Is water important?

It is quite simple: Coffee is at least 98% water. The higher the quality of water, the higher the quality of the resulting cup of coffee. If your tap water tastes good at room temperature tap water is probably fine for making coffee. If your tap water has off flavors then your coffee will have off flavors. Many people use filtered or bottled water for their coffee. There is a difference. Some of the newer more expensive coffee pots come with replaceable charcoal filters built into the machine. If at all possible don’t use distilled water. It is missing minerals that makes water pleasing to drink. Please note that your taste buds are more acute when tasting warm liquids so it is important to taste your prospective water at room temperature since you will be drinking your coffee warm.

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      1. Coffee & Water

        Greetings ^_^

        Yes, I strongly agree that Water is very important, because not all water can be using for making a good Coffee
        (it depends on the what kind of coffee you want to make). But on top of that whatever you want to make coffee i strongly sugggest using the RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. because this water mixed well with the coffee also the taste is more smooth. You can feel the difference of the coffee (depend on what kind of coffee) because this kind of water have a lowest minerals that could change the taste of coffee.
        RO also healthy for our body…….

        Another Tips…. (for hot coffee only) before you pour the coffee on your cups or glass, I strongly suggest to pre heat the cups or glass with hot water approx. 10-15sec. because #1. Clean the glass (from dust or residues from washing process), #2 Prolong the temperature of the coffee (room temperature 21-24Deg. Celcius roughly every 10seconds will reduce 1-2Deg.Celcius of the temperature of the coffee).

        Oh… almost forgot the most important tips…… ENJOY every cups of the Coffee…
        because “THERE ARE LIFE AFTER COFEE ……. ^______^”


  1. coffee

    we drank coffee 35 days in the coast guard on ocean station made from distilled water no difference here been using it the the last three years on land no difference it/s great

    1. I hope you don’t actually

      I hope you don’t actually drink the distilled water by itself. The lack of minerals causes your body to begin using the calcium stored up in your teeth and bones causing a major decreases in bone density.

      1. re: distilled water and minerals

        This is not true. There is nothing magical about lack of trace amounts of minerals that turns harmless tap water into furious mineral scavenging distilled monster-water. If you are eating a balanced diet, you don’t NEED to get your trace elements from your water. I guarantee the Coast Guard knows more about this than you do and that their teeth and bones were in no danger.

    1. RE: Distilled water

      For health yes distilled is probably fine. For taste distilled is plainly inferior. I have blind taste tested “regular” water against mineral rich and distilled water and both mineral heavy and mineral lacking (distilled) waters produce an inferior coffee.

  2. Distilled water leaves no

    Distilled water leaves no mineral build up in the coffee maker. The coffee maker lasts longer.

    1. distilled water and coffee brewing..

      sure, your coffee maker will last longer, but think of all those second class cups of coffee you’ll be drinking all along..

      best thing, is to descale your coffee maker as recommended by the manufacturer. then all is well 

      1. Huh?

        Actually distilled water gives you the true taste of the coffee you are drinking. It is illogical to think that water with minerals (nasty tap water) makes coffee taste better. It interferes or better yet, masks the coffee flavor coming from the beans. To each their own. I prefer to taste coffee not awful tap water and nor expensive bottled spring water.

        1. RE: Huh?

          Without minerals in the water (distilled) you will not extract all of the flavor in the coffee. This is also true for tea or other foods and drinks that use water as a flavor extractor.

          If your tap water tastes bad you will have bad coffee, tea, pasta, etc. Your most convenient option in this situation is a filter on your sink tap or in your refrigerator. A slightly less convenient option would be to use a Brita
          (or similar) pitcher. You can also purchase filtered water at any grocery store.

          I’m not sure about your comment about the cost. Unless you already own a distiller you are still buying bottled water at an equal or higher price than filtered water from the grocery.

  3. Distilled Water

    I have tried all kinds of water. Several Spring Waters, Rain Water, Lake Water, and Distilled. I logically thought distilled should be good tasting water, after all “What could be cleaner”.. The distilled water tasted the worst, Lord only knows why, I mean “How can distilled water taste bad?”. Then the lake water was pretty bad, I thought it might be good, after all, the Indians drank it. Rain water was pretty good.. I finally settled on the spring water that tasted best to me, at room temperature. I am impressed with how bad almost all spring waters taste (to me). I imagine different people like different waters. So, I am sticking with spring, and keeping the bottle of vinegar close.

  4. yes, water makes the Coffee important. We always have to use mineral water for making Coffee. If there is any content in water,it will change the taste of Coffee.

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