Tostacaffe home roaster

I want to caution everyone about the Tostacaffe home roaster. It is an overpriced piece of you know what. There were screws loose on it, the door won’t even shut properly, and the venting “system” looks like a leftover hairdryer which keeps falling off the roaster itself. There is NO WAY this machine is worth the price I paid. And remember the owner Don Hudson will NOT accept returns, (gee, I wonder why.)

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  1. Comment on the TostaCaffé products

    I can’t comment on the construction quality of the product but looking at the information on TostaCaffé website the roast times seem very long meaning to me that they heat source is under powered. As an example the “TostaCafféâ„¢ Coffee Roaster” lists roast times of 20-30 Minutes for 6 pounds of beans and 30-40 minutes for 8 pounds. This is a very long roast time. This really would not so much count as roasting as much as baking coffee.

    Just a few additional thoughts on this product after looking at the web site.

  2. tostacaffe home roaster

    Well, I’ve used this roaster two times. On the second use the halogen bulb ignited the plastic housing that contained it and the roaster caught on fire. Of course the “warranty” offered does not cover this design flaw.

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