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Hi all,

I’m new to and my first question is which coffee retail outlet in your opinion is the best coffee retail outlet?

My second question is on instant coffee. Water or milk first? I’ve always poured the water in first, but I know many would disagree. This is an issue I have at work everytime I offer to make a round of coffee’s………………………..

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    I’m not excited by any of the major chains. I look for coffeehouses that roast on site or at least in the city they sell in. It’s not a guarantee of quality but it at least improves the chance of fresh coffee.

    Just an opinion.

      1. recomendation

        For fresh coffee you will need to find a local roaster that has a high enough turnover that they do not keep coffee for more than a few days. This varies from city to city. If you do not have a local roaster there are a number of Internet based companies that ship the same day that they roast. That is a viable option.

        Type of bean is a personal preference. Assuming you have been drinking unknown blends in the past, try different things and see what you like. If you know you like a particular region’s coffee than try a better (fresher) version of that. Typically, when I am roasting coffee for friends I go with something Central American or Mexican. These coffees are relatively mild. Once you have tried a few of those I’d probably try a couple of different African origins. I really like a good Ethiopian. Those will usually be a bit more acidic (taste not PH) so they are interesting but not as universally loved. Then try some other coffee growing areas. I like Sumatra. Australian coffees blows my mind. It’s a little difficult to find and close to the price of real Kona but it’s worth the price for a treat. I personally think that Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain are both over priced for what you get but some people swear by them. Of course it all comes down to personal taste. You may find that centrals are boring for you and you prefer African, Indonesian or some other region. You have to try different things to find what you like.

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