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  1. serious coffee roasting

    Hey All, is there any book about how to professionally roast coffee? please help me out..

    -make coffee not war-

  2. caffeine withdrawal

    I can’t do the caffeine thing anymore because even if I miss a small amount – like a coke for lunch – I have withdrawal symtoms like headache, vomiting, lethargy. Its horrible! I have gone clean for about a week at a time, then start up again because I really miss the boost midafternoon. I have heard that yerba mate’s chemical composition of caffeine is different enough that you can get the boost of caffeine without the withdrawal problem. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with yerba mate?

  3. Caffeine content query.

    Is it true that the more you roast beans the less the caffeine content as the roasting process breaks down caffeine?
    I always understood roasting was to enhance the flavour of the coffee.

  4. coffee mold

    I’m a convert to cold pot coffee and have been experimenting with length of time to cold brew. I just came home after a 6 day trip to decant a brew I made before I left only to find what appears to be mold in the beans lying atop the water. Is the brew drinkable after I pour it through a filter?

  5. Question of the zaranda screen 20/64 ,19/64,18/64,17/64,16/64.

    Where can i find the metal screens for selecting coffee by size? Im trying to make a machine by myself for the selecction of coffee by size . Whant to make my own coffee size grader . Can someone give me some tips of where to find info related to my objective ?.
    Im a coffee grower from Puerto Rico . i grow and roast my own coffee but i have to have my own selecting machine ..

  6. good morning…  I love my

    good morning…  I love my first cup of coffee and it gives me that push that I need.  My boyfriend Clay gets up a few minutes earlier than me and makes the coffee.  Here is the question and theory I have.  We have a 10 cup Bunn drip coffee maker and when the coffee starts to drip he immediately takes the pot before it is finished and pours coffee into his 12 ounce coffee mug – I wait until it is finished because it makes a mess when he does that.  When I pour my coffee into my coffee mug it taste like very weak coffee.  I have mentioned this to him many times and he thinks I am wrong.  I believe in theory that the first of the water that drips through the grinds are the strongest and if you remove it before the whole 10 cups is finished the coffee will be weaker.  I have tested it and he refused to taste it.  I thought if I had proof elsewhere he would believe me and let the whole pot brew.  I want my full flavor coffee just like any other coffee lover would want.  Please let me know your theory…

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