Studies on the side-effects of caffeine.

OAKLAND, California (UPI) — Coffee may be good for life. A major study has found fewer suicides among coffee drinkers than those who abstained from the hot black brew.

The study of nearly 130,000 Northern California residents and the records of 4,500 who have died looked at the effects of coffee and tea on mortality.

Cardiologist Arthur Klatsky said of the surprising results, “This is not a fluke finding because our study was very large, involved a multiracial population, men, women, and examined closely numerous factors related to mortality such as alcohol consumption and smoking.”

The unique survey also found no link between coffee consumption and death risk. And it confirmed a “weak” connection of coffee or tea to heart attack risk — but not to other cardiovascular conditions such as stroke.

The study was conducted by the health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente and was reported Wednesday in the Annals of Epidemiology.

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  1. Caffeine can be dangerous

    I have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After hearing of my morning coffee and sodas in the daytime, my doctor has told me that my Chronic Fatigue has probably been caused by the caffeine in my diet. The caffeine pulls all the energy from the adrenal glands. Yes, there is a temporary lift in energy, but the body will begin to run out of cortisol and adreneline. It will then continue to look for these chemicals and when they cannot be found, the body will run constantly, looking for them. Thus, the body cannot rest and one will feel fatigued all of the time. The caffeine will bring a small relief, but then the body will crash once again. It’s a vicious cycle that people don’t realize. Caffeine should not be in most soft drinks. It is very over-rated. After 5 years of living with constant fatigue and many other strange symptoms, it’s relieving to know that I can do something about it.

    1. fatigue and coffee

      I can’t believe I finally found someone else who senses that too much caffeine is causing chronic fatigue. I have been tired all day – daily – for years, drinking coffee all day long to try to pick myself up. I recently had a bout of nausea and stomach problems and stopped drinking coffee for a few days, guess what – I have more energy than I have had in years. This is the first article in all my research to corroborate what I feel has happened.

      1. caffeine as a cause of fatigue

        Very interesting to see these experiences, as I have looked around unsucessfully for references to this, in the last few months. In my case, I needed in Autumn 2006 to eliminate all caffeine when I became a subject in a drugs trial. After 6 -7 days, I experienced an unexpected improvement in energy which, at first, I felt might be due to the drug. However the improvement lasted well beyond the last dose, and has continued now for 4 months. Needless to say, I have maintained abstinence from caffeine. My consumption was mainly tea and chocolate, not in themselves all that high in caffeine, but I suspect that occasional heavy coffee drinking over 35 years ago (1970/71) might have been the trigger. Almost inevitably my original diagnosis was depression, with attendant medication, which I took for 17 years. At intervals in later years I sought medical tests in case there was a detectable physical cause. I had occasionally tried reducing tea drinking, but never before tried complete caffeine elimination. If there are yet others with this experience (or indeed those with fatigue who try caffeine elimination and report back) then maybe this could help medical knowledge and give more people their lives back.

        1. Thank you for your encouragement

          I am hoping you are right. I am in serious caffeine withdrawl right now after a habit that climbed to 80-100 oz of caffenated beverages daily (mostly Diet Pepsi and coffee.) I know it couldn’t have been healthy for me, but I am so exhausted, can’t concentrate, and have such a bad headache that I’m reconsidering. How long do these symptoms last and when does my energy return?

          1. Ex-caffeine addict =D

            It took me almost a full week to stop feeling withdrawal symptoms after giving up my daily two cups of coffee, so I would expect it would take you about that long. Probably an extra couple of days, actually, since your caffeine intake was much higher than mine.

            After the headaches and everything wore off, I felt incredible. It was awesome. I’m not strictly no-caffeine, but I don’t have a regular daily habit anymore. If I’m at a fast food place or something, I only take caffeine content of soda into account if it’s late evening, etc.

            As a warning, though: I seem to have developed an over-sensitivity to caffeine now. It keeps me from sleeping much worse than it did before I ever started drinking coffee, and it’s diuretic effect is stronger on me than any of my friends also. I’m not sure if the coffee or giving up of coffee caused it, but it developed around that time, so watch out. (The exaggerated effect caffeine now has on keeping me awake comes in mighty handy for pulling all-nighters writing term papers, though, so I won’t say it’s all bad.)

          2. I just spent the last 10

            I just spent the last 10 days tapering my caffeine intake down to zero. I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Caffeine addiction and caffeine withdrawal are major medical problems that seem almost completely unnoticed by the medical establishment.

          3. i agree

            Since i’ve been drinking a regular coffee in the morning to keep me awake on my hour journey to work I have felt way more fatigued and generally stressed out. It’s great in the short term but in the long term it sucks… i agree, it really does feel like my body is being slowly drained of enery over time- so then i drink more coffee to cope! bad cycle.

            you don’t just get a hit of energy for free- there’s always a payback somewhere down the track. it should be obvious really.

          4. yep, that’s what I always

            yep, that’s what I always say! specifically, I call using stimulants “borrowing energy from tomorrow!” doesn’t stop me, of course, from using coffee and other “energy drinks” to keep up with my grad school work! :-\

          5. Caffeine sensitivity vs. Anxiety Disorder

            As someone mentioned before, an adverse reaction to caffeine can also be a sign of anxiety. A few years ago I noticed I would get sweaty palms and I’d feel very nervous after drinking my usual two cups of coffee in the morning. I cut back to one cup… and eventually even that one cup began making me feel shaky. I even tried the half-caffeine stuff but it still bothered me.

            I switched to green tea and I loved it. But it wasn’t long before I began noticing the same effects from that. I saw a doctor and learned that I had high blood pressure and I also had all the classic symptoms of Anxiety Disorder. Caffeine can raise blood pressure and it is infamous for triggering panic attacks in people with anxiety. It is important to note that many people drink coffee and tea all day and have no problems whatsoever – except maybe frequent trips to the restroom ;). I know people who can drink coffee all evening and still sleep like a baby. We all have different brain chemistry. And it seems that those of us with anxiety\depression are often much more inclined to have trouble with caffeine.

            If you’re having trouble with even small amounts of caffeine (like a small cup of tea), check with your doctor and tell him\her about it. Small amounts of caffeine should not cause any serious problems for most people. You might have an underlying problem that the caffeine is merely exacerbating.

          6. Caffeine sensitivity

            I just ‘happened’ on this site when I was clicking around for amounts of caffeine in common drinks. I am a Diet Coke addict. All your remarks have been most enlightening. I’ve had issues on and off for some 25 yrs. and have always blamed it on NutraSweet but when I went off it on several occasions and switched to regular Coke, the symptoms were somewhat relieved but never gone (and unfortunately, I always gained weight) I would then go off the Coke and needing some STIMULANT, I switched to green tea a few years ago. I have had full blown panic attacks in ‘clusters’ over the years and although I don’t have many anymore, I still have generalized anxiety and definite irritability! Since the world literally runs on coffee and soda, I figured I was just neurotic. Reading this makes me think caffeine may just be the culprit. I wonder if we are a ‘sensitive’ minority or if this is more wide spread. (Think about the serious increase of anti-anxiety and depression drugs that have been prescribed the past 10-15 yrs.–any relationship?)

          7. Caffeine and headaches

            After suffering from severe headaches regularly I started looking a lifestyle as the cause, exercise seemed to help sometimes but I was still losing a couple of days a week to headaches, I knew that missing or delaying my morning or afternoon coffee would always bring on one so decided to try to eliminate coffee altogether. I did this gradually by mixing regular coffee with decaf reducing the regular coffee each day. Even doing that, I am now at a stage where I have 1/8 measured teaspoon of coffee when I start to feel the effects of the withdrawal at present about each two days (stiffness in the neck and base of skull which continues to increase until I have a migraine), it seems that any variation in my caffeine intake is enough to have an effect on me, and when I have been out and decided to have a normal coffee I found I had to start the withdrawal process again. With the amount of people suffering severe headaches these days I wonder how much caffeine is to blame.

          8. Caffiene Addict

            After reading many articles & most of the comments, well I’ve know for quite sometime I’m an addict…what do I like best about it…well overall it blocks me from being me. I remember that last thing I heard before I was knocked out after being hooked-up to lots of wires and tabs to my brain was…administer 500mg or cc’s of caffiene… during my first bout of ect treatments…no wonder I had a headache after each one. Heck, 5 years later and I’m still paying off that bill…what’s the point????…to me it really doesn’t matter what I’m putting into my system if it is numming whatever it is I want to escape…it’s no good for me in any amount…so that being said I’ll try again and get back on the wagon one glass of water at a time!!!

          9. Effects of Caffeine

            I agree. After less than an hour, I feel dizzy and drained. One nutritionist suggested if I’m having headaches or similar reactions after only one cup, then there may be other toxins in my blood stream, i.e. medication, alcohol, etc. I don’t get pains anymore but it’s just not worth it to feel so disconnected and drained.

          10. Caffeine & Dizziness

            I do not drink much caffeine but I do notice that after I drink a coffee or have a few soda & little water that day I feel dizzy & shaky & sometimes get headaches. It’s been getting worse lately. Also when I drink hot coffee I get stomach aches, but not when I drink iced coffee. I don’t know if I’m allergic to caffeine or just very sensitive to it.

          11. caffiene

            I quit drinking ingesting caffiene 7 months ago (coffee, soft drinks, chocolate and tea etc) and the severe cramping in my legs for nine years is gone, a hemorrhoid fisure has healed without the surgery a doctor told me would be the only way to correct it. I take raw honey for energy or raw organic apple cider vinegar with raw local honey in water for energy, almost no fatigue anymore either. I am 47 years old and life is good.

          12. Coffee addiction

            This is the most sensible thing I have read yet on this subject.

          13. Since starting my own

            Since starting my own business whereby I have the freedom to consume as much coca-cola & iced coffee as I like, coupled with my preference not to have alcohol on weekends, symptoms of caffeine addiction have begun to manifest. Those being athsma, heart palpatations, shaking, headaches, change in appetite, irritability and insomnia.

            However the most problematic/notable has been the physical & mental exhaustion. It’s affecting my capacity to work, my mood, my sporting ability and has made even the hours’ journey to work a daunting task. Which brings me to the point as to why, with effects so profound, are we not educated more on the detrimental effects of heavy/prolonged caffeine consumption?

          14. effects of caffeine

            I, too, have developed a higher intolerance to caffeine since I quit it all together. Even a small cup of de-caf now gives me a headache and stomach problems. Does anyone know of an antedote to caffeine, something one can take to counter the effects of caffeine? I really like coffee and tea but can’t tolerate even the smallest amounts of the stuff.

          15. Coffee is BAD NEWS.

            Coffee is BAD NEWS. I haven’t had any coffee for the past 3 years and decided I missed it and drank some. My body has no tolerance at all to coffee, I’m nauseated, and have a huge headache and am extremely tired. It caused my heart to race and I had to keep myself busy trying not to think about it or I thought I was going to have a panic attack. The taste is good, but NOT worth what I just went through.

          16. my ballsack hurts and i

            my ballsack hurts and i absoultely know its caused by coffee. actually tea and sodas are the reason for the tingling around the nuts.. i think the quiver in my penis is due to the coffee… bc you know.. any and ever problem or any sort can possibly be from CAFFIENEEEEE

        2. Thank you, I’ve found an answer to my problems!

          I am currently drinking my usual 2ltr bottle of diet coke whilst studying and as I found that my concentration level has deteriorated, I thought i may look at the effects of caffeine (as I’m shaking a little too!).

          I get through my working day by drinking Diet Coke and taking Pro-Plus (Caffeine Tablets) because i just can’t stay awake! I involuntary fall asleep at my desk at around 11am and at 3pm (it’s so embarrassing! Everyone thinks I have a sleeping disorder) and sometimes even the caffeine doesn’t help. I have been to the doctors for blood tests because my chronic fatigue is driving me mad and I can’t function properly. Even at weekends I nap in the afternoon if I’m in the house because I feel so tired. I also suffer with stomach ache which I thought was my irritable bowel syndrome. I always knew the diet coke wasn’t helping but not because of the caffeine but because of the gas. I also thought that i needed the Diet Coke to stay awake and thats why I continued to drink it.

          I’m definitely going to try to stop drinking Diet Coke now – I really hope i see a difference quickly. I will write back and let you know how I get on.

          1. Other factors to consider that causes fatigue

            After disussing fatigue with my doctor and experiencing chronic fatigue. Coffee is like an upper, it helps you wake up, but as soon as it goes through your system, you come down again. If you drink coffee at all, it’s best to just have a few sips at a time instead of cups at a time.
            I became aware I have a vitamin B deficiency. Also when I take sugar completely out of my diet, I experience a onset of fatigue and sleepyness – can’t stay a wake at my desk and just want to lay down and close my eyes. I’ve found what helps me is a combination of things (all important)
            1. Eat a healthy diet of protein, colorful veggies – carrots, broccoli, peppers, fruit, and fish, etc.
            2. Make sure you get a good nights sleep – if there is a problem – go see your doctor
            3. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.
            4. Exercise – even if you don’t have time for more than 15 minutes a day. – JUST DO IT! I can be so tired I don’t feel like working out, but then I’ll just do some stretching exercises, not hard at all, and that gets me going. Before you know it, it has made me feel better and I’ve been able to work out 30 minutes.
            5. Take liquid vitamin suppliments ( my chiropractor recommended “Waiora”) and extra omega 3 and vitamin C.
            6. If you do get a low/sleeping time during the day. Keep some celery and almonds on hand. If you have problems with fatigue because of low blood sugar – drink a glass of apple juice.
            7. Cut down on salt – people don’t realize how much this makes them have water retention.
            If I eat too much salt – I feel terrible the next day, it causes, fatigue, headaches, ear aches, and weight gain.

            I have also researched these topics as well.

            It’s amazing how good you will feel if you try this for a couple of weeks. After 6 months of doing all the above, i feel more alive than I ever have in my life. I first starting doing this at age 38 and when I turned 40, I was a size 3 and felt the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

            Just focus on the results and don’t give up.
            It’s worth it.

    2. caffeine can be dangerous

      In your statement you said how you had constant fatigue and many other strange symptoms. Could you please, let me know what some of your other strange symptoms were,thank you.

    3. caffeine and muscle aches

      i too was beginning to show signs of CFS, and while coffee was not the only ingredient in my life which i changed (added meditation to deal with all the stress), after more than a month of having no coffee and then coming back to it for a day here and there, i can affirmatively report the following:

      with coffee, i would, to varying degrees, experience numbness running the length of the outside of my right arm, down to my pinky and ring finger. as well, i would experience muscle pain in my chest, upper back, as well as tenderness in the lymph nodes of my underarms.

      after having tested this cause and effect over the course of several weeks (one cup of coffee==one day of symptoms; no coffee=no symptoms), i am convinced my symptoms are very, if not totally, related to my one cup of very strong italian espresso in the morning.

      i have come to the conclusion that i have become caffeine intolerant and will no longer be imbibing the stuff. and i generally feel much, much better.

      1. Is there a light at the end of the caffeine tunnel?

        I don’t consider myself a “heavy coffee drinker” I normally take about 2 cups of coffee a day, an occasional soda here and there… But recently I decided that I have gained weight. I am not a person who believes in changing your diet instantly or going “cold turkey”, I believe in reducing whatever it is that you are trying to stop doing until your body is ready, rather than shocking your body. Anyway, I decided that one ting I can go “cold turkey” and loose some weight is – caffeine intake…. It has been a week now; I have noticed that I am very cranky… I am very moody, in the mornings I am experiencing headaches, in the afternoon – fatigue, in the evenings – I am irritable… and go from happy to “Don’t talk to me” mode… I have been experiencing a sharp pain in my chest… the stabbing feeling lasts for a bout a second or two, I don’t wake up screaming , but I have hard time staying a sleep at night, and I am asleep during the day… meaning I am sitting at work fighting not to fall asleep at my desk… I hear people talking to me, but cannot recall what the conversation was about… Is there a light at the end of the caffeine tunnel?

    4. Caffiene withdrawals

      I recently gave up drinking my 4 cups of coffee a day habit, the first week i suffered from headaches and the second week i had heart pulpatations and started feeling agitated and had restless sleep, i went to the doctor and had blood tests, ecg and lots other tests, all the test came back clear. This is my fourth week no cofee and i am finally starting to feel like a normal person again. I am amazed by the withdrawal effects that i have suffered from coffee.

    5. It is now generally accepted

      It is now generally accepted that physiological concentrations of caffeine (about 100 μM) act by antagonising the effects of adenosine. Caffeine acts at A1 adenosine receptors which are negatively linked to adenyl cyclase and A2a adenosine receptors which are positively linked to adenyl cyclase. Hence, competition between caffeine and adenosine at cell surface A1 and A2a adenosine receptors leading to changes in the intracellular concentration of cyclic AMP is the likely mechanism underlying the physiological effects of caffeine.
      As you can see, caffeine has nothing to do with the adrenal system. Your doctor needs to check his facts.

    6. caffeine

      have you ever had an area under your armpit not in but right underneathe that felt slightly raised higher than the other almost feeling like one of your ribs only bigger and a pinching tingling burning sensation in left breast

    7. Coffee & Chronic Fatigue – A Healthy Way to Stop Drinking Coffee

      Hi, folks, and fellow ex coffee lovers! 😉

      The purpose of this post is to share personal experiences with coffee, and it’s effects, that may be helpful to someone having similar experiences; also, to provide a great solution for the problem of Coffee Induced Chronic Fatigue.

      Regardless of the scientific arguments for or against, I will testify that excessive coffee intake over time CAN and DOES cause Chronic Fatigue in some individuals, as was my experience. I began drinking coffee at about age 40 when I discovered iced coffee (I am now 49). I loved it! ..and the lift it gave me. Prior to that, I did not drink coffee only because I do not particularly like hot drinks. That said, my coffee intake (always black, no sugar, no sweetener, no cream) had pretty much been daily at the rate of 2 cups per day in the beginning, increasing to about 8 cups, or more, per day. I am certain that this continuous intake of coffee has caused some type of toxicity. I have experienced many of the coffee side effects discussed in this forum, including excitability, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, decreased mental focus, etc., etc., but the most burdensome for me has been the resulting chronic fatigue. How do I know it is the coffee? Stop drinking coffee and the chronic fatigue diminishes. I wholeheartedly agree with the person who made a posting stating something to the effect that “Drinking coffee is borrowing energy ‘from’ tomorrow,” because that is certainly the long term effect for many, drink coffee for energy today and you will have less energy tomorrow.

      Now, for those seeking to stop drinking coffee and restore their normal energy levels, let me suggest what I believe to be a healthy way to do it, a method that has worked great for me: First, I think that stopping ‘cold turkey’ is best. It removes all ambiguity. Next, the lost fluid intake must be replaced. One suggestion has been to simply replace the coffee with water, drinking the water in the same cup and at the same rate as the previous coffee intake. In the long run, this may be an effective method, but it has the short term problem of acute coffee withdrawal symptoms (see other forums on the subject of coffee withdrawal). The solution that worked for me maintains fluid intake, provides nutrition, provides a diuretic effect similar to that of coffee, and eliminates most, if not all, of the usual withdrawal symptoms.

      Stop drinking, cold turkey, and replace the coffee with fresh Celery-Carrot Juice. (Please notice that I put CELERY at the front. It is the most important ingredient. You can read the web for more info on the health benefits and effects of drinking celery juice – including it’s beneficial effects on sexual function.) Drink the Celery-Carrot Juice at the same rate (or more) as your previous coffee intake, a direct replacement for the coffee. If you are like me, you will be amazed at the increase in energy level and increased mental clarity. To make the juice, I use an old Acme Juicer that extracts the pulp, but any good juicer such as a Champion or Juiceman should work fine. I mix the celery and carrot juice half and half, with a little added fresh apple juice for sweetness, and it is sooo GOOD! (I sometimes add a jalapeno peper for some ‘spicy hot.’) The great thing about this healthy solution is that by making this a permanent replacement for coffee, the long term health benefits are abundant and undeniable, ..but I will let the health professions debate that “fact.” 😉 Do it! For your own good, try it! You will be so glad you did! ..Anyway, I do hope this posting helps someone out there like me, suffering from Coffee Induced Chronic Fatigue, looking for a real solution. One more note: The only withdrawal symptom that I have experienced was an occasional mild headache during the first few days, which was easily alleviated with aspirin and by drinking more celery juice. The beneficial effects, however, have been MANY! 😉 Cheers, my friends!!!

  2. cafeine effects

    I just wanted to make a comment. I have been having some problems with dizziness and heart fluttering and have been to a doctor and had a ultra sound of my heart and they found nothing. Incidently, I stopped drinking caffinated coffee and soft drinks and the problem has went away. Just to make sure, I bought a diet coke and after about three drinks I became dizzy. Just thougth this was an interesting fact you could post on your web site.

    1. Another possibility is that

      Another possibility is that you are sensitive to the Aspartame in diet sodas. It can have similar effects like dizziness and headaches in some people.

      1. Aspartame and Phenylalanine !!!

        Aspartame and Phenylalanine in diet soda and all sugar free bubblegum,causes headaches along with + – 30 or more other bad symptoms. Avoid “ASP”and “PHEN” together in any product,because this could be lethal to some people!! How fat can you get from eating normal bubblegum?

        Strange how people dont care about bad ingredients in products,just as long as the words”SUGAR FREE”or”DIET” is written on the label!! And yes,back to main topic,coffee causes headaches for some people.My wife suffered a long time….

    2. I too, have had an onset of

      I too, have had an onset of arrythmia. Have been a coffee drinker over 40 years and usually drink over 50 oz a day. The cardiologist explained that some people can develop an intolerance for caffeine at any point in their lives, where it interferes with the normal heart muscle syncronizing its beat. Causes premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) that are somewhat normal, and often unnoticed. When felt, it’s like your heart is skipping beats. Nothing to worry about unless you experience dizzy spells or fainting, but advised to cut back on the caffeine. Now drinking <20 oz a day (after all that time I didn't want to quit cold-turkey) I seldom notice any PVCs.

    3. Dizziness and coffee

      I also have problems with dizziness after drinking coffee, particularly if I don’t have a healthy meal with or just before the coffee. It sometimes lasts for hours after the coffee consumption… I just thought it was interesting that you also experienced this. It could be related to dehydration or low blood sugar.

  3. Caffeine and asthma

    I just thought I’d comment on a really amazing development in my life since I have given up coffee. I went through the major headaches etc but after they went away (a week or so to subside) something else occured which took be by complete surprise. As I am a regular gym goer that suffers from exercise enduced asthma, I usually take a puff of reliever before starting my exercise program on any given day. As I just mentioned, I had recently given up coffee (one month or so ago) and unfortunately one day I forgot to take my routine puff of reliever before starting my exerices. Well, as I was walking away on the treadmill I realised, and of course I panicked as an asthma attack can hit me pretty quickly once I’ve started exercising (the last time I forgot to take my reliever with me an asthma attack suddently took hold and I had to rush home and scramble for my reliever). The good news is, the asthma attack did not happen so I kept walking. Thinking it was just a lucky day that day, I tried it again, this time having my reliever ready just in case. Well, surprise surprise, again, the attack didn’t happen. Now given that I have never been able to exercise without a reliever(not even once as I have tried all different techniques to avoid using it), this truly is a remarkable discovery for me. I have discovered it rather late, but as they say, better late than never. To think, I would never have found this out had I not given up coffee and had I not forgotten to take my usual dose of medicine.

    1. Drinking coffee

      I have read most of he articles against drinking coffee/tea.
      What do you substitute for these drinks.
      Being English where tea is our national drink I have a problem, not so much with not drinking coffee but with not drinking tea.
      It becomes fairly obvious that the problem is with caffeine.

  4. I’ve been off caffeine for

    I’ve been off caffeine for about a week now. Used to drink 5-6 diet cokes a day for 30 years. Yes, there are headaches, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced nightmares? The other night I woke up screaming, couldn’t feel my skin so I three water all over me. I asked my husband to call 911 but he just held me. After 3 minutes I was ok but scared to go back to sleep! Just wondering if this might be caffeine related.

    1. hi, over the last ten days l

      hi, over the last ten days l have found that rapid detox can cause many and various side effects. hot flushes and tingling being a couple. l have a anxiety history and have recently been learning how the brain works in a complexe manner of psychology. Now that you have had one episode that was physical, the brain will have recorded all the other emotions that went with it. now l have found that, in my case l have to unlearn all the other stuff that goes with the physical symptoms. So when l try to go to sleep l get ‘scared’ of what could happen if anything. so my suggestion that worked for me is self meditation. Relax all your muscles one by one untill you do go to sleep. Once its worked a few times you will learn a new sleep pattern that doesnt always have to include anxiety. Good Luck!!!!

  5. One thing that I’ve found

    One thing that I’ve found (while it seemed obvious after realising it) in helping me cope with the lack of caffeine in my system, once i decided to kick caffeine out of my life, was WATER. Drinking more and more water has helped me immensely to feel more energy and more alive. I realised that I drank less and less water that more soda/energy drinks I would drink. Didn’t really dawn on me until just recently how closely related my lack of energy may have been to simple lack of water in my system. The more water I’ve put into my system in the effort to ‘detox’ from caffeine, the easier it has been on my system- perhaps the body forgets a little about what it’s not getting (caffeine) as it begins to receive what it’s been desperately lacking for some time (water)

  6. how about drinking loose

    how about drinking loose leaf tea. less caffeine and good for you. Give japanese green tea a go.

  7. Pain

    Could caffeine be the contributing ingredient to my breast pain? I recently had a mammogram, because my breast would pain me from time to time, not constantly. Of course I was thinking I had the big C.

    But not so, but why the pain in my breast. For example one day I had a very large McDonald’s ice tea, and another 2 glasses of tea at lunch and at dinner time another large cup of tea. Wow my breast hurt from 3 pm til 8:30 atleast. Could caffeine be the culprit?

    1. Yes, Caffeine causes breast

      Yes, Caffeine causes breast pain especially if you have fibrocystic breast disease. Caffeine makes these cyst enlarge and cause tenderness. Switch to decaf.

    2. RE: Pain

      One word: Over-consumption
      Drinking a cup or two of coffee/tea a day is not a problem (However if side effects still trigger, then I suggest you to, like the person said, switch to decaf.)

      “For example one day I had a very large McDonald’s ice tea, and another 2 glasses of tea at lunch and at dinner time another large cup of tea.”
      This explains it. There is a certain amount of caffeine your body can take so it would be best not to go over 2 cups at most. Continuous overconsumption may lead to heart disease; keep the caffeine-intake to a minimum. The good side about coffee/tea is that it contains some antioxidants but sometimes too much of a ‘good’ thing may not be good for you. However, I believe that in your condition right now, it would be best not to drink/eat anything containing caffeine for a while but if you can’t live without your coffee/tea (like me), try decaf. Best wishes.

    3. Pain and Caffiene intake

      I was interested to read your comments about breast pain and consumption of caffiene.  Similarly, I have had pain throughout my body for the past six months or so.  I had no idea what was causing it.  It wasn’t only in my joints, but was in my soft tissue as well.  I had a mini revelation this week and decided the pain may have started when I began drinking cafienated coffee at work.  I stopped drinking the coffee and the next day I was pain free.  It has been two days and the soft tissue pain is completely gone.  I suggest others try this.  I hope this continues and may help someone else.  Go for water instead.

  8. Caffeine provide bitterness,

    Caffeine provide bitterness, astringency, sweetness and flavor and it also serves as a powerful oxidant. It definitely helps in weight loss. Black Coffee with no cream and sugar is no harm to weight loss seekers.

  9. There is no doubt that one

    There is no doubt that one side effect for coffee is weight loss. Some are glad to hear about that, I wouldn’t be, because coffee is an unhealthy way for loosing weight and it can’t be a good alternative to diets.

    1. not true

      actually caffeine will make/keep you fat. it causes the body to think that it needs a burst of energy, this causes your body to go into overdrive releasing sugars and such and has a very negative effect on the thyroid. the only reason people lose any weight using caffeine is because they are not hungry and this is also very bad because your body goes into starvation mode and will not burn fat but will eat muscle

      1. actually i would disagree

        actually i would disagree with you…i have been drinking coffee and energy drinks every day for the past year…and it makes me more hungry than i normally am.

  10. everytime i had coffee, i

    everytime i had coffee, i will feel not comfortable. my body will start shaking, sweating the whole day. why is that so? could anybody tell me why it happens? i love coffee but i cant take it regularly because of the side effects. pls help.

    1. shaky

      sounds very like blood sugar dysregulation. Do everything you can to ensure you are not at a very early stage on the road to diabetes. Avoiding caffeine wld be important for you, as well as sugar – you will find strong emotional situations, and large stresses of any kind can trigger the same reaction as caffeine. See a naturapath or chinese medicine practitioner or somebody who knows how to address the underlying glandular and biochemical issues in your body. good luck!

  11. I’ve recently discovered the

    I’ve recently discovered the wonders of coffee (used to drink 4 cans of soda a day, got out of that, into about 2 cups of tea daily) but as far as research goes, I still have a few questions about effects that seem to take place during the caffeine-period a few hours later. After taking moderate doses of caffeine (eg. 2 cups of coffee or 1 can of Monster) I’ve experienced a few different changes, that after reading up on them, have proved to be symptoms, but I’m still not convinced. So here’s a list, anyone want to fill me in on the actual known symptoms over things I might be exaggerating a bit?

    *Personality Change- I’ve even noticed this as well as others…I seem to be more jumpy/happy when in a caffeine state..mostly all smiles..

    *Hyperactive- After the caffeine kicks in, I’m jumpin’ off walls..I’m 90% sure this is a symptom but running around and doing things I wouldn’t normally do, like sing out loud? Could caffeine take you over that bad?

    *Mood swings- Major mood swings half the moment, I’ll be happy, but if anything…ANYTHING…goes wrong, I’m pushin’ tears…and even when I’m over it, I have trouble regaining happiness, and smiling is like a chore..whys that?..I know this was a symptom of energy drinks, was it the caffeine?

    theres a couple other things that have been debated and I’m wondering about a solid answer for, or close to opinions open 🙂

    blood pressure, asthma (helps?), long-term effects (heart disease?) and any other useful effects, short term or long term

    Regarding the first questions, I’m 15 years old, 16 in April. I weigh an average of 120 lbs and I drink caffeine regularly but I don’t overdo it. I used to drink 4 cans of soda between 2-4 in the morning…which I guess is bad. I drank 1 energy drink every couple days for a week, then stopped. I drink tea every day (2 cups) and started with coffee (1-2 cups daily). So I’d take a swing and say my body should of worked up an O.K defense against something like caffeine, or am I wrong there too?

    So, any tips?

    1. Bipolar??

      I read your information and can only summize that you are either crazy , a typical knucklehead teenager, or bipolar. The mood swings paragraph brought it out in the open as well as drinking 4 cans of soda between 2 to 4 in the morning. Now THAT is absolutely crazy!! The hyperactive paragraph comes across as an immature 15 to 16 year old doing the stupid things that kids do at that age. Judging by your small size, you are a girl that has a bunch of growing up to do, and if you keep pounding down 4 colas when you should be sleeping, you won’t be small for long. Do yourself a favor and get off of the soft drinks, Monster, ritalin, or whatever body chemistry experiment you are on and grow up. Dr. Hugo

      1. Wow, you’re so tough

        Wow, you’re so tough harassing a teenager over the internet, probably for acting just like yourself at that age. Grow up.

        1. So tough..

          I was as immature as any at that age. As far as harrassing, some people need a boot in the keister and I see it in the new troops from time to time by their whiny bit#*ing. A couple of decades of Military gave me no choice, Laura, in growing up. As far as caffiene goes, I gave it up. It was causing me problems coupled with work stress. Decaf tea and coffee for me now!!

          1. A couple of decades of

            A couple of decades of Military gave me no choice, Laura, in growing up.

            Am I understanding you right? It took a couple of decades in the military for you to grow up?

        2. there’s a difference between

          there’s a difference between harrassing and advising. maybe grow up wasn’t the right response but a more specific sort of response like treat your body with more respect and take care of it, thing would’ve been better. But everyone could use some growing up so telling people to do so isn’t in any way justified for anyone. no one is ever “grown up” especially someone who can’t take someone else being constructively criticized. I’m a few years older than that age and i’ve known the bad effects of caffeine since i was in like 2nd grade. some people just aren’t taught things soon enough. and everyone’s a little crazy. looking into seeing a councelor would be good for everyone, i think. it teaches you more about yourself than you maybe realized before and it helps you understand who you are in order to continue growing everyone reading this. don’t be offended cause there’s no reason to be, just get more informed and aware of how to take care of yourself. it’s the only body you get.

    2. Mood swings- Major mood

      Mood swings- Major mood swings half the moment, I’ll be happy, but if anything…ANYTHING…goes wrong, I’m pushin’ tears

      I used to feel like that also. Your best bet is to avoid caffeine, but if you don’t want to do that, try taking a B-complex vitamin with your first cup of coffee. Doing that helped me with the mood swings a lot.

  12. If a person were injected with 500 milligrams of caffeine…

    I read from this page:
    that “If a person were injected with 500 milligrams of caffeine , within about an hour he or she would exhibit symptoms of severe mental illness, among them hallucinations, paranoia, panic, mania, and depression.”.
    But, no source is stated and I couldn’t find any independent sources who confirm this finding.
    This is possible to happen? I mean, (large dose of) caffeine can make someone crazy? If this is true, can you point some studies who proves that?

    1. Caffeine & anxiety

      I was a participant in a caffeine study at the National Institute of Health. I was given the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee after being off caffeine for 2-3 weeks. I went into a full blown panic attack. I am not saying that a normal person can experience this, but the effects on a person with a predisposition to anxiety or panic disorder can be extremely negative.

    2. If this is true, it’s

      If this is true, it’s probably because only a small percentage of the caffeine we ingest makes it into our bloodstream, as well as the fact that it takes time for it to absorb rather than getting into our blood all at once. Injecting 500 mg directly into the blood is, I guess, like drinking 50 cups of coffee in one second.

      On an interesting side note, lung tissue is very poor at absorbing nicotine compared to the stomach and intestines. Smoking two cigarettes won’t kill you, but eating two cigarettes would result in a fatal nicotine overdose. However, certain other substances are absorbed much better through the lungs than the stomach and intestines.

    3. What?

      If a person were injected with air, whitin 1 hour he or she would BE DEAD! do you think you “inject” 500 milligrams off caffein? You drink it! Thats not same as injection. Injection makes it go out in your blood….directly…
      Dont be stupid.

      1. Caffeine Overdose

        I have no doubt that at some levels, caffeine can cause mental problems and heart attacks, but I have to wonder about you guys experiencing panic and hallucinations at low levels and levels you’re normally fine with. Isn’t it possible that something other than caffeine is triggering this? Or if these symptoms stop when the caffeine intake ceases, couldn’t it be that caffeine just lowers the threshold of an already present predisposition to these problems? Of course you shouldn’t be drinking coffee or energy drinks if it makes you feel unwell, but I’m not sure if caffeine can be simply slapped on as the sole mechanism by which these events are happening, case closed. You have to look at other possibilities, and if there’s also an underlying predisposition for nervousness or hallucinating, you should probably see a doctor. It might be triggered by something other than caffeine next time – stress, loss, change, who knows.

        I myself am a heavy coffee drinker, and I’m mostly on this site because I know too much of anything can be bad, so I wanted the facts.

        1. I agree that it’s strange for

          I agree that it’s strange for regular coffee drinkers to suddenly experience adverse reaction from coffee, but for the infrequent drinker it’s quite possible. I unknowingly had a very strong cup of coffee last week after having had none for several weeks, and it sent me into a panic attack which lasted for several hours. It’s definitely possible, our bodies are very sensitive.

    4. I have had some weird and

      I have had some weird and scary side effects to caffeine lately. It is so weird I cant even explain it. After drinking coffee or tea I have felt confused, paranoid, lost, and I feel I hallucinated and had loss of memory. It has happened to me about three times and its lasted about 30 minutes. Caffeine would be the only explanation I have and its so scary I don’t even like thinking about it, If I tell someone they might think I’m going crazy. I have drank coffee and tea forever and I don’t understand why its happening now. Is this normal?

      1. Panic attack?as opposed to a caffiene attack

        I don’t know a thing about you other than your coffee experience, but the feeling of being confused, paranoid, lost could be a panic attack. If you were under much stress and find yourself breathing heavily, it may well be a little panic attack that your experiencing. I have had an experience like the one I just described and concluded that after a warm hot drink, your body relaxes but your mind is somewhat more active, and coupled with stress (a severe amount! irreconcilable family issues for instance), I panicked. Some time goes by and I have another similar stressful dilemma on my mind and my body starts reacting in a panicky way, but the reactions ceased quickly once I started slowing my breathing and clam myself down. That was when I was sure of having panic attacks.

  13. Wrong cup

    I went to Pete’s Coffee and had a 16 oz cup of regular coffee by mistake. I requested decaf, but she must have made a mistake. I had not had regular coffee in 2 years and WOW. I felt a surge of energy like never before and for two hours I was very assertive, aggressive and fast at work. Then two hours later I developed extremely sweaty palms and they are still sweaty 12 hours later as I write this comment. While at work I felt like every call I received was going to be some terrible news and every time I saw a patient, he was going to unhappy with my care. Needless to say, coffee is poison for my brain. I am very sensitive to it now more than ever. Too bad b/c I liked the effects of the first two hours. Thank God the effects are temporary b/c I hate the sense of impending doom. I will be back to my happy self tomorrow. If you are sensitive to caffeine, DON’T BE STUPID Avoid it and be happy. Life is too short for self inflicted suffering.

  14. Drinking 50 cups of coffee in one day

    I recently saw a poster for a company’s coffee of the month, “Voltaire’s Blend”. Supposedly he drank 50 cups a day. If I were to try such a thing, spacing the cups out evenly through out the day, what would happen to me? I am considering it, just to see if it’s possible. I normally drink between 3-9 cups per day of black coffee, which no longer gives me any kind of boost. I just want to make sure it isn’t extremely dangerous. Slightly dangerous is okay.

    1. That sounds very dangerous;

      That sounds very dangerous; DON’T DO IT.

      If nothing else you’d throw up from that much coffee in your stomach.

      1. Doesn’t sound like a good idea

        That may be a “bit” too much, i sure would not do it. It’s like people taking 3-5 energy drinks a day, some may be ok with that, but it sure is not for everyone 🙂 I know a girl that takes 6-7 coffees a day, but she would not make it past 15 fore sure.

    2. Considering that drinking an

      Considering that drinking an outrageous amount of water can be lethal, I am sure drinking a similarly outrageous amount of coffee could do the same. You’re body (circulatory system in particular) isn’t made to process that large of an amount of anything.

    3. re: Drinking 50 cups of coffee in one day

      That is a LOT of coffee! You’ll probably get a horrible stomach ache, not to mention end up in the restroom for most of the day.

      I’m not an MD, I would recommend doing some research via the internet. I have many clients who I sell their websites for on Sell My Website. Or, you could just drink the 50 cups and let us all know what happened.

      1. Re: Drinking 50 cups of coffee in one day

        Um. I read in a book (last summer I was researching different things about coffee for the heck of it, getting books from the library, etc) where a doctor said that 70 cups of coffee in one day is lethal.
        50 is too near it, but that’s my opinion.

  15. To Much Coffee?

    Is there a link between drinking to much coffee and nitrogeon narcosis? I think there might be. Having been drinking about 24 cups every day, I began experiencing the same side effects that divers who experience nitrogeon narcosis experience. Confusion, a punch drunk feeling.

    Has anyone experienced this???

  16. I do agree that coffee has

    I do agree that coffee has its benefits and has its worsts. All I know about it is that too much coffee may cause uric acid and may give you urine infection (UTI). It can also dry up your skin. While its benefits include less risk of heart attacks and has a calming effect for people with high blood pressure and who are drunk.

    1. Even if your are cardiologist

      Even if your are cardiologist I don’t believe that caffeine give less heart attack ! this is totally insane ! this study surely done on American christian people who consume alcohol daily, may be caffeine curbs some alcohol effects.
      Caffeine and alcohol are both of them poison and should be avoided
      I don’t know why people believe to much in those clinical studies !

  17. what are some big side effects being a coffee drinker?

    Hi everyone, I am 31 years old and a huge coffee drinker. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a kid. Well I have a question I hope someone can help answer. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee every morning and noticed after drining my first cup or second cup, my stomach would began to tighten up and begin cramping. I of course love my coffee and drink more. Then I have to run to the bathroom.
    I was wanting to know, by me drinking so much coffee, could the caffine be messing up my stomach and causing serious harm? I’m just worried about my health, because i have a beautiful son that was born Christmas day last year, and I want to be healthy. Me being a coffee lover, I hope I’m not going to have to quit. I did hear coffee causes ulcers.

    1. I had this same problem, I

      I had this same problem, I have connected it with dehydration. So I drink at least 8oz of water in the morning and throughout the day. I had the same symptoms, but as long as I drink plenty of water no problem. It started at about 28 I had had no other problems before that.

      1. i had the same problem in my

        i had the same problem in my 30’s. redbull or v does not have this same effect. however i wish i could stay on cofee. Its been around for centuries and i prefer the long term statistical advantage cofee provides.

        Iam thinking i have an ulcer or something. i will try water like the other replier mentioned

  18. Iron Chef – No Heartburn Coffee

    Iron Chef (of TV fame) has decided to produce and sell a full flavored caffeine coffee which will not cause heartburn.
    They were primarily interested in a coffee blend which passes the rigid taste standards of the Iron Chef, while at the same time processed naturally, to reduce or eliminate anything in the coffee which introduces or encourages acidity in the stomach.

  19. Mood disorders and caffeine

    I don’t think it’s mentioned enough that in susceptible individuals caffeine can mimic the effects of a severe mood disorder. Sometimes people go their whole lives thinking they have bipolar disorder or some other issue but in reality it was always just their caffeine addiction at work.

    1. Thanks that bipolar is what

      Thanks that bipolar is what Im having now and wondering why, I always have 2shots in AM everyday within 1 1/2 mos.

  20. Studies of side effects of caffiene – incomplete info in studies

    Where are the statistics stating that diabetics should be warned that caffeine interferes with the bodies ability to use insulin and creates ‘hyperglycemia(diabetes) in ‘non diabetics as well! High sugar can be fatal! I find this study to be a bit lacking in information and facts.
    Just the state of being diabetic the person is considered in the same physical condition (heart) as though they have had a heart attack already (when they in fact have not) and to care for themselves as though they have.
    There are warnings for people with high blood pressure and seizure disorders. Why not for everyone? That coffee does cause insulin resistance and that high sugar is extremely harmful to your health and sometimes even deadly?
    Instead, in the diabetes classes (required to take) we are told that there are free foods that do not exacerbate the diabetes. These included coffee and s/f sodas!
    It is known that s/f chocolate adds extra fat for flavor and know to eat with great moderation but it too, is full of caffeine! I do not overindulge in the denied foods including nearly all carbs and sugar. yet could not understand what was wrong. OMG! Caffeine!?!?!?

    1. Sugar Levels…

      While you are right that high sugar levels (hyperglycemia) are dangerous in the long term, it should be noted that low sugar levels (hypoglycemia) are much more so and can be immediately lethal. Many diabetics have a long period of high blood sugar before they are diagnosed, with little more harm than the classical symptoms such as thirst, frequent need to urinate, bad breath etc. Severe problems take a long time to develop.

      I’ve never heard that diabetics should be likened to people “who have had a heart attack already.” Diabetes is a serious condition and needs to be treated, but that sounds overblown.

  21. Oversensitivity to coffee — volunteer subject?

    Hello. I think I am abnormally sensitive to coffee and I’m looking for a way to share my experience with others in some way. Is there a study or mailing list or something I can participate in?

    I am not a coffee addict, meaning I can and do stop drinking it whenever I want, but when I start drinking a strong cup or two a day, it throws my mental processes off-balance in a way I consider harmful to me.

    My interacion with coffee is complex and interesting to me, and I’m not actually sure I could will myself to stop right now, though I can sense the harm.

  22. Interesting. Although could

    Interesting. Although could it be that a large portion of the non-coffee drinking suicide population were depressed people. Most depressed people know it is bad for them to have caffeine, or too much of it, and thus do not drink it. Therefore instead of higher suicide rates among non-coffee drinkers than coffee drinkers, is it possible that this large population group included more  depressed people who committed suicide than just being people that did not drink coffee?

  23. article about caffeine effects (and benzos)

    Chronic Caffeine Alters the Density of Adenosine, Adrenergic, Cholinergic, GABA, and Serotonin Receptors and Calcium Channels in Mouse Brain

    I can’t add a link, but if you google the above you will get there

  24. This morning i woke up with no pain in my ball sack but once I had my daily dose of coffee my ball sack started to hurt yet again. This has been an ongoing problem with my sack so ill report back tomorrow when i wont drink any coffee and see what happens

    another thing i noticed was that i do seem to feel like i have more energy after stopping coffee for a while but i have yet to put the full blame on the coffee.

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