it up! i took it for almost a year…
          BAD IDEA……….
          I have not taken this concoction for almost a year and a half and i think i am still having withdraw issues. everyday since then i wake up tired and crabby. I have had serious anxiety, depression and mood swings that i have never had before. I feel as if i am in this fog and cannot get out.
          If anyone has any info for me, please let me know.

    6. PAHH nuffin

      i live in england and you can buy energy drink from tescos called kick, not very strong but still, they come in cans of 250ml or bottles of 1 litre, in one night i drunk 12 bottles (8 till 8 XD) and i had the exact same symptoms.
      IT IS NOT FUN. im still shaking.
      i drink it very regularly, pretty much every morning, but only one can, i think im addicted XD

      1. lol

        Kick is as weak as piss, take a box of ProPlus and a few coffees and you’ll be awake for days ;D

    1. In what way? In how

      In what way? In how addictive it is? Well, when you consider that caffeine and alcohol -are- drugs, you can easily lump them together. However, Caffeine is one of the less addictive drugs, and addicts are only mildly physically addicted. Withdrawal symptoms are very minor and can be easily ignored or alleviated with an ibuprofen, and after about two days the addiction can be gone. Alcohol, on the other hand, can distort one’s perception of moderation and addiction to the point where someone could drink himself to death. Alcohol withdrawal can result in delirium tremens, which has a high morbidity rate, even in hospital care. Do you mean that it’s just as bad to your health? A very tiny amount of alcohol in the diet has been found beneficial, but unfortunately, many people drink more than this amount on a regular basis. Alcohol has been found harmful to just about every system in your body. Caffeine, on the other hand, has been found beneficial to many systems in your body, and the more that experts study the effects of caffeine and coffee, the more they are labeling coffee something of a health drink and citing its benefits in larger and larger amounts.

    2. Caffeine is NOT bad.

      That’s fucking retarded. If abused caffeine has negative effects on the body, but if taken in moderation, it can help prevent certain kinds of cancer, it can help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, and improve your focus and energy when tired. If abused, alcohol has far more dangerous side effects, including liver disease, cancer, brain damage, kidney damage, heart disease and obesity, it lowers your inhibitions and causes roadway accidents, and you can die from alcohol poisoning. And drugs, what a vague target. Let’s assume you mean hard drugs, because Marijuana has no significant negative side effects, and is actually good for the body in many ways, and is impossible to overdose on/is not addictive. Heroin destroys your heart, your blood vessels, your brain stem, and essentially all your organs and is highly addictive. Cocaine destroys your sense of smell, your heart, your brain, and taxes your immune system and is highly addictive. Meth rots your teeth, wrinkles your skin, lacerates your throat, causes brain damage and strokes, heart problems/failure, all types of cancer, especially lungs, and poisons your whole system with the noxious chemicals used to make it, and is highly addictive.
      Excluding the occasional rare fatal overdose of caffeine, at the worst, the most severe non-fatal abusing of caffeine will make you vomit, have a heart murmur, feel paranoid and flushed, dehydrate you, and cause insomnia. And it’s hard to do that. And if used in moderation, it’s actually GOOD for you.

      In conclusion, caffeine is in NO way as bad as drugs or alcohol, and that’s a stupid fucking thing to say.

      1. Wow

        Marijuana does have long lasting effects: It releases endorphins which cause a happy mood; however, the more you smoke it… the less endorphins will be naturally released by your brain, making you feel like an angry asshole all the time. Not only will Marijuana distort your brain, but your memory, your lungs (It’s like smoking 3 unfiltered cigarettes at the same time). Do you honestly think that Rasin just forms for no reason whatsoever? You honestly have to be the most retarded person i’ve ever seen post. You and your other hippy friends that think ‘LSD’ is a spiritual drug. If you abuse your body too much with these garbage drugs… you won’t have a place to live. Moron.

      2. Depends on the quanity. My

        Depends on the quanity. My dad has been drinking like 3 cups of coffee a morning for 30 years and has no problems. However, I once downed 10 caffinated beverages in a 4 hour window and had the worst night of my life…

  15. starbucks

    btw wanted if anyone knows if most starbucks coffee drinks contain more caffeine than the usual coffee
    anyways im going without coffee for a whole month!
    although also wanted to know how much chocolate would need to be eaten to get the caffeine symptoms as i eat way too much chocolate aswell
    much thnx

    1. a reply

      starbucks has less caffeine in a mild brew than (obviously the bold) but also tim hortons.
      its in how we brew it.
      hope this helps.

      1. wrong

        sorry but that is not accurate, the longer a coffee bean is allowed to roast the more caffeine content it loses during the process, therefore a dark roast (bold) coffee has less caffeine content compared to a mild roast.

  16. DO NOT OD

    I am on the second day of a “detox” from taking too many stay away pills (400 mg apiece), i took 8 of them in 5 hours on top of a “BFC” monster. I took them because i had to work 14 hours that day and had no idea the side affects i would be experiencing for the next 24+ hours. It started off as an extremely fast heartbeat flushed face, and irritability. 2 hours later i was having very painful stomach cramps and an hour later after that i left work went home and had to induce vommitting, After that i threw up many more times, 14 to be exact, i could hold down no water or food, and the only way i could get any out was by inducing vommitting or it would just sit there and be very painful. I couldnt sleep, was very weak and dizzy, and when i finally did get to sleep i only slept for a few hours before i woke up with a terrible headache and more vommiting. After getting to sleep again i woke in the morning to find myself very very weak and not one bit rested. I have had terrible stomach cramps all day although i am now able to keep down food and drink. I now have to go the doctors because of an ulcer in my stomach that was reopened. DO NOT EVER DO WHAT I DID you will regret it more than you could possible know. It is better to be tired than to be in intense pain.

  17. Caffeine doesn’t seem to do

    Caffeine doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I do drink energy drinks frequently, but it’s more a mental thing than anything else. I remember in college I popped 11 caffeine pills trying to stay up to study but passed out around midnight (but I think I still passed :D) Jesus christ a 9 character cases sensitive captha test with symbols? And you have to do it AGAIN after previewing the comment? That’s an abomination that is

  18. I’m suffering from an

    I’m suffering from an overdose right now.
    I drank 2 redbulls everyday to keep myself awake (guess my tolerance for caffiene is low).
    Last night at 3am my stomach started hurting and i had diarrhea, and ever since then i haven’t stopped going to the loo… even right now i fill constipated/bloated and have the occasion diarrhea every 5-10mins, i have also noticed i urinate more than usual.
    The worst thing is i have an exam tommorrow and because of this i havent been able too revise properly and i expect this to carry on tommorrow… i’m screwed.

  19. I am 13 and I just bought a

    I am 13 and I just bought a 5-hour energy shot, and 2 jolt energy shots.
    i have an extremely strong stomach and tonight im going out with friends to chill and i’ll just down them all 1 after the other. wish me luck guize.
    oh and maybe some BFC monsters as well.

  20. Coffee can be a really

    Coffee can be a really difficult habit to kick. My girlfriend came off caffeine and got *very* cranky (more than usual ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  21. Confessions of a Coffee Addict.

    I have a 16 oz. cup every morning and I’m good for the rest of the day. And in summer I used to drink a 32 oz. QT bucket of coffee with absolutely no side effects.. I must have a strong resistance for caffeine or something, because I had a Drip Coffee (caffeinated) in the morning, a “Mean Bean” Monster at lunch, and another coffee getting home (1:00 AM), and haven’t felt any side effects in my time of drinking it. Even if I get full off of the coffee alone.
    Maybe I’m just lucky, it sounds horrible. ๐Ÿ˜


    1. I have saw a person who

      I have saw a person who drink 8 cups per day… and a guy in the office who replaces water with coffee

    2. ya seriously ….. even i m a

      ya seriously ….. even i m a big time coffee addict …..
      the only pbm is if i skip the morning coffee .. i end up with a bad bad headache …. ๐Ÿ™ …. thats the only pbm ..nothing else
      even after having 2-3 cups of espresso at around 10 i can easily sleep at 11 .. many a times i have coffee just before going to sleep (quite weird but cant help it ).. the taste of coffee is irresistible.. …
      same here maybe its some kind of resistance to caffeine ….

      keep enjoying your cup of coffee

    3. caffeine sensitivity

      Just dont assume you will ALWAYS be able to consume it like that. I come from a coffee loving family. I had cups in kindergarten. As a young adult I would regularly count my daily consumption in pots, not cups. Now? One cup of regular coffee and I have shallow breathing, fast uncomfortable heart rate, crawly tingly feelings on my scalp, and just generalized discomfort and insomnia. It literally happened overnight. One day I could drink it, the next day, even a small amount gave me overdose feelings. Now I can handle small amounts of decaf, but I even have to watch the number of cups on that.

  22. 8 cups of coffee

    im 15 and i just drank 8 cups of coffee in a 30 min period i am now sweating buckets, have a huge stomack ache and need to throw up

  23. DON’T DO IT!

    Hah. I took 13 (200 mg each) caffeine pills. As well as two things that averaged to about 300mg more of caffeine. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Second worst night of my life. I thought I was dieing. I must have thrown up at least 30 times in the first 9 hours. Half of those were pure bile. I couldn’t sleep for more than 5-10 minutes at a time and I kept waking up from nightmares. I could barely stand and sometimes I could not. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest for the first 16 hours and still hurts badly now (at the 24 hour mark). I couldn’t eat or drink anything until 12 hours into it and then it was water and saltines. I had to take antacids to keep that down. I was tremoring like mad for the first 9 hours. I had about 3 hours of sleep in all. My veins were constricted for the first 20 hours and hurt like you wouldn’t imagine. I had hot flashes and cold flashes and was nausious the entire time. I had to go number 2 like crazy from hours 2 to 10 not to mention the 25 or more times I’ve been to pee in the last 24 hours. I couldn’t concentrate and my mind was racing like crazy. My brain was pounding away. Everything hurt. Don’t take caffeine. It’s a dangerous and terrible road.

    1. Man if thats the second worst

      Man if thats the second worst night of your life than I don’t even want to know what the worst night was….

  24. Ive Overdosed on Coffee (from

    Ive Overdosed on Coffee (from starbucks) quite a few times. I did not notice that it was the coffee that was giving me my loss of perception (depth, spatial) and delirium!!!! I was driving down down a busy highway and had to pull over because I thought i would crash, pass out, i was going to have a heart attack of something, i had no clue what the hell was happening i thought that i was going crazy!!!!


    When I used to drink caffienated coffee, the coffee i drank hardly had any caffeine in it. I was doing a hill walk for charity and my friend made a HUGE flask of coffee.

    She gave me about 5 cups worth becuase the flask was massive, I thought I would be ok but I wasn’t used to that amount of caffeine.

    When I went to bed I just couldn’t sleep because of my overdose!
    DON’T TRY IT!!

  26. don’t overdose on caffeine!

    about 15 hours ago I stupidly had 4 No Doz caffeine pills washed down with a glass of coke. an hour later had 2 more and then another hour later had a very strong coffee. And that was enough to give the most horrible night of my life.
    I couldn’t sleep, my heart was racing i thought i was going to die. My muscles were spasming and at one point was unable to move my neck for several minutes. I had the most terrible diarrhea and was lucky enough to be able to hold back from vomitting.
    The whole night seems very vague and I think I had some hallucinations.
    My heart still seems to be beating a bit funny and having some twitches and also diarrhea but not nearly as bad as before.
    It is a very very scary experience so everyone should know that it doesn’t take much to give you a horrible caffeine overdose especially if you usually don’t have it often.
    I hope all the effects of it are going to stop for me soon!

    1. it’s all over now. I still

      it’s all over now. I still dont feel the best but way way way better.
      Advice for anyone else that ever gets caffeine intoxication: drink heaps and heaps of water and keep peein it out!


    I had stupidly been pulling all nighters on the computer talking to friends during this summer, and a few weeks ago, I decided to get two Amp energy drinks instead of one. Well I finished the first one, and then about 2 hours later, I drank the other one. About an hour later, I was home alone (my step father went to an emergency call, mom was at work) talking to a friend on the phone when suddenly my chest started pounding at what seemed like 100 miles an hour. I started to get dizzy and fell, I threw up, and I couldn’t stop pacing everywhere. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever expirienced, I thought I was going to die! Finally it slowly began to wear off and I slept on the couch for about 5 hours. It was horrible. Ever since then, I can’t stomach any amount of caffeine.

  28. Pulling 36 hour days…

    Yes, caffine od’s are pretty horrable but if you manage to keep busy they don’t seem all that bad.
    I work in a coffee shop and nightclub so on weekends 4-6 double espresso’s and anywhere from 5-10 redbull’s (250ml..) is around average for me.
    I can’t specify a daily intake due to the fact my days seem to run into eachother when I work.
    I’ve only ever had one OD on caffine before when I havn’t been working and i’ve got to say; it wasn’t pretty. Second worse comedown of anything i’ve ever taken.But just like anything else, know your limits and when to stop.
    If you happen to experience a mild OD try to find something to do, instead of just pacing, If it’s late at night hit the clubs…then you feel atleast half way normal and don’t notice your heart rate as all you fell is the bass.

  29. Well….

    well im a regular coffee/energy drinker and occasionaly the NoDoze. i like it for the buzz it gives as well as keeping me awake. i work nights and let me tell you. i can down about 4 or 5 16.9 fl.oz redbulls and it wont do a thing. ive been drinking about 2 full pots of strong, dark arabic coffee a day for the last 3 years. im 19 years old and ive never felt better CAFFIENE IS AWESOME!!!!!XD

    1. You should do some research

      You should do some research on the long term effects of caffiene and it’s addictiveness, especially because you are so young. If you think you feel good now, try modifying your diet and exercising for energy and see how much better you feel naturally

  30. wow…

    guys… You have no idea how grateful i am to have found this discussion and information. Today was just one of those days where I had a little too much to do. And well I thought maybe a few iced tea would help… I was at work and had a Cup of coffee in the morning. Then 2 hours later, I had a 20oz of iced tea. Then 2 cups of 20oz diet coke… Then 2 more iced tea. I came home andright before going to sleep, I startedto see symptoms. Racing heart.dizziness.everything coming to a darkness. Loss of air. I was just now looking up heart attack symptoms and heart problems. Afterall I’m not the most perfect guy here. I do smoke a pack a day almost so I thought maybe this was the night…the night when I die. I prayed… Asked for forgiveness….and went outside for a long walk. I had 911 on speed dial…drank water…and walked. I came back in and searched this up because I don’t have the luxury of a health insurance so I wanted to know what this could have been. Thanks guys..

  31. True Story: The dangers of caffeine overdose.

    Thanks so much for posting this and for all of the replies, so far. People dont realize that caffeine is REALLY a drug. It deffinitely affects your abilities in a negative way, after abusing it. Last summer, I was actually hospitalized from an overdose of caffeine. I had drank over 200 oz of mountain dew and diet coke, then drank a few redbulls, a pot of coffee, and a few monster energy drinks. Then on top of that, I took eleven energy pills (250 mg each) and a few of the yellow hornet energy pills. Definitely not a good idea. It could have killed me, easily. I am only 18 and weigh about 110. I still have heart problems and have to watch my caffeine intake, reguarly. Caffeine is such a dangerous drug, when misused or abused. Be Careful! And don’t overdose on caffeine!

    1. wow…how did u feel, like,

      wow…how did u feel, like, as you felt something was super wrong and was taken to the hospital?

      1. Yay

        Was drinking coffee 1 strong cup every 1 to 2 hours for two days straight on the second day thought I was having a heart attack or stroke and was very very disoriented and confused.

  32. reply

    You would sleep a lot and be really drug out when you can finally wake up enough to get out of bed. There is really not much of anything you can get OTC to overdose on to the point of killing yourself.

    1. A BAD Caffeine Experience

      Yesterday,October 3rd,I started my day with 3 cups of coffee at breakfast.I went to my normal morning stop at Dunkin Donuts and bought a extra large coffee for my trip to my business 35 miles away.When I got to work,a restaurant I own,I proceeded to enjoy my normal excessive intake of Diet Coke all day.Now I have been on the Atkins diet,so not much food was in me.About 4pm I went to Dunkin Donuts and bought myself a large iced coffee.I drank about 2/3 of it and at 5pm my main cook came back to work and treated me to ANOTHER large iced coffee.I finished my 1st one and proceeded to down my 2nd rather quickly.I also took 3 Tylenols for leg pain and 2 Sinus tabs for my sinus problemI went to get up and go to the bathroom,you can guess why,and I thought I was on a merry go round standing still.Woozy, dizzy and so light headed, I didn’t know what to do.That was at 6pm.That started a chain of physical events that I never want to go through again.We left the restaurant at 9pm and all the way home I felt like I was shaking from inside me from my stomach to my upper chest.I could not stand for more than 3 minutes without having to sit down to regain myself.Today,my landlord came in,and he is a surgeon.I asked him if drinking that much caffeine could cause the problem that I experienced.I also told him about taking the tablets for pain and sinus.He put his hands over his face,shook his head and told me that by taking the pills I doubled the caffeine and that all my problems were created by ME.He also told me that my weakness today is still because of what I did the previous day and that it could take 3 to 5 days to get rid of it all.So here I sit on this site reading all the other people with the same mistake that I made.The weird part is I normally drink decaf coffee and in my restaurant I have decaf Coke as well as diet Coke and the regular Coke. Gotta change back to my normal ways to avoid doing this again.Hope this helps someone.

      1. Too much caffeine

        Maybe you should drink water instead of soda. Initially you probably had leg pain because of the excess Phosphates and caffeine in your system. Americans over do everything except exercise. Try to fit that into your busy schedule as well. You will feel a lot better.

      2. excessive amounts of coffee

        excessive amounts of coffee and soda combined with little food is a great way to mine the way for a (or many) hole(s) in your stomach. I assume you’re being more careful after almost passing out…

      3. Drink water.
        coffee or any

        Drink water.
        coffee or any sort of carbonation (energy drinks/soda) dehydrates you. water’l help you fight that…

        and eat. anything on an empty stomach for long enough (esp. caffeine) can make ya dizzy.

        been there.
        =D watch it.

    2. Moderation

      The key is always moderation. You can drink caffeine daily but try not to overdo two cups during the whole day’s period. Anything more is excessive. I think people are better off with some chocolate or something instead to be frank. Much smaller amounts of it, and if you take dark chocolate you get the benefits of antioxidants as well.

  33. Light headed

    Ok so…I never, ever drink coffee. Maybe like 4 times out of a whole year. So earlier today I felt like grabbing a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino at breakfast because it sounded good, and another Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino for lunch.. Lunch was about an hour ago, and about a half hour ago I started feeling light headed and somewhat dizzy…then just a couple minutes ago I start feeling nauseated and a bit weak. Is this all in my head or did the caffeine do this?

    1. you’re new to caffeine, since

      you’re new to caffeine, since you only drink it 4 times a year as you said. your body is bound to do this, but moderation is the key to everything. I’m not a doctor, but i am addicted to coffee and i can go on just coffee for a whole day. I shouldn’t even begin to tell you the damage I’m doing to my stomach and all of my body. So, no worries, it takes a huge amount of caffeine for you to overdose and 2 fraps alone won’t do it.

      Hope you feel better!

  34. Got The Symptoms

    Last night i was doing homework and realized that i needed to do an all nighter. Me being the idiot i am cracked open the instant coffee and over the space of an hour ate about 350mg of caffeine equivalent. Man am i out of it now. Jitters, nausea, dizziness and anxiousness.
    Won’t be doing that again. I’ll stick to 100mg….

    1. I’m a bit of an energy drink

      I’m a bit of an energy drink junkie…

      My friends and I started getting them at the liquor store across the street from my high school before school freshmen year… and we sorta kept getting em. Daily. We stopped drinking them to wake up, and began just drinking em for flavor.

      Now it sorta depends. Wake up at 3am to hop on a plane, not quite clear-headed? We don’t do coffee. We do energy drinks.

      I’ve had some major intake in the past few weeks… over the past two weeks, at least three (probably 4) days with 500+mg (one day at almost 800mg) caffeine. Lack of hand steadiness is something I always have, and I don’t get the literal heart-rate increase (well… where its noticeable) anymore (mainly because the drinks are throughout the day, not all at once)… but the other day I finally got sick.

      Not sure if it was a lack of enough [good/real] food, totally random or what but… two days back to back ~500mg caffeine. Bad.

      Do yourself a favor- don’t do that.
      Oh and… if you like em as much as I do… start veering towards the sugar-free. You’ll get used to whatever flavor soon enough, but most importantly you’ll greatly reduce your chance at diabetes. Just under 60g sugar for a can of Monster? Tastes good… add it up over a few years and its bad though.


  35. Well.. to the person who said

    Well.. to the person who said 500 mg of caffeine a day being not good. That makes sense right, cause it’s over a prolonged period of time, not because it’s a lot?

    I work in a coffee shop, I don’t drink coffee often though. I actually rarely ever drink it, I don’t eat chocolate much and I’m not a fan of pop so I don’t really take in a lot of caffeine. Now though, every once in a while I drink espresso.

    My problem, it’s happened a couple times now, is as soon as I drink one strongly caffeinated drink I go on a binge and can’t stop myself.

    In the last 28 hours I’ve drank

    double espresso (about 200mg)
    jolt (about 280mg)
    energy vile.. thing (300mg)
    beaver buzz (110 mg)
    xyience xenergy (200 mg)
    xyience xenergy (200 mg)
    energy vile thing (300 mg)
    jolt (280mg)

    Yeah, I know it’s not a good thing. It’s 3:00 AM on Tuesday morning and I haven’t been to sleep since Sunday morning. Actually, that’s a lie, I had a power nap for just short of an hour yesterday.

    I weigh anywhere from 125-133 pounds. I know I’m probably being retarded about the whole caffeine thing but I just can’t stop.

    I’m stressed and I haven’t been sleeping much anyway so I figure stay up and do something somewhat useful instead. The only thing is, I don’t know my limit. It’s not something I am experienced with or do often and I’m notorious for doing stupid shit.

    I can’t really tell how much sense I’m making, I know things aren’t that bad compared to what they will be if I keep this up, but I don’t know. It doesn’t seem so bad. Shitty thing is though, I keep getting these uncomfortable pains in my back. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve got going for me, apart from the obvious things like shaking, being either in a zombie like state or being uncontrollably excited and hyper, getting confused easily, being disoriented, shitty co-ordination, etc.etc. all that crap.

    Thoughts and opinions?

    1. stop while your ahead!!! and

      stop while your ahead!!! and in good health, don’t allow caffiene to decide how your going to feel the next day, it may take your life, or change it, with not being able to breathe right anymore, or constant anxiety for things that aren’t even there.

  36. My opinion is that you can

    My opinion is that you can take too much to be uncomfortable. In that case, you may feel woozy and sick for a while. You will probably fall asleep before too long and you may sleep a few hours longer than normal. After a while, you will wake up with no lasting ill effects.

    1. Wow no wonder i had a few of these symptoms

      No wonder i experienced muscle twitching last night. I had maybe 4 or 5 drinks of coffee. My left arm was vibrating and i had no clue. Thanks to this information i know why i should not drink more than 2 cups.

    2. don’t be fooled, consuming

      don’t be fooled, consuming too much caffiene can be long lasting, after my experience i still can’t breathe correctly and its been near a month, while seeking professional help. It changes the way your brain sends signals to your lungs, i constantly yawn but can’t quite catch that deep breathe your trying to get, its scary im only 25 and feel like i messed up the rest of my life

  37. The Night From H_ll

    I’m a senior in high school, I had a book to read and annotate last night before school started back. I started working at about 11 at night, and around 1 decided to make a big pot of extremely strong coffee. An hour and a half and eight cups of coffee later, I started feeling heart palpatations, dizzy, and panicky. I had to go and wake my mother up. She sat up with me for almost three hours as I shook, dry sobbed, panicked, rambled, was confused, and suffered from insomnia. I also peed sooooo much, seriously, and went number two four different times.

    The only words I can think of were horrendous, disgusting, and scarring. It was definitely the worst night of my entire life. I though I was going to die, and even went so far as to sob and pray aloud.

    Even though I am absolutely craving my daily Starbucks coffee fix, I’m almost too scared to drink any more coffee.

  38. Caffeine Pills almost killed me..

    It was almost a year ago and I still remember like it was yesterday. I guess it’s okay if I did the pills at home.. But stupid enough I did it in the morning of school and had to suffer all day with mini seizures and asking the teacher every 10 minutes to puke. It was scary.. I thought I was going to die.. Stupid me took about 8 caffenine pills at around 9:00 in the morning, I was okay for a about 5 minutes or so.. Then I felt my chest pouding.. My heart started beating at maybe.. 4283432mph, no joke. I was scared.. I didn’t want to call my mom and tell her what happened because then I know I would get in big trouble.. So I stayed at school. I went to the bathroom and I sat on the floor puking it all out. Some was blood and some was pure bile. It was so nasty. It had like such a sour and bitter taste.. And then my leg muscles starting twiching and it couldn’t stop for maybe 5 minutes sometimes.. My fingers twitched the entire day and I couldn’t control it. And my heart was still beating really quickly.. And finally I got on the bus and came home and I tried to rest, I couldn’t. I had that feeling in my stomach.. It’s kind of like acid reflexes, but I’m not sure what I had.. And I kept puking still and now it’s around 6:00. Luckily I was able to sleep that night and woke up the next morning feeling I guess.. better. DO NOT EVER DO IT. NO MATTER WHAT. NOT EVEN STAYING UP FOR A TEST.

    1. It sounds horrible. My

      It sounds horrible. My suggestion, next time you feel like you are possibly going to die…tell someone. Getting in trouble is not as bad as getting dead! Anyway, I bet you are glad that’s over. Take care.

  39. Weight loss pills

    I’m 145 pounds and i started taking some weight loss pills. It said not to take more than 3 a day.
    I knew they contained caffeine but i didn’t know how much. (200mg) per pill. I’ve been taking 3 a day, one after every meal. Today I took the first one and then i had a javalanche. My heart was pounding, but i took the next pill after lunch.
    My heart has literally been sore all day, even now at 1am it hurts and my heartrate is at 85bpm when it should be 60. Some people probably don’t know that weight loss pills will do this to you, so heads up. I didn’t even take the third pill today. From now on, I think one weight loss pill a day, plus lots of water is the way to go.

    1. Don’t take diet pills unless prescribed by a doctor!!

      Hi there,

      You really shouldn’t take diet pills unless prescribed them by a doctor.
      Those pills contain dangerous amounts of caffeine and if you are having side effects they could be doing serious damage.
      Please go and see a doctor if you want to lose weight, or try cutting back on carbs and fatty foods (make sure you have some, as you need these!)

      I went on a diet that meant I could have whole grain cereal for breakfast (no sugar), chunky soup for lunch, vegetables or frut as snacks and then a really low fat, low-carb dinner like chicken salad or grilled vegetables.
      I had tea throughout the day (about 3 cups, no sugar or sweetener) which gave me a caffeine boost (don’t take any other caffeine with this…and do not take those diet pills). Combine this with moderate exercise (get out walking/running/swimming for half an hour on top of your normal amount each day).

      This is a short-term fix for weight loss…I lost weight quickly (2 stone in 2 weeks as I was quite overweight) and requires maintenance and lifestyle changes (healthy eating, moderate exercise, drinking 1.5 litres of water a day to help the liver metabolise fat).

      Ultimately no pills or fad diet can make you lose weight and keep it off, you have to change to a healthy lifestyle.
      Just DON’T take diet pills…they’re full of all kinds of bad things for your body!

    2. Don’t take weight loss pills,

      Don’t take weight loss pills, they don’t work and anyways unless you’re extremely short I doubt you’re overweight, 145 pounds isn’t that heavy at all.

  40. I know a consistant intake of

    I know a consistant intake of about 500mg a day (built up slowly over many years :P) seems to be perfectly fine, only very rarely d I have any ill effects (and I usually go significantly over in such a case) where my hands shake slightly for a couple of hours and my body feels somewhat lighter than it ought.

    I do have one more warning. Following an accidental overdose (about 3grams was mine, didn’t read the pills before I took them, don’t do that :P) even very minor amounts of caffeine can apparently have acute effects. I went to work after 48 hours of being wake and having taken the pills about 30 minutes prior and about an hour into work I had what I thought was just one of my regular panic attacks (job was very physically intensive, in 85+ degree heat at all times, and very stressful, I was used to them) only I ended up collapsing — for the next month or so even one cup of soda would cause extreme jitters.

    So yeah, word to the foolish — if you accidentally overdose, you may not want to use caffeine for a while afterwards.

    Oh and also, I agree with the general consensus that its generally best to avoid caffeine pills, more than one or two -servings- of an energy drink on occasion, ungodly amounts of coffee, and all that stuff ๐Ÿ˜› Because it really is very uncomfortable.

  41. (:

    i took too much caffeine on purpose because i thought it would be fun. it really wasn’t. at first i couldnt stop jumping around, there was no way i could be calm
    the next morning i awoke in a cold sweat after only a few hours of sleep so nervous i thought i was going to be sick, eve though there was no reason why i should be so nervous. i only had about 20 minutes of sleep at a time after that. i didn’t feel the need to sleep though, as i wasn’t at all tired.

    very informative btw. (:

  42. thank you

    i had a seizure a few weeks ago thanks to roughly twelve or thirteen energy drinks. i have decided to quit drinking these on my own since then because of the dangers and the cost. as i was cutting back drastically on my caffeine intake i had anxiety and depression symptoms that i could not explain until i read this information. i’m now writing a paper in my composition paper to help keep other students from performing the same idiotic maneuvers i did. i have not consumed an energy drink in two weeks now and believe i am finally free of the withdrawal symptons. thanks for the information.

  43. =/

    I never want to take Pro Plus tablets again after today!
    Me and my bf thought it would be fun to take more than recommened proplus tablets today. Being 14 each, and being a teenager, you don’t really understand what effect things will have on you. We had 6 each, and our other mates had 6 each too(we had a pack of 24). 20 minutes later, we were buzzing and really hyper. After about an hour, they started to wear off, so we bought another pack of 24. 6 each again. Buzzing. Then we went to band practise. I started to get pains in my arm, but thought nothing of it. hour later. I was restless, my heart was thumping, and having small chest pains. Band practise finished, me and my bf were outside, waiting for the others to come out, and i felt sick, dizzy and tired. I leant on my bf, not realising I would black out. It took them a good 20 minutes to wake me up, and i had trouble breathing. I then had a glass of water, and felt a bit sick, but I was fine. We walked to the bus station, i felt fine then. Ten minutes later, I couldn’t breathe. My mum picked us both up, and drove us both to the hospital. I had machines hooked up to me, x-rays, bloods and all sorts. I never told them what i’d taken in fear of my mum going sick at me. My bloods came back fine and my x-rays. They sent me home, telling me to have paracetemol to make the pain go down. I’ve never been so scared in my life. apprantly, I have an inflammation in my chest. Im too scared to sleep in fear that i won’t wake up, or that i’ll have a heart attack. My heart is fine though, according to the doctors. Ijust have this MASSIVE pain in my chest. I was told to go back to the hospital in a day or two if the pain continues. I’ve never been so scared ever. =/
    I don’t suggest to ANYONE overdosing. Weather that be incidently or acidently. It is horrible. You feel awful, sick, scared, anxious and wishing you’d not made the horrible mistake.

  44. energy drinks almost killed me

    Thank you for the information. I’m young and foolish and thought I would have an easy way to get high, so I took 7 energy drinks and will regret it for a while. It wasn’t as big of a high as many times before but it had the worst effects. I kept shaking, couldn’t sleep and then kept vomiting and diarrheaing, my fingers were numb and my heart raced and I thought I would die. I prayed to God to save me as I didn’t want to tell my family or they would get angry with me and I didn’t want to go to the ER because I was so embarrassed but ended up just going to a walk-in clinic. It was still embarrassing telling my problems to the doctor what I did. I think I will get high from God รขโ‚ฌโ€œ reading the Bible and praying instead of a high that doesn’t work but makes you feel miserable.

  45. redbull and stackers

    i had a long drive to florida from pennsylvania and i thought it would be smart to take a stacker pill and drink a couple of red bulls, the big ones. After 6 and half hours of driving i couldn’t focus on the road so we switched drivers and i fell asleep for two hours. When i awoke i had some kind of panic attack, my hands went numb, and tingly, as well as my legs, my hearts was racing like never before, and i couldn’t catch a deep breathe. I thought that i was going to die 1000 miles away from home and in the middle of somewhere i didn’t know. We continued our trip with not being able to breathe correctly, and visited a walk in clinic after having another attack on the third day in florida. Not telling the doctor about my near overdose on caffiene he recommended blood tests and said i had anxiety. well to make the story short i still can’t breathe right, taking deep breathes that may look like yawns 30-100 times a days, however i am breathing fine, but my brain doesn’t think so…… I’ve learned my lesson, stay away from caffiene in high doses, you will never forgive yourself after an experience like this, I knew better than that. !!!

  46. No more energy drinks for me

    I’m 19 years old and I would consider myself in good health. I work out, run, and play a lot of sports. So yesterday at work I did about 5 hours of fairly heavy labor in about 85 degrees heat. Afterwords, I was SO thirsty and tired that on my way home I stopped at the gas station and bought a 24 oz Monster. I drank the whole thing in like 2 seconds, and then went home and drank about 10 glasses of ice tea throughout the rest of the night – I didn’t even know that Ice tea had caffine in it. Anyways, at about 1 a.m I woke up and had some crazy panic attack thing. I literally was running around our basement freaking out and my heart was going nuts. After it slowed down I felt really dizzy, nausious, and cold. and my hands were shaking like crazy. Just so you know, that was about 5 hours ago; its currently 6a.m and i havn’t slept yet not to mention that I woke up early yesterday for my summer class so I am on about 23 1/2 hours of no sleep right now and im 100% awake. about an hour ago i woke up my mom thinking i was dying or something and shes really smart and figured out that i probably had a caffine high. so im typing this to you while currently on a caffine high and it really sucks so i suggest you never drink energy drinks again – my heart is still racing and I cant sleep and I also have a shortness of breath. But anyways, I’m thinking im going be OK but learn from my experience that caffine is not your friend and caffine overdose is horrible. ๐Ÿ™

  47. I used to drink a BFC monster

    I used to drink a BFC monster before school along with adderall and then a monster at lunch an then mabye another after school, and sometimes coffee in the evening with my dad. and probably a few cokes in between like that. i consumed AT LEAST 1200mg a day. that was when i was 12. i am 14 now and even a cup of coke gets me really messed up.

    1. Caffeine OD, DON’T

      If your thinking about doing it on purpose, don’t. I was and am still a healthy young adult, I took 17 grams of caffeine. Within minutes my heart began to race like never before. Next my muscles started twitching. I had to lie down at this point because my head began to spin. Then I passed out for a bit to wake up to my stomach aching like hell and I started hallucinating a little. I then passed out for an hour, woke up and vomited profusely. I would then sleep for an hour and vomit again, this continued for 11 hours. Then I had to go to the hospital and get rehydrated and have potassium put back in my system. As for side effects, from what I can tell my metabolism is much faster than it use to be, I’m always thirsty and I consider my heart rate to be much fast than it was was. Seriously just don’t do it. It’s stupid and it hurts more than anything else I’ve experience and trust me, that saying something.

  48. Beer vs. Caffeine

    Yesterday I was studying for my late August exam and I drank a lot of coffee while doing that.After finishing with my studying,as I was preparing to go out,my heart started banging like nuts.My hands were shaking I couldn`t write an e-mail.Not knowing what caused this,I ate a sandwich and drank COKE while eating it,which made it worse.When I realized that this was due to the caffeine intake,I didn`t know what to do.I was sweating my ass off and and wasn`t in tune with what was going on around me.So,my mom gave me 2 B vitamin pills and I lay down resting for about an hour and when I went out I had a beer,which kinda smoothed the caffeine:)))I even refused a joint;)
    I woke up at 8 this morning(too early though) and I was OK.

    Beer is a caffeine o.d. antidote.

  49. Caffeine

    Okay so today I consumed about 1300mg of caffeine at once. Shit was i messed up i couldn’t stand or talk so learn from my mistake take it in smaller amount an not all at once.

  50. Ohhh god!

    Everyone in this comment thread is right! caffeine OD is horrible. about 7 hours ago it was midnight and i was at a 7-eleven with two of my friends, and being the numb-skulled risk taker that i am i drank a redline energydrink and a java monster with 6 stok black coffee energy shots in it, which blatently say “limit 2 per day”. its now almost 7 AM and i cant sleep for the life of me, im very jittery and my eyes have swollen to and irritating degree, though it feels like all this is simmering down thank god! a word of warning to anyone who thinks they’re being cool or showing off by consuming mass amounts of caffeine in a short period of time, DONT DO IT! for your own sake, the panic and general discomfort arent wort it, not to mention the fact that you may react to it badly and have a seizure or die. the phrase “drink responsibly” no longer applies only to alcohol.

  51. Caffeine Poisoning

    I think I once crossed the line from simple caffeine OD to caffeine poisoning. I was at a restaurant, chatting with the waitresses at the bar, and I lost track of how much coffee I was drinking. I had four waitresses serving me at different times, so none of them had any clue, either.

    Anyway, I didn’t get jittery or nervous, but I got really weak and sleepy. Then I got really nauseous, and ended up back home, camped out in front of the toilet, dry heaving for the next 6 hours. I later compared notes with the waitresses, and we concluded that I had consumed about 3 pots of coffee in 2 hours. That was obviously a bit much, even for me. Another pot may have killed me.

    Now, I try to limit my coffee intake to no more than one pot every four hours.

  52. caffeine overdose

    hi, was just looking on the net for side effects of caffeine overdose and came across this site.

    I was in ibiza this week and couldn’t keep up with everyone taking drugs so decided to get sum pro plus, (ive had pro plus plenty of times and more than the recommended amount). Anyway the chemist didnt have pro plus but offered be caffine tablets and told me they were the same thing. He advised that you could take 4 a day but never said there was a time limit.

    Anyway stupidly i ended up taking 6 in about 2 hours thinking that they wern’t working and that i always take lots of pro plus so i should be fine (not been able to read instructions as in foriegn lanuage).

    about an hour later i started feeling funni, so i said id rest for 1 hour and then go ot with my friends, soon realising something wasn’t right i didn’t go out and let my friends go instead. I was up for another 3 hours and sytems got worse, dizzyness, sickness, blured vision, aniexty, insomina, nervousness, irritated etc.

    I went to hotel reception who to me to the doctors at 5oclock in the morning, i had to pay 190 euros to see doctor and have an injection in my arse to rduce blood pressure and heart rate. I then went back to the hotel where i sleept for 2 hours and woke up again. Basically i took the tablets monday night at 7pm and only slept them 2 hours untill wednesday night when i got back home and slept at 11 pm.

    its now friday and I’m sleeping ok but still feel dizzyness at times.
    so i suggest caffeine tablets are not the way forward!

  53. took stacker pills from circle k

    about 900mg of caffeine. had to call out of work. i feel really sick. this ruined my weekend. hope im not depressed for days ๐Ÿ™

    1. How’d you get stackers? They

      How’d you get stackers? They make me feel light headed and everything gets dark. Haven’t had them in years. By the way they were recently removed from shelves since studies show they do immense damage to your liver.

  54. anorexia

    caffeine overdose leads to early symptoms of anorexia? as in if I ingest too much caffeine I’ll begin to think I’m fat?

  55. Excedrin Migraine

    Hahaha….So, I had a head ache and ill I did was take 2 excedrin migraines and for the past 3 hours I have felt so horrible and sick. I threw up everything that I had eaten for lunch (tmi i know) and I have no idea why only 2 tablets did that to me, but wow….I guess Im pretty sensitive to it. I feel like Im on crack…Ive been shaky….cant do anything….im at work right now and im really useless. Its a good thing that my boss knows me well enough to know i would never do drugs otherwise i think i would be fired right now….I HATE THIS FEELING!!!

  56. Energy drinks = Evil

    I am fourteen years old. I went out last saturday, and went into Poundland. And I bought 4 cans of energy drink for ร‚ยฃ1. At around 11:30am on that day I drank a can. Later on me and my mum had to go to Newtown, so it was about an hours drive there. So on the way back I drank the 3 cans that were left over. I didnt think anything of it really. But like 2 hours later I felt really weird.. My face was like a beatroot,,.. seriously (!) and I had a temperature. Didnt wanna eat anything for dinner. My eyes went all funny. I sat there at the kitchen table with my mum and her boyfriend. I was staring blankly (this really creeped mums boyfriend out). I went to bed around10:30, thinking id be better in the morning. My boyfriend phoned and we chatted for about 2 hours. My body was aching. Managed to go to sleep at wround 1am.
    The next day i went to school, still feeling ill. I then had to cans of energy drink after school. My temp rose to about 41digrees..
    Its tuesday now and i feel really bad still. Also im getting tonsilitus. NOT pleasent. But i think the energy drink was even more unpleasent.

    Be careful with the amount. It may sound silly but overdosing on caffine can cause damage!

    1. kronik will cure you.

      what kind of energy drinks did you drink? becuase i drink 3 to 5 rockstar enerygy drinks everyday, and i feel fine. also i have been consuming energy drinks for a few years now, and i have never felt how you have or are feeling. I hope you feel better if your not allready feeling better.

    2. I learned my lesson, too

      I am also 14, and I learned my lesson, too. Just yesterday I bought an AMP Energy drink. I drank it all (the 16 oz. TallBoy) rather quickly, in about a minute and a half. About 3-5 minutes later, I started feeling the usual hyperactivity. However, I felt pure bliss, but that’s all I really remember. After my crash, I went back into my room, where I had drunk the AMP. I looked at the can, and there was a push pin near it. The can was covered in writing that had ben scratched in. It said things like “HA HA HA” and “PUT ME IN THE LOONY BIN” and “I WANT MY JACKET”. I think I meant a straightjacket. It was all VERY weird.

  57. Thanks for this article! I

    Thanks for this article! I was kind of worried I might have overdosed on caffeine because I had four 20oz bottles of Diet Coke today, two during lunch and two during dinner. However now I’m not worried because I see that I didn’t drink anywhere near a toxic amount. My heart is beating pretty fast and I can’t sleep but I think after I rest for a while I’ll be fine. I didn’t realize how strong Diet Coke could be.

    1. Diet coke

      Diet coke contains phenylalanine as do many diet drinks and foods. Phenylalanine has caused so many heart problems that it now must be in bold print on the ingredient labels. I learned this through a friend asking if I drank a lot of diet drinks when I was telling her that I had irregular heartbeats that were getting so bad I couldn’t lay down to sleep without my heart doing strange things. I cut the diet drinks out of my diet and the heart arrythmia disappeared. Now I can get away with drinking maybe one diet drink (I like them) if I’m not tired, but two definitely brings back irregular heartbeats. If I’m tired, even one diet drink containing phenylalanine causes irregular heartbeats. It isn’t just the caffeine that can cause problems if you’re drinking diet drinks.

      1. Don’t go spreading the heeby geebies

        Some people are actually allergic to phenylalanine. That’s the only reason it is listed so boldly. People have been drinking diet coke for decades now and it has never been implicated with ill effects like some crazies will tell you ‘”anecdotally”.

  58. overdose

    Hi, there i’m actually getting the same symptoms as described…. or part of them… i drank five cups of expresso all while working… so what i would like to know is to what extent can these five cups harm me? Tho, i felt like drunk during the day. i can neither eat, neither sleep, i’m over-excited.. lol… and i’m afraid…:S… so can someone please help me? thanks.

    1. side effects

      You are at a high rish for a heart attack and a strok. Your blood pressure will rise and or go down. You will want more sugar and you will be excited for a while. Just try drinking lots of water and do eat. This will help the cause of everything!

      1. What?

        Don’t tell people stuff like this… he/she is not overdosed to the point of heart-attack or stroke! Come on, it clearly states above that the LD50 is around 10g… and if they’re in the USA espresso is mostly just a marketing term for normal coffee…

  59. Caffeine

    hi, i have been doing some research on this stuff and if you drink a good enough amount you can have a heart attack and might even have a stroke. You blood pressure will rise or even go down. You want to drink lots of water. Hope Everything is well!

  60. Caffine Overdose.

    I recently experienced this. Actually just 3 days ago and am still feeling the effects of it. I had a major overdose, I had taken two caffine pills and had a couple of cups of coffee as well. I went and worked out breaking down the pills way to quickly and it sent me into a panic or anxiety attack. I had an extreme rapid heart rate, my breathing was uncontrollable, I was shaking very badly, I also had sharp pains in the back of my head, and a major feeling of my head being completely detached from my body ( I could not feel anything from my neck down no matter how much pressure I put on it). Since I have been out of the hospital I haven’t slept but only a few hours over the past few days and I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing at night, as if my airway closes up when my breathing slows and I also experience that same detached feeling from my body almost as if I were paralyzed. It is a very scary feeling and I’m hoping that since I’ve cut out the caffeine that maybe the symptoms will slowly get better. But, reality is this you really have to watch what your doing with caffeine it can kill you if you are not careful with it. I was happy to find this information on here, it does give me some enlightenment to what all is going on with me right now. It helps me much more than any of the doctors at my closest hospital. Thank you for posting thid it is very much appreciated!

  61. Heyy every 1 ,,

    i realy dont see how yu can over dose on caffine aye ive eaten like 24 no doez in 1 hit and washed it down with a 4 pack of red bull and i get nout??

    i rember when i was a bit younger i used to have maby 2 no doez and id be off ma trolley it would be wonderfull but now i just cant get that anymore i realy dont think caffine can get yu like use are describing.

    sometimes when i have a couple red bulls my heart rate inccreases but only for a couple of minuets maby an hour but never like it used to.

    1. You sound like you do not

      You sound like you do not like yourself and in need of growing up! The best highs come naturally. Try going for a swim. You might discover something enlightening.

    2. You seem to have suffered

      You seem to have suffered quite a severe brain injury from your caffeine related exploits, as your spelling and grammar abilities appear to have been almost completely expunged from your mind!

  62. Green Stingers

    I ordered some of these off the internet over a year ago. They have ephedra and caffeine in them. I’d taken Metabolife prior to it being outlawed and I enjoyed the burst of energy it gave me and how alert I felt so when I found out ephedra was legalized again I decided to find some I could take. When I got them I took just one a few times but it made me feel weird so I quit taking them.

    A couple months ago I started working with a personal trainer. When I started working out on my own I realized I was having a hard time being motivated enough to wake up and go to the gym. One morning I remembered the Green Stingers. I took two of them. Stupidly I also drank two cups of coffee. When I got to work the office was very cold so I drank a cup of hot green tea. Well, about an hour later one of my coworkers was in my office talking to me and this horrible feeling came over me – it felt like my heart was trying to burst out of my chest, I had a cold, tight feeling on the left side of my chest and my thoughts were racing like crazy. I stood up and shoved past my coworker and started pacing the hall – then I went to the lobby of the building and started walking in circles around the perimeter. My palms were clammy and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. At one point my office manager came out and asked me if I was okay and I told her I felt like I was having a panic attack. She told me to go outside, maybe the fresh air would help.

    I spent the next two hours walking almost non-stop. And praying. I thought I was going to die – seriously. I kept going back and forth over whether or not to ask my coworkers to call an ambulance. I kept trying to calm myself down by meditating and focusing on slowing my breathing. Every time I would consider going back in to the office I would get that horrible hot/cold, tight feeling in my chest and would think I was going to pass out. The thought of having to speak to anyone made me want to puke. I couldn’t make eye contact with anyone. It was hands down the scariest, most horrible feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. At some point I remembered I had one Xanax in my desk drawer so I finally worked up the nerve to go in and take it. Then I walked some more. Then I drank FOUR cups of Tension Tamer tea. I drank a lot of water and I ate a good lunch. I did not start feeling somewhat back to normal until the next day.

    Needless to say as soon as I got home that night I threw the rest of the bottle away. I will NEVER take that stuff again!

    1. Omg! I couldn’t stop laughing

      Omg! I couldn’t stop laughing at your story! I felt similar though,  just went to the doctor and he said everything is fine. I think I od on coffee I never drink but had 4 cups 2days ago. I thought I was going to die started feeling weird 30 mins after 4th cup. Extremely sick to my stomach,  had a panic attack at the gas station too scared to get on the freeway to go home. Since then feeling faint,  tingling skin,  headache, fatigue,  chest pains.  Worst then drugs, never again! 

  63. caffeine

    When i was 12 i took some pro plus caffeine pill unaware at the time of the horrible negative affects that they can cause. I had taken six of the tablets which is 300mg of caffeine in less than 10 seconds felt fine and i thought this was a great idea then it was about 45 minuets after i took them i was in class and my heart started beating faster and faster and i couldn’t concentrate at anything and when people started moving round the classroom my head started spinning by this time i had to concentrate on my breathing because sometimes it would be normal and other times i would be gasping for breath.

    This carried on for about five hours but this wasn’t really the end of it i kept on feeling that i was going to be sick and i didn’t really feel like eating. later that night i felt like nothing happened and couldn’t really remember the day i just had this was about 1:30 am and because of the excessive amount of caffeine i couldn’t really get to sleep. By morning i felt like normal.

    Please comment and tell me about your experiences and what effects you have had

    1. When i was 12 (I’m 13 now),

      When i was 12 (I’m 13 now), my dad bought some of those sugar light packets, thinking they were the regular kind. Instead, he bought the packs with caffeine in them. As being a kid who likes sugar, i put two packets in one water bottle; not knowing there was caffiene in it. Uh oh… 20 minutes later, I had drinken the water bottle (i’m a heavy water drinker), and i started feeling confused, like i couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t see straight either, i kept zoning in and out. I was getting hot and sweaty too, (VERY unusual for me, usually i’m freezing all the time) Finally, i looked to see if the crystal light packets contained anything… *Contains caffeine. Once i found out i was on a caffeine overdose, I started thinking of all the possibilities of what could happen to me. I was mostly worried about death… I told my brother what happened (my parents, of course, were some where else). He said just to take everything slow and lay down or watch a movie. While i was watching hte movie, i started feeling like i couldnt sit down, i had to run or something. So i ran around the house for about 10 minutes. then went back to the movie.
      the dizziness and lightheaded came and went. The sweatiness went on for about 3 hours. The confusion stayed for about 2 hours.
      Since then i have limited my pop intake and so forth.

    2. Caffeine

      I had a similar experience. I was driving back from the beach, which is about four hours from where I live, and I was so tiered that I drank a Monster energy drink. It didn’t take long for me to feel the negative effects. My heart was beating fast and hard. I could literally hear it. I felt so nervous, I couldn’t concentrate on the road. I felt extremely nervous about everything; the weather, the other cars, distance, you name it I was nervous. I had to pull over and call the the poison control center and they told me that I was having a caffeine high and that the only way to reduce it was to eat bread. So I did, but unfortunately for me it didn’t work. Later on that day, once I got home, I felt tiered and confused just like you. I couldn’t remember anything..

  64. Coffee Diet?

    Hi all. Two months ago I began the coffee diet recommended by a close friend. It says I can drink as much coffee as I want, but can’t eat anything. I usually drink 15 – 20 cups of coffee a day, and I feel well and sleep ok.

    My concern is the long-term effects. Are there any dangers of drinking coffee long term?

    1. RE: Coffee Diet?

      Talk to a doctor. I assure you this is far from a healthy diet and the amount of coffee is only a small piece of the problem. The lack of food is even worse. Talk to a doctor and see what you need to do to get your system back into balance.

    2. are u stupid??? what do u

      are u stupid??? what do u think..what kind of question is that? of course thats not safe!!

    3. You are not dieting. You are

      You are not dieting. You are starving yourself and using coffee to suppress your appetite.

      Seek professional help. You may have a serious food-related neurosis.

    4. Coffee diet

      Yes there is considerable danger of drinking this much coffee long term. You didn’t mention your age but I suspect that you are fairly young. As you may or may not know…as we get older we develop higher blood pressure. Drinking too much coffee raises our blood pressure as well. Adding the two together you can possibly develop what I just have. My normal blood pressure is about 140/70 but when I drank just one Starbucks grande today it shot it up to 177/80. Two in a day shot it up to 195. This is obviously not healthy as people die from hypertension.

  65. Overdose

    earlier today i took 24 pro plus for a dare, Stupid i know but i dont care – i’ll do most dares, anyway – nothing happened we measured my pulse rate/heart beats per min before, and every 30mins after taking them up till now and nothing happened, its basicly still the same, i dont feel any less tired or had any bursts of energy – do these only work on certain people? its the same when i take any “Stimulant” though, i just don’t seem to be stimulated

    1. You can take your coffee, but

      You can take your coffee, but you`ll feel the changes soon. You have to take care of you as soon as possible, as much as possible. I have took a long time many doses. After a short period, i had heart beatings and i was tremble like an aspean leaf! So , my advice is to stop now! Good luck!

  66. Caffeine overdose

    I was in amsterdam a few days ago and took some legal highs that had about 400mg of caffeine in. I didnt know this at the time and when i started crashing i had a servere headache for a few hours, no balance, irregular heartbeat and haluciniations. They are deffinatly something i will not be taking agian. I still get slight headaches every now and then (although my wisdom teeth are coming through atm), especially if i do an activity which raises my blood pressure. Have i got anything to worry about?

  67. Come on…

    You guys aren’t going to have a stroke or heart attack because of caffeine. You’re going to get the jitters and it just won’t feel very pleasant. What you guys need to remember is that you CAN’T JUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE NET. Check your sources. Look at medical journals or medical books that are written by reputable Doctors or experts on the subject. Anyone can just write anything on the net. Do what the scholars and people who attend or attended institutes of higher learning do and make sure the people who are writing these articles are worth their salt.
    Keep in mind that everyone is different and some people have a much higher tolerance for caffeine and other drugs than you do (or less tolerance). Factor in weight, whether the weight is mostly muscle or fat, age, the amount of caffeine normally taken by the person on average, how long the person has been consuming caffeine, ect. No one here can DEFINITELY tell you how much caffeine you can take without feeling sick. Only a Doctor that can SEE you can make that assessment. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You are very wrong on this.

      You are very wrong on this. If you are familiar with caffeine supplements taken for exercise and endurance as well as body building…… they very much can make you extremely sick as well as cause irregular heart beat and long term affects.

    2. you can DIE from drinking too much water too.

      you are WRONG. you CAN die from a caffeine overdose. there was a report in the UK where a girl workin gin a cafe nearly died from drinkin more than 20 cups of espress in 1 DAY. she had to be brought to the hospital and given something to reduce the effects of poisoning.
      like everything else, coffee should be drank in moderation.
      on that note –
      you can DIE from drinking too much water too.

    3. Actually yes you can have a

      Actually yes you can have a heart attack from too much caffine. Caffine makes your heat beat really fast, which is your heart pumping blood harder and faster. When there is too much going on and your heart can’t take it thus a heart attack. There have been a couple of reported cases that people have died because they had a heart attack due to an overdose of caffine. It just depends on your tolerance and believe me their will reach a point when your body says enough is enough.

    4. I totally agree with

      I totally agree with you…not everyone is the same and you cant believe everything your read. I went through a very rough time with certian drugs and I looked up the withdrawl symtoms and read peoples stories and I totally freaked myself out. Yeah what I went through was bad but nothing like what I read! Everything depends on your body and what you can tollerate and how much you take for how long.

    5. Caffeine OD

      This is not a topic that should be taken lightheartedly. I just experienced many of the symptoms described in the above article and it was not something to be brushed aside. It happened a day ago at 10:30pm, 30 minutes after my lunch at work. Earlier in the morning I drank a large mug of coffee, ate 2 tacos (at 1pm) and had a monster at 10pm. I have never felt so close to mortality before. I got off the line after feeling a slight disconnect between my head and body. I had felt this feeling occur before but it never escalated from this point, I was also slightly out of breath in days past but drinking lots of water seemed to help. Why I left the line was because of the force with which my heart beat was so strong that I started to panic. I walked up some stairs feeling even more lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out while my heart was racing. all the while seemingly trying to burst from my chest. Sitting down helped somewhat, but what really seemed to calm me down was that the lady supervisor there gave me some hand sanitizer on a Kleenex and told me to just smell it, that it would help keep me calm. While I was going through this I was still light headed so I kept trying to keep my breath up so as to not pass out, nice deep breaths. It just got scarier from here on as my blood pressure seemingly skyrocketed and I struggled from breath even more. All that helped were a few signs here and there that I read over and over again because for some reason sounds around my just made what I was going through worse. If I talked, I felt like I lost ground in getting better because I’d feel even more light headed. If I heard someone talking to me I’d also feel my heartbeat pick up it’s rising pace even more. So I was intent on staying quiet and just keeping my mind as calm as possible with visions of hospital bills and my own mortality running through my head. I was told to ingest something sweet while this was happening. I struggled to lift my arm up to drink some orange juice and every time I’d lift my arm to my lips I got this sudden rush of palpitations but as I kept on slowly sipping that juice down suddenly I started to feel like my heartbeat wasn’t speeding up anymore or beating out of my chest so much. I was still out of breath and weak from the trembling of my legs that had gone on since this started. Suddenly I was somewhat peaceful. I was finally able to tell the supervisor I was getting better and the visions of my mortality and hospital bills were somewhat slipping away… I tried moving around some just to test my capabilities. I knew my legs were weak from so much trembling and that I was still a bit light headed so I knew I’d have a tough go at ‘getting up off that chair. An hour had passed since I’d been going through this now as I got up I noticed my heartbeat was pretty slow almost “weak like”. Like it couldn’t keep up with the actions I was doing. Simply standing and taking three steps I felt that sensation creep up on me again. My heartbeat started racing and beating harder than before, like it came back with a vengeance or something. That was the really scary part. I thought I was in the clear and all of a sudden it takes hold of me again. Do you know about those little stress toys people squeeze? It felt like someone was using my heart as one and they were giving it a real good go. All I did was focus and eat the skittles placed besides me, once again trying to keep my breathing level to something that my heart would possibly need. I thought… If my heart is beating like I just ran 3 miles nonstop I’ll just breathe accordingly else I may pass out and look like a real pussy at work. So I did that and got through that again. This time I felt like some sort of crash had hit me. I felt weak, really weak. Still a little out of breath but it was manageable now. I got up this time and was able to walk down the stairs from the supervisors office to the work floor. I couldn’t walk about half a block though to were the water coolers were at. You see I had been drinking water nonstop throughout this episode in an attempt to flush out the monster I had just ingested. Well I eventually was able to walk there and my ability to walk increased as I was able to comfortably feel like walking further and further distances. I kept close to my water source which was conveniently next to the bathroom. For the next hour and a half I just drank water and pissed it out drank water and pissed it out. Still had some moments of a slight itty bitty climb in heartbeat but that I attributed towards moments of panic and if I sat down for 5 minutes they’d go down. Walking outside to the cool night air also helped to calm me down. From this point on it was a struggle of the mind. My body seemed to be getting better but my mind was full of doubt and panic which I had to keep pushing aside. I left work at 1:30 a.m 3 1/2 hours of that shit and I was going home. Got home, slept for 2 hours. Woke up with a rapidly beating heartbeat. Wasn’t hard and fast, just normal and fast, I figured panic attack from the trauma earlier but went to the hospital anyway. When I got to the hospital bed I immediately stopped the small amount of trembling that had been going on in my still. and I knew it was in my head. They did an EKG (checks your heart health) checked my blood sugar, that was fine. Check my pulse and blood pressure, also fine. I was told by the doctor that it was probably a caffeine overdose and to lay off of it for a while. He said I was fine. Still though I have micro panic attacks where I feel like I have to take one deep breath to even me out and then I breathe normally again. I wouldn’t make light of anything like this. Everyone should watch their caffeine intake carefully. People have died from this. Small amount of people but if it’s worse than what I felt, and it probably is. I wouldn’t wish a death like that on anybody. Hope everyone here is well.

  68. Interesting…

    Heart attack can ensue along with a coma. The amount required to do so is far more than most could comfortably get to. The most common deaths seem to be from long term exposure. I am no doctor but according to a medical textbook I was shown, that is possible.

    On a separate note, I am a caffeine addict and just upped the ante. I started taking 300mg or 200mg pills depending on the day. I can take the 200mg pills twice a day and I am sure will eventually reach three a day. I love the feeling, sure sometimes I get a little sick but if you drink enough water and have food in your stomach you are fine. I only have one curiosity…

    Is caffeine in liquid form more apt to be absorbed and processed by your body than dry pill form which has to be broken up and absorb whatever liquid is available?

  69. Coffee made me sick…odd…

    Well, that’s interesting. I was freaking out a little bit today. I used to be a habitual coffee drinker, for a span of a few months a year or two ago I would drink upwards of 15 cups of black coffee a day. I noticed that I wasn’t sleeping well, only two or three hours a night, but failed to put 2 and 2 together. Then I for some reason decided not to have any coffee for a couple days, just didn’t feel like it, and I crashed and slept almost 48 hours through. Since then I have made sure to practice moderation when it comes to coffee, and generally only have 1 to 5 cups a day, depending. Lately only 1 or 2 small cups. But today I felt like drinking more coffee and drank two large mugs. I got shaky, cold sweat, and nausea. Then I threw up. I am a bit of a hypochondriac so that REALLY freaked me out as I thought it might be symptomatic of a more serious health issue. But after reading this, I hope that it just means I overdid it on the coffee, and that even though it’s less by far that what I used to drink, that my tolerance is down and that’s the only reason I threw up. At least the nausea is gone now.

    1. This happened to me too. One

      This happened to me too. One day I could drink it, in large quantities, and the next even one cup made me feel like I was overdosing. I have no idea why, but it does happen. Tolerance can suddenly totally switch off and never come back again.

    2. I won’t go into detail, but I

      I won’t go into detail, but I really thought I had a mental issue and thought I was going crazy. Then I realized I was on midol yesterday, and drank tons of coffee with it. Since Midol has caffeine, there’s a warning label on the back about not taking lots of caffeine with it. I’m glad I realized what was wrong

  70. Caffeine (caffeine) and

    Caffeine (caffeine) and aminophylline (amino-phylline) the same as xanthine derivatives, similar to its pharmacological effects, only the difference in the role of intensity. Caffeine sodium benzoate (caffeine and sodium benzoate) as a mixture of caffeine and sodium benzoate, caffeine anhydrous 47% to 50%; aminophylline to theophylline Ed Hardyand ethylenediamine complexes. Caffeine intoxication or treatment with more excessive as wrongly caused by ingestion of a few drinks with caffeine caused a large number; occasional infant sensitive to caffeine may be due to access of micro and symptoms of acute poisoning. Theophylline is an effective treatment volume less the volume and toxicity, its toxicity may be due orally, rectal administration, intramuscular injection of drugs such as excessive, short interval between administration, intravenous injection of large doses caused or was speeding, a few Because of the sensitivity of this drug too high.

  71. This happened to me

    This is very true. This morning I felt awful, and couldn’t figure out why. I won’t go into detail, but I really thought I had a mental issue and thought I was going crazy. Then I realized I was on midol yesterday, and drank tons of coffee with it. Since Midol has caffeine, there’s a warning label on the back about not taking lots of caffeine with it. I’m glad I realized what was wrong, because this has happened to me before when I had to pull an allnighter for school and drank tons of coffee to stay up. Please be careful people! It’s not a good feeling!

  72. Mini Thin Rush Pills

    I am a 15 year old reasonably healthy and in shape guy. I took four Mini Thin Rush 6 hr energy pills today and I found myself and my friend feeling jittery and breathing hard. I felt the effects of the caffeine within ten minuts of ingestion but after about twenty minuts my skin got completely red all over my body and I was extremely nausiated. I went and slept for an hour or two and the redness in my skin went away but I still have a lingering feeling of slight nausia that I just can’t make go away. I was going to take gravol but I was unsure if it would have an adverse effect with the ingrediants in the energy pills. I don’t know if it was just me and my friend that had this expearence but it is probley the worst feeling I have felt in my entire life, if you are thinking of takeing over the recomended dose it says on the package then i am warning you that you will feel so sick and disgusting that you will just want to throw it all up. DON’T TRY IT!!! I was dumb enough to and I learned the hard way ):

    1. 6 hour energy

      The reason why you had that is because you had a Niacin Flush where ur body has a hot prickly feeling, skin redness. This is caused by Niacin increasing blood flow near the skin. This can be avoided by taking half a bottle or less at a time. If you don’t believe me on this search Niacin Flush on google.

  73. I think I’m experiencing this

    I think I’m experiencing this right now.

    I’ve been busy with University for most of the day, and have basically forgotten to eat (which is really irritating because now I just feel nauseous and don’t want to eat). I ended up drinking a full cafetiere of strong coffee, which equates to about two large mugs, plus another cup while i was out. Anyway, for the last couple of hours I’ve been feeling pretty rough. I feel quite woozy/dizzy, my arms and legs feel really strange (kind of a tickling sensation), my heart rate feels really jacked up, and my visions gone slightly blurry. Whats weird is that drinking that much coffee isn’t much of a departure for me, although I don’t tend to miss meals as I have today. From what I’ve been reading on this site it looks as though I might have OD’d on caffeine. Does anyone else who’s experienced this know how long these symptoms last for (bearing in mind the amount of coffee I have drunk, plus the fact I haven’t taken any caffeine pills or energy drinks)?

    1. Coffee Overdose Remedies

      I used to occasionally get in the situation you’re in now. It sucks for sure. Here’s what I would suggest:

      1) Get some food in your stomach, something light. Ice cream (vanilla) was good for me to take the edge off.

      2) Take an ibuprofen. Or, if you want to avoid drugs, take some magnesium citrate which you can find in any health food store. Capsules are best because they dissolve quicker. This will relax you.

      3) If you weren’t at work, I’d say, “Have a beer, something like an IPA with a lot of hops(a soothing herb) and calories in it.

      I have come to hate caffeine and that feeling of doing way too much, especially on an empty stomach. I have found that a few healthy energy drink brands are a much more controllable buzz than caffeine — and the secret is that they are powered by Guarana only, so it is a slow release form of caffeine.

      I used to LOVE coffee, but you never know how strong it’s going to be and it is likely to bite you in the butt often, as you describe. That’s why I gave it up for more predictable and balanced energy drinks or simply green tea.

      Hope this helps you.

      I deal with this subject at length on my Web site, if you are interested.

  74. Alternative of coffee

    just read it out but not the whole thread! thanks..but what to do, I have to work hard as usual and since morning today I found myself so much sleepy and could not concentrate on my work as I wake up early at 5 but today it was late and I feeling bad headache. Sometimes coffee can help me to overcome these types of odd situation..

    And I have to say that my every routine is just restless working day and I use to sleep not more then 5 hours..in this situation coffee is my best partness.

    If possible then please let me know any alternative way which is less in negative effectiveness.

  75. Hi.
    I am 21 years old and i

    I am 21 years old and i am a very healthy person. Basically i took a caffein pill a few weeks back and i had trouble breathing, had 92 heart beat per second. My nails became blue.. i couldnt consentrate and a few other symptoms.
    Basically its exam period now and i have found myself in a situation that i have to stay awake for the next 3 days.
    Im wondering what is the worst that could happen (reasonably) and if I come across the same symptoms again what should I do to maintain my health.
    Thank you

  76. I’m 17 going on 18 and think I have this..

    I know that I have severe insomnia and anxiety,but I do believe I may have this.I have about 5,6,or 7 cups of coffee a day(9 scoops of pure sugar in each cup),not to mention about 3 cans of Monster Energy Drinks.I’ve been noticing that I’m having trouble breathing,getting really bad chest pains,veryyy forgetful and can’t remember things,I get confused a lot easier,I’m extremely jumpy and see/hear things that aren’t even their.

    1. Seriously

      Do you think, just maybe, your insomnia and anxiety may be related to all that Caffine? Caffine last for about 6 hours in your system, so how soon before you go to bed do you consume your last cup of coffee or energy drink? You are way too young to be needing that much artificial energy (for the record, I dont think there is any age where that much is needed.) Try tapering yourself down. Stopping cold turkey will result in crazy bad headaches and fatique, aka caffine withdrawl. 1-2 cups a day and if ABSOLUTELY necessary 1 monster drink, but no more after 2pm. I bet in the course of 1 month, you will feel like a whole new person!

  77. I love caffeine from NOS energy drinks!

    I love the effects of caffeine on me, it acts almost like a drug and occasionally I will have intense cravings, so about once every month or two I have 2 of the NOS 22oz bottles and end up not being able to sleep for 36-48 hours. I know it may not be good for me but should I e concerned or just fulfill my cravings and feel really good for awile? I feel most of the symptoms above but more of a good feeling than a bad one… Also when I have papers due I’ll stay up all night the night before and have 2 bottles of that NOS and I end up writing better than I would have been able to without it, to the point where I’ve been accused of plagiarism and buying my papers. Is it just me or do most people become better writers when ingesting large amounts of caffeine?

      1. A DEADLY drug, I might add.

        A DEADLY drug, I might add. More people need to remember this. They give it to children, they give it to anyone that wants it. It’s in nearly every soda, 90% of Americans take caffeine daily.

      2. Caffeine has been found to

        Caffeine has been found to prevent cognitive decline in the elderly women. Women aged 65 and older who consumed over three cups of coffee (or the same caffeine levels in tea) daily scored better over time on memory tests than women who drank one cup or less of coffee/tea daily did. The memory benefits of the caffeine rise with age – coffee drinkers being 30 % less exposed to memory impairment at age 65 and 70 % less over 80. Still, caffeine consumers did not have lower rates of dementia.


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  78. Earlier today I had 2, 12

    Earlier today I had 2, 12 oz., cups of coffee (apox. 345mg) in a two hour period on an empty stomach and can definitely say after reading these symptoms of minor overdose that I did. I don’t usually drink coffee, prefer tea, so I am not used to the caffeine in coffee. I was feeling great until an hour or so after. Now I feel like shit.

  79. Caffeine OD…NEVER again…

    I had no idea caffeine could do such terrible things. Yesterday I was extremely tired and ended up taking two (200 mg each) caffiene pills, along with some Midol and Exedrin Migraine (which both have caffiene) on an empty stomach. At first I felt fine, then later felt terrible. I was jittery, extremely anxious, felt as though I was having Panic Attacks, couldn’t sit still, dizzy, felt sick to my stomach and had diarrhea. Although that was bad enough, the mental effects were worse. My thoughts were racing, I couldn’t form full thoughts in my head or make much sense when trying to talk about things. I felt very disconnected with reality, almost as if I could not tell if the things going on around me were real or not. It was what I can imagine an outer body experience would feel like. Not fun! Oddly enough I was very tired later that night and just woke up from 12 hours of sleep and still feel tired!! I guess this is the crash. I will be glad when I feel normal again. I will never do this again. Its not worth it at all!!!

  80. So I took a five hour energy

    So I took a five hour energy the other day and about two hours into it, I began to feel tired again. So I went to starbucks and asked for the most caffenated drink on their menu. Later that night I felt very sick. My stomach felt like it was upside down and inside out. I had hot flashes (I’m 18) and I have been having really bad chest pains. I’m never doing that again!

  81. Caffiene OD

    I am a daily user of caffiene, I usually take excederin on a daily basis which contains 65mg of caffiene (about the same as a cup of coffee.) I have never had any negative side effects. Yesterday I was looking for an energy boost and saw some “Stacker 3” pills at the gas station, I followed the directions and took 1 pill(200mg) after eating breakfast(at 8 am.)Through out the morning I felt fine and had a nice energetic feel. I ate lunch at 1pm and waited until about 1:30pm to take a second (as directed) because that nice energetic feeling had worn off. Around 2:30 I began to shake uncontrollably, shortly after I began sweating until it was dripping off my forehead and I was doing no physical activity, just sitting at my desk. Then around 3pm came the vomiting. All the symptoms continued through the afternoon and into the evening. Long story short, caffiene is a drug, treat it as such!!! P.S. I know I am a fool for not looking at the ingriedients, lesson learned.

  82. Yesterday I was taken to the

    Yesterday I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after experiencing crushing chest pain, tingly arms and legs, and difficulty not passing out.  I had drank coffee all afternoon, which I normally don’t drink anything with caffeine in it (maybe 2 times a month).  I swear it felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest, and like I was fighting to swallow my heart.  It was horrible!  All testing turned out negative, and so it was probably just sensitivity to all that caffeine in the coffee I drank over the course of a couple of hours!  I will NEVER drink coffee again, and will avoid all caffeinated beverages.  It was very scary!  The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart and had ruled out an allergic reaction to anything.  How stupid….I will never drink that much coffee again!

  83. Heart Attack Like Symptoms

    I was taken to the ER yesterday by ambulance while at my son’s basketball game.  I had crushing chest pain that felt like I had a load of bricks on my chest.  My arms and legs were numb and tingly.  I felt like I was swallowing my heart.  All testing came back negative, and the doctors ruled out an anxiety attack, an allergic reaction, and the probable cause was caffeine related.  I had drank coffee all afternoon over the course of several hours.  They figure that the heart attack – like symptoms were due to the caffeine.  I rarely drink caffeinated beverages, and so all that coffee was quite a shock to my system.  I will never drink coffee or caffeinated beverages again!

  84. Wow ive been having those

    Wow ive been having those symptoms and not even realized it was because of the  monsters i was drinking. I always drink them and ever since ive been getting more nervous for no reason and my muscles have been twitching alot im going to try to stop drinking them but there so addicting ;l

  85. coffee coffee coffee

    i sleep far too much, seriously i can go to sleep at 7pm and sleep throught till 11, then go back to bed at 7 again ths means that i get hardly any work done, boom essay to be done for tommorow! oh dear ill have some coffeee will keeep e up , and hour and 5 cups later im buzzing BUT even though im awake i cant concentrate damn! oh well :):):):):):):) wanna know the worst thing? im training to be a nurse aand knew the consequences, just didnt follow my own advice . im so unused to coffee i actually feeel kinda tipsy drunk

  86. I love it…

    I love coffee because of the effects of caffeine…keeps me alert.  I only drink about 6 to 9 cups a day.

  87. Caffeine withdrawal from diet pills.

    I made a blunder and took two diet pills on the same day.each had 300mg of caffeine.

    i had lot of twitching/tremors for one month but it has mostly stopped.

    but now i have constant pressure/tingling on top of my head.

    This is making me very anxious.

    My MD laughs at me and says caffiene withdrawal.She told me to give it 3 months.

    I have been thru one month.

    When will this end?



    1. If your doc says 3 months,

      If your doc says 3 months, then its probably going to be 3 months before its over. Just take some Ibuprofen and tough it out.

    2. I have been off caffine for

      I have been off caffine for nearly 4 weeks, did it cold turkey and wish I had not.

      I was drinkking 10-12 cups of strong coffee a day!

      My palipertations have stopped but I have gone through headaches, tiredness, anxiety attacks, nausea but still have achinig muscles and twitching that I find hard to deal with – the doctors have said it can take 3 months – I am thoroughly fed up and wish I had not cold turkey stopped and would not recommend any one who has been a high intaker of the bean!

      Here is to a better time in a couple of months!

      Keep good people around you and be positive.


    3. caffeine withdrawal

      so glad i checked out this site, i had a little episode in work 6 weeks ago i  felt faint, and had a panic attack, i decided to give up my 12 cups of coffee a day habit not knowin that this would have such an effect on me, daily tingling around the top of my head, headaches and constantly feelin like im going to pass out which also brings on my much dreaded panic attacks, i feel a bit better hearin that other people understand the panic and headaches that come along with caffeine withdrawal, because family and friends didn’t understand the way i was feelin i felt isolated and felt really depressed,

      wishing everybody a speedy recovery

  88. Lol wut??

    “Basically, overdosing on caffeine will probably be very very unpleasant but not kill or deliver permanent damage. However, People do die from it.”

    How does that make sense exactly??? It won’t kill or cause damage but people DIE FROM IT??? Thats called a self- contradicting statement.

      1. Anxiety Attack

        Hi All below are the some of the Myths related to a a person who suffered from severe anxiety, I want to share with you three common mythsabout anxiety & panic attacks. Misinformation and self-formed misconceptions based on these myths can make people unable to get the appropriate treatment. It’s best to educate those who are experiencing a panic disorder. Debunking common myths regarding anxiety attacks is the key to overcome them. Myth 1: AM I CRAZY – people often think that they are crazy when the have an anxiety attack and this feeling worsens the mental condition, so try to relax if some thing like this happens suddenly. Myth 2: AM I LOSING CONTROL – Never feel that you are loosing control if you think that you are loosing control that means your in control and have a pretty much sense of what is going on with you. Myth 3: AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK – Heart racing fast does not always mean that you will have an heart attack, t has similar symptoms to a panic attack. There is tightness or pain in the chest, fast heartbeat, profuse sweating, and increased respiration, if you feel such symptoms then Calming down your mind and body.

        1. Thanks for the insight. ร‚ย I do

          Thanks for the insight.  I do think that anxiety disorder can be managed through understanding and awareness.  I am still battling mine and am always on the lookout for useful bits of information and insight such as yours.  Good luck.

          1. anxiety

            My Story

            I was 12 years old. I smoked pot with my dad for 3 years. Suddenly i couldnt swallow right. And i noticed it everytime i got done smoking pot. Then one night i wanted to smoke a joint. And i did. All of a sudden i couldnt breathe. And i got really scared. For two weeks i couldnt eat or swallow anything. I went from 137 lbs to 117 lbs in two weeks. I got scared thinking i would not be able to eat. A talked with my doctor. And he told me to eat yogurt and stuff. But like i told him i had a really hard time swallowing. Then i finally went to the mental health clinic. And the put me on prozac. And it helped a lot. I still have anxiety. But i dont have anxiety attacks anymore. Thank god. And i dont smoke pot anymore. I wish i didnt in the first place. Or either waited entill i was of age to make my own choice. But im glad i got hep because i didnt want to go through feeling like im dying every day. It really sucked. I hope i never get like that again.

    1. probably!!

      The sentance clearly states that it probably wont kill or permanently damage one’s self.  So, your thinking to much and next time dont blog something so stupid.  It clearly shows a dolt.

      1. Sentance?ร‚ย  “Your” thinking

        Sentance?  “Your” thinking “to” much?

        Perhaps you should learn to spell and use apostrophes … won’t and don’t, not wont and dont … before you call someone else a dolt.

  89. i think what they mean is

    i think what they mean is it’s rare to die from a caffiene overdose but it can happen. too muhc caffiene does feel very unpleasant. nausea, loss of appetite, jittery feeling, increased anxiety. you would probably really have to over do it to die. like they said 50-200 cups of coffee. its not so much the article is contradicting itself, its your understanding of it. basically its easy to overdose on coffee and feel unpleasant, but would take a LOT to die from. an overdose doesnt mean death, it just means too much.

  90. Caffeine and smoking (stopping smoking)

    One thing people should be aware of is that when you stop smoking you become around TWICE as sensitive to caffeine as you normally are.

    Both are addictive drugs but nicotine usaully forces caffeine out of the way when reaching the dopamine receptors and so on in your brain. Without the nicotine – whammo, the caffeine will hit you hard, even normal consumption.

    That’s the other point not mentioned in the article and seemingly misunderstood in many of the comments (some of which appear to be more about bragging rights than helpful?) When you are young and haven’t had much you have a high tolerance for caffeine. However if you keep taking a lot you burn out your brain’s ability to deal with it quickly (that’s a simplified version anyway!) What that means is you effectively become “allergic” to caffeine, because every cup of coffee or whatever simply piles on top of whatever you had earlier.

    I was having all kinds of “Am I going crazy?” moments, plus I think you mentally condition yourself too, so for example with me I’d start nearly freaking out if I had my inlaws in my car – because I once nearly freaked out with them there, so they triggered the same sort of thing later.

    It was getting truly horrible, to the point I felt perhaps I should seek help. But hey, who wants to go to the doc and explain “I’m going crazy”? I couldn’t tell me wife let alone some doctor.

    Then I remembered my older brother, much older than me, suddenly stopped drinking coffee. He never really explained why, just said it ‘drove him nuts’ or something. Mmm..? So I tried not drinking any coffee for a few days… MASSIVE improvement! The symptoms just started fading away, no more panic attacks or feeling I was losing it (or about to)

    Since then I’ve slowly reintroduced coffee and now I know my limits – or knew, because I’ve given up smoking and discovered that without the nicotine any caffeine will seem much, much stronger. Literally double.

    Hope that helps someone


    1. caffine overdose

      Thanks – i didn’t know that caffine affect is doubled for people who don’t smoke anymore. It makes alot of sense to me because i have been through “going crazy” with the coffee.Just getting to the point where I can stop for four days… makes a huge differrnce and the pain seems to subside.

      Thanks!!!! tryign to show my doctor this!

    2. coffee overdose

      Thanks that was really helpful! They other day I had about three large cups of coffee straight in a row and a few hours later I really felt the effect. I felt nauseous, my head was spinning, I couldn’t walk, and my vision was blurred. At that moment I had no idea what was going on, I thought I was dying. I went to the ER, but all the test they ran came back negative. They thought maybe I was just dehydrated. The following day I had a strict diet (including no coffee). After about a week I had a cup of coffee and I suddenly felt some of the same symptoms from before. Know your limits people! I sure learned mines! 

    3. This has really helped

      This has really helped me…..I quit smoking about two months ago cold turkey. Well about a month ago I started having symptoms of what I could only describe as menopause (I am a man). Lightheadedness, headaches, irritability, mood swings, depression, hot flashes, insomnia/sleeping all day. In short, I thought I was going crazy. I never really connected the dots with the amount of coffee and energy drinks I was drinking after quitting smoking. The two seemed unrelated. And I thought I needed it to get out of bed, stay awake while visiting friends, etc ( well I did, I was putting my body through so much i would crash out at the most impractical/ inopportune moments).

      In short, caffeine really is a serious drug…..so is nicotine. And not sleeping is dangerous too (as I watch the Michael Jackson trial–his nurse urged him to cut out the red bulls in order to sleep normally, as opposed to administering anesthetics). Happy to say that I am on a regular sleep schedule now, having limited my caffeine intake to soft drinks for the last week or so.

    4. Wow thanks,
      It really helped

      Wow thanks,

      It really helped me..going to smoke one of my last cigs and droping coffee for a while and starting exercise again tom.

      Knowledge is power 

  91. ccccccccooofffffffeee

    you’re going to most likely puke before you die from caffeine.  I overdose on caffeine before every test I take, with about 20 cups of strong coffee in 8-10 hours.  I get every one of those symptoms, yes I’m killing myself but whatever I need it to help with the nerves and procrastination.  I can’t imagine how much coffee you’d have to drink at once to kill yourself, it’d be an absolute shitload.

    1. Caffein Overdose

      I had stayed up all night and had to go to work the next morning. I was falling asleep driving so I stopped and asked the casheir for something to stay awake and she recomended “Yellow Jacket” I took 1 and didnt feel a thing so 30 min later I took another and WOW the sh*t hit the fan. It was awfull and i was seriuosly thinking of going to the hospital or making myself vomit, just anything to make that nasty dirty speedy feeling go away. All that happend around 10 hours ago and im just now starting to “come down”. Im around 6’1″ and 260 pounds and 2 of those yellow jackets nocked me down.

      Never again!

    2. coffee – toxic dose

      if you read the article, you will see that it says that 50 – 200 cups of coffee will kill 50% of the population. This means that 50 cups of strong coffee will kill 50% of the population.

  92. overdosing

    well i started this weight lose supplement and  at work i started getting lightheaded and like heat was going to my head. Iv been haveing diarrea and drinking so much water. I told my husband I should go to the hospital but he said my bodies just getting rid of the toxins.Really it feals like detoxing. Its been going on since 5pm and its11:35am. I called a paramedic and they said my heart beat was 100 and my blood pressure was 150 something. im  164 pnds and im wondering should i ride it out or go to the hospital?

    1. i guess if this isnt related

      i guess if this isnt related to coffee/caffeine then i would probably go to your gp/doctor immediately. if you are drinking coffee/tea/sugary drinks high in caffeine then i would cut them out of your diet completely and stick to lots of water and small/moderate amounts of fruit juice etc. hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. Coffee substitute

    I guess it’s okay to drink coffee if you don’t have any side effects which can harm your health and mood.

    As for me, I discovered that if I drink more than 2 coffees a day, it’s hard for me falling asleep and I get very jittery.

    So after the second coffee, if I feel like a coffee in the afternoon/evenings I drink alternatives to coffee.

    Dandelion is a bit yukky, caro is ok, but I found a really good one made from dates and it’s called dattero.

    I recommend for those who like coffee, but prefer to avoid the caffeine as it’s very low caffeine and tastes really good.

  94. Thanks for the great post

    The toxic dose is going to vary from person to person, depending primarily on built-up tolerance. A couple people report swallowing 10 to 13 vivarin and ending up in the hospital with their stomaches pumped, while a few say they’ve taken that many and barely stayed awake.

  95. The symptoms

    The symptoms just started fading away, no more panic attacks or feeling I was losing it (or about to)
    Since then I’ve slowly reintroduced coffee and now I know my limits – or knew, because I’ve given up smoking and discovered that without the nicotine any caffeine will seem much, much stronger. Literally double.
    Hope that helps someone.

  96. The point of this post is to

    The point of this post is to calm anyone who thinks they might’ve taken too much caffeine or coffee.

    I didn’t know what vivarin was so I went to Google. For those who don’t know, it’s a caffeine pill containing 200mg of caffeine per pill. I have been taking caffeine pills for the last 2 days and I can say 400mg made me “hyper” and 600mg (spread through the day) an elevated heartbeart. I am slightly over weight so stick to one every 6 hours if you don’t way a lot, sometimes less is more.

    1. My caffine.

      in th epast 3 days, ive had 12 monsters, some stronger than others, a rockstar, 3 cups of coffee, and pop. im shakin guncontrollably, im 15 years old, and am terrified if im going to wake up in the morning for not, its almost 1 am and i cant sleep. ive been addicted to caffine for almost 2 years, and i know its noot good but its too late for that now is it….

      1. For Hailey Bradshaw

        Hailey, I hadn’t seen this before and hope you’re OK. Go on to the thread ‘What are the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal?’ where people talk about trying to get off caffeine. There is lots of advice and shared experience which might help you. Whatever is said on this whole site, caffeine IS bad for for you – as your symptoms testify to. BUT it is possible to get off it and the withdrawal symptoms DO get better. Again, look on the other thread for help – and maybe post on there?  Hope you’re better than you were. 

  97. I am slightly over weight so

    I am slightly over weight so stick to one every 6 hours if you don’t way a lot, sometimes less is more.

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