How to reduce the caffeine on your body?

Is there a way to reduce the quantity of caffeine on your body, like a caffeine antidote?

For example, if you take an espresso or a certain amount of coffee to keep you awake (for finish a work or study), but then you realize that you don’t need to be awake all night, is there something that counteracts caffeine’s effects (food or drink for example) on your body?

I’ve searched in your FAQ, but didn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance

How to Get Caffeine Out of Your System

The best answer is: time and planning. Setting a time limit on caffeine consumption (such as last drink by 4 PM) can help to ensure you’re mostly free of caffeine’s effects by bed time. You should also plan you

A healthy adult’s half life for caffeine is approximately 5.7 hours (see: NIH). If you take an average 1.5 oz espresso made from 7 g of espresso beans that contains 77 mg of caffeine at 8 PM, you would still have almost 40 mg in your body by 2 AM! Yikes.

Smoking (nicotine) has been shown to increase the metabolism of caffeine (source) from about 6 hours down to 3.5 hours, clearing it out of your system faster. It makes it an “antidote” in a very loose way. This however, introduces nicotine into your body, which is another stimulant, and is just terribly unhealthy.

Studies on rats suggest that a chemical known as Rutaecarpine may increase the rate at which caffeine is metabolized, in rats. While this is yet to be studied in humans, herbal supplements have popped up on the market containing Rutaecarpine that people can take at their own risk.

Anything you’re consuming is going to take time to counteract the effect of caffeine however, and will not provide immediate relief. While there have been very few cases of caffeine causing death (most are related to alcohol, or caffeine exasperating other conditions), you should go to the emergency room if you feel you may be in serious danger.

Regular overdoing it with your caffeine consumption can lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms – this can be avoided by avoiding regular high doses of caffeine in the first place.

Drink Water!

Being dehydrated can increase the negative effects of caffeine – jitters, headache, increased heart rate. These are all signs your body is in distress and can work to multiply the bad reaction.

It’s important not to overdo it though – overhydration can lead to increase blood pressure (among other problems), which can just compound the effect of a raised blood pressure from caffeine.

A little planning

Ultimately, you’re best off planning your hard work earlier in the day rather than relying on caffeine to keep you up. If you absolutely need to have something done for the next day, it’s better to sleep now and wake up early, have that loving cup of coffee to get you alert, and get the work done early in the morning.

See other tips on how to cut your caffeine intake.

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  1. Elvis

    Time is the only thing that will reduce the amount of caffeine in your system. You could conceivably take something with an opposite effect that would make you sleepy but then you might be called Elvis.

    1. finally

      Yes, all these other things will only reduce your symptoms (and I’m not saying any of them will) but the caffeine will still be in your system until it is converted and eventually excreted.

      1. Counteract Caffeine Overload

        Mindlessly consuming three cups of coffee at a meeting for a person  who normally abstains made me intolerably wired– read through many posts here (ignoring the over-the-top rants) and tried large volume of grapefruit juice in soda water (carbonation), fish oil and calcium pills (one each)– didn’t even get to the chamomile tea, calming effects within 15 minutes.  Maybe garlic effect is just the oils? Anyway, thanks for posts suggesting to take action instead of waiting it out.

        1. I agree…I find fresh grapefruit neutralises caffeine jitters as does a little sodium bicarb in water. Good oils like fish oils and avocado also.

  2. When i had caffeine

    When i had caffeine poisoning from “chefir”(extremely strong tea) and the psychosis started i went to doc and i was told to drink lots of peppermint tea to get the caffeine out of the body.

    1. Caffeine is dangerous

      I believe caffeine is like smoking used to be – deadly. But it’s a multmillion dollar or multibillion I should say, industry and they arn’t going to tell us. Caffeine can give you panic attacks and anyone who suffers from anxiety should stop ALL caffeine. Do it gradually though as, if you consume a lot, the withdrawal can just about kill you, literally.

      1. Oops

        I mean smoking still is dangerous but they used to tell us it made us sexy, instead of telling us it makes you stink, will steal all your money and will kill you, slowly, in the most vile ways imaginable. How programable are we? Hugely.

        1. Programmable

          You are programmable, I make my own decisions. I still don’t see how this shows that caffeine will cause the demise of thousands. Smoking is bad. I get it.

      2. Caffeine vs. Nicotine

        Caffeine is nothing like smoking in the health effects it produces. Smoking causes nearly 5 million deaths annually worldwide, and smoking increases your chance of a heart attack 2 to 4 times. Caffeine in normal doses can actually have a protective benefit on the heart, and decreases your chance of developing diabetes. I could not find annual caffeine death statistics aside from a few megadoses cases where amounts were taken 17x and above the overdose range of 300mg. This means the death by caffeine would range in a total consumption of 5g of caffeine. Although this depends on you weight and size. Your hatred of big business clearly show why caffeine is so bad. Thank you for enlightening me. (I’m being fecetious) Please provide evidence as to why you believe this, because frankly, what you believe is wrong. (smoking deaths) (I would have to drink 170 cans of red bull to kill myself) (smoking 2 to 4x) (protective benefit to the heart)

      3. If of have anxiety switch to Green tea, it has 1/3 of the caffine coffee does plus it has a chemical in it called (I think) L-thimine(has natural anti-anxiety effects)

      1. Doesn’t tea have caffeine in it?

        A Lot of this is very useful, but I thought tea had caffeine in it? Wouldn’t drinking tea be counter productive?

        1. They say it does but it

          They say it does but it doesn’t give me the rush that coffee or even a single soda does…not matter how much tea I drink!

        2. yes and no

          some tea has caffine in it but not all of them do only teas like aged earl grey or breakfast teas have caffiene in them infact most teas are calming

        3. RE: Doesn’t tea have caffeine in it?

          If it is tea yes. By tea I mane leaves and buds from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal tea usually does not contain caffeine but any real tea will have some caffein.  Black tea has the most. White tea has the least and green tea is somewhere in the middle.


  3. Caffeine ‘antidote’

    I’m caffeine sensitive and have found that if I, for example, get regular coffee instead of decaf at the coffee shop, a glass of milk, a raw carrot (chew well) and at least 600ml water settles the jitters and lightheadedness in about 30 minutes. During that time I prefer to go for a brisk walk or jog. DO NOT eat anything sweet, including fruits, as this will make it worse.

      1. That works.
        What also works

        That works.
        What also works is to sweat it out, pee it out, or throw it up.

        So, drink a lot of water, and run. You’ll get it out very quickly this way.

        1. Don’t throw up

          It’s too late to throw up about 5 mins after you’ve ingested it. Caffeine gets into your blood stream REALLY quickly. Take some of the other (sensible) advice.

        2. Running On Caffeine

          Be careful in having a lot of a stimulant drug in your system while exercising. It is very easy to get dehydrated and it could put strain on your heart, as well.

  4. Caffeine ‘antidotes’

    A way to really reduce the amount of caffeine in your body: smoking cigarettes. The half life of caffeine will be lowered by 50% (so caffeine leaves your body twice as fast). Of course this isn’t a reason to pick up smoking! Drinking a few glasses of water and taking a high dose of vitamin C (> 1000 mg) may also speed up the breakdown a bit. Another way to counteract the effects of caffeine: valerian and melatonin are natural and side effect-free ways to induce sleep. There is a big array of herbs you can take for this reason, and stronger sedatives will also work which can be dangerous so know what you are doing! Always check if there are side effects and look if it is worth any of the possible side effects. Alcohol may also help but use your common sense if it’s worth the hangover and don’t mix with other sleep-inducing substances. Don’t use alcohol with a big caffeine overdose: alcohol is a diuretic too so you may end up going to the toilet every 10 minutes and be at risk of dehydration. You can smoke some pot too but don’t get into legal trouble, that’s may cost you more nights of sleep than your caffeine overdose. The best way to get a decent sleep is of course just not taking too much caffeine a few hours before your intention to sleep!

    1. Seriously

      How stupid are you? Advising anyone to smoke, drink, smoke dope and take sleeping tablets.

      Water, vitamin C and melatonin (a natural hormone you can get at a drug store) are all good.

      1. honesty is stupid?

        That was not stupid. Factually it is correct. Smoking reduces the half life of caffiene. I don’t think he was advising anyone to do those things, just answering the question.


          1. Lets Stop the Tolerance Garabage

            Telling people to use harmful methods is never appropriate. Smoking cigarettes or pot can easily lead to a lifetime habit than can kill. Keep the advice to what is health and real.

          2. really

            you think smoking pot once to reduce the effect of caffeine will kill you. obviously you’ve never smoked pot before.

          3. mmm

            I smoke Pot and is the worst mistake ive had, i wish i was a doctor or something, instead Im a Pot addict, whoever says good things about Pot is full of crap. Stop now while you still can

          4. hahah your a pot addict???

            hahah your a pot addict???

            no body in the history of pot has ever considered themselves as a pot addict!

            its no PCP its not crack, altho it is a schedule 3 drug in America, which puts it up there with heroin, morphine and Meth.. but i digress…

            your an idiot

          5. Anonymous! I love herb just as much as you but don’t be naive

            everything in moderation… I’m addicted to pot because i smoke too much! There goes your history theory!! Pot is definitely addictive mainly pychological though it can actually have physical withdrawal symptoms to some degree… I think ALL daily pot smokers will agree. If I don’t smoke, for instance , when I have my first meal of the day, I can only have a few bites before I get nausea and even though I am still hungry I really have trouble eating unless I have smoked first… Furthermore, Any habitual toker must admit that not smoking for a day or too definitely alters my mood in a negative way. In particular I have zero patience and am quick to get irritable. Insomnia also is a problem the first few days. However, on the other side of that coin, if I can just make it past the first 3-5 days virtually all these withdrawal symptoms disappear and its much easier after that. If you allow yourself to fall into a daily habit then you too will feel these effects. But unlike most all other narcotics kicking the habit is wayyyy easier.

            Caffeine is defiantly more addictive than herb, my uncle for instance, experiences all the same symptoms I do if he doesn’t drink his morning cup of coffee; he’ll get a bad headache, very irritable, trouble eating… And it wont be nearly as easy as waiting it out for a few days to get back to normal… however once you get into the lifestyle of loving herb it super hard not to keep on loving it!! even when i dont smoke for 2 or 3 months I always have times when I would just love to roll one up and kick it! it’ll be like that for the rest of my life!! when i was in the service i didn’t smoke for 4 years! and the day after i got discharged you know I was toking that chronic smoke! hence phycological addiction

            so long story short, ya if you drank waay too much coffee and your heart is gonna burst out of your chest, take a little toke if you don’t have a penchant for smoking too much or if its not a problem if you do. Just be careful to have a little knowledge on the strain of weed you smoke, some sativas and indeed some Indicas will actually make your heart beat faster, but you definitly will get tired after and be able to sleep better in an hour or so…

            Anonymous… if you really believe what you wrote, then your ignorant…

            don’t hate, appreciate!

          6. I care to disagree

            studies show that pot can be addictive; but since THC stays in your system from 3-90 days depending on use frequency, pot smokers don’t experince any withdraw symptoms, because THC will continue to slowly release in your brain. So this drug is actually kind to it’s users, but also if you don’t have caffine after drinking coffee or whatever for a while, you will be irritated, fatigued, and will surely have mood swings. Not saying anybody should smoke pot, but it is considerably less harmful than caffeine. I don’t smoke pot, so this not bias, just facts. Another fact is that a person would have to drink 80-100 cups of coffee in 4.9 hours to die, oppose to smoking 1500 pounds of pot in 14 minutes to die. My advice don’t try either, but if your doing both drop the caffeine. It can have very serious side effects, research it if you don’t believe me. I don’t want to tell you cause I’m not trying to scare anybody.

          7. Pot is more harmful

            while both caffeine and pot produce negative to a human body, i think pot’s effect is more serious. caffeine will cause withdrawal symptoms but once you quite, all the effects will be gone. however, pot actually kill your brain cells. and especially if you are a heavy pot smoker, your brain will never work the same ever again even after you quite. i think caffeine have a worst short term effect while pot has a worst and a more serious long term effect on a human body.

          8. Your retarted

            Pot has never killed any brain cells. I smoke pot and it helps me go to sleep. Also helps with my asthma and sleep apnea. I dont wake up gasping for air anymore like I used to and dont recieve any attacks. And when I dont smoke I dont get any side effects. If you state your addicted to it your mentally weak. I stopped just to prove I could and had no desire at all to smoke one. It’s all mental. I just dont understand how you think coffee is good but pot which has never killed anyone is bad.

          9. You’re* Retarded*

            Pot has never killed any brain cells. I smoke pot,* and it helps me go to sleep. It* also helps with my asthma and sleep apnea. I dont wake up gasping for air anymore like I used to and dont recieve any attacks,* and when I dont smoke I dont get any side effects. If you state that* you’re* addicted to it,* you’re* mentally weak. I stopped just to prove I could and had no desire at all to smoke one. It’s all mental. I just don’t* understand how you think that* coffee is good,* but pot,* which has never killed anyone,* is bad.

            If you’re going to call someone dumb, at least take the time to use proper grammar and not look stupid yourself.

          10. Facts or assumptions?

            It’s been scientifically demonstrated that marijuana use does not kill brain cells. It’s also been scientifically demonstrated that after a certain age (which you’ve most likely passed) you lose thousands of brain cells every day. Killing a brain cell isn’t a serious thing, but marijuana doesn’t do that in the first place. I think you’re confusing facts with assumptions.

          11. Dear Everyone

            There are no rules. There are always exceptions. Stop acting like you know everything, you do not. There will always be someone correcting you, saying “Actually, I know someone who…”

            In fact, I know someone who gets the hiccups when he stops smoking pot. His theory is that pot relaxes your diaphragm, and since he has been smoking for so long and so frequently, he believes that his diaphragm spasms (the cause of hiccups) when he goes without pot for too long. Of course, like most withdrawal symptoms, the hiccups would eventually go away as his body adjusted to being without pot.

            So there is an example of a withdrawal symptom. It wouldn’t happen with moderate pot use, and even in cases of extremely immoderate pot use (such as the one above) it probably varies with individuals and wouldn’t happen in most cases. But in some cases, it does.

            My message is for people to stop being such damn know-it-all assholes, and accept that sometimes, things happen despite being previously thought to be impossible. For every rule, there is an exception. You’re just humans. Silly, silly humans in an unimaginably vast universe, full of possibilities you couldn’t even dream of. Always have an open mind. There is always something to be learnt.

            Thank you.

          12. caffeine

            I was talking to a friend that said there was something.  Talk to a pharmacists, as I will today. I wrote it down but can’t find it.

          13. your pot is laced

            You can not become physiologically addicted to pot, only dependent psychologically. As of date, no research study has found evidence of THC addiction. There is no physiological change at the synaptic level of the chemical pathway for THC. However, it has been shown that prolonged use of THC (smoking pot) does have a permanent effect on mental capacity, which is what you may be suffering from.

          14. Ha-ha-ha

            You people are funny. Why can a pot-smoking lifetime habit be bad, but a coffee-drinking lifetime habit is ok? Is that double standards or what? Besides, there is little harm from pot, it actually is used as a Medicine; however, coffee obviously has some serious side effects, to which this very page is an evidence. So check your own belief system, baby, before next time you think that you are smarter than others.

          15. Reply to smokingpost comment

            I totally agree that pot is way less harmful than caffeine is. Pot is non-addictive, while you actually have to withdraw from caffeine. Just look at the bad side effects of caffeine:severe panic attacks, dizziness, severe fatigue, body feeling like a lead weight, digestive problems, sleeplessness ,etc…. So, lets see a nice calming “drug”(which it is not in my book….have you heard anyone dying from smoking pot?!) compared to a drug that affects you body so much that you withdraw like an ex coke addict. So…point being do you research…and smole a joint it will totally chill you out and no withdrawal! 🙂

          16. To Ha-ha-ha

            You implied that there is little harm from pot because it is used as a medicine.  Medicine, however, can cause great harm.  For many medications, the only reason to put up with the often terrible side effects is that the medication is taken for an even more serious purpose.  I like your argument comparing coffee with marijuana.  Life isn’t always reasonable or fair, is it?  

            Keep your sense of humor.


          17. medicine

            Coffee is used as a treatment for asthma..  
            Everything in moderation, no?  
            Michael Meade tells a beautiful tale of medicine entering the world on his cd “The Great Dance”..   I’d try to paraphrase here, but I let my friend borrow the cd and I couldn’t possibly say it right.

          18. if ur in the right mental

            if ur in the right mental state one cigarette will not lead to a lifetime habit and im livin proof right now that aone cig helps dirastically dont believe me try it urself im not lying im serious

          19. wow

            half life does not only apply to radioactive substances…..u looked absolutely ridiculous with this comment.

          20. Everything has a half-life

            Every medication, prescription or over-the-counter, has a half-life. Any substance you put in your body has a time that it takes your body to eliminate half of it. I am a nurse and we talk about the half-life of meds all the time, and 99.99999% of them are not radioactive.

          21. To guy who said caffeine has no half life

            Hes talking about the rate at wich caffeine breaks down in your body. Its refrered to as the half-life. Caffeines is about 6 hours. It takes about 12 hours for your body to completely  break down the caffeine molecule. 


          22. Hahahahahaha…

            Half-life (t½) is the time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time period. In physics, it is typically used to describe a property of radioactive decay, but may be used to describe any quantity which follows an exponential decay.



            Ya ALMOST had me fooled! Well, not really. Ha.

      2. Science

        So I think the real argument here, stems from the science of stimulants versus depressants. OF the above mentioned alcohol, sleeping pills and marijuana are depressants. Both caffeine and nicotine are stimulants. Except that caffeine and nicotine have different chemical properties. Nicotine works directly on the nociceptors and dopamine receptors in the brain causing a calming affect. The actual jittering effects of the nicotine could be calmed simply by affecting the “pleasure” stimulation of the dopamine receptors in the brain. On the other hand the depressants would make sense that they help counteract caffeine because one is an upper and one is a downer in the simplest sense. A stimulant can be countered by a depressant. Simple science really.

        Now the other argument that I am understanding is one about actual recommendations for taking this advise. Of course it would not be advisable to do or start something that is habit forming. But people do idiotic things every day without rhyme or reason.

        Simply stated in science: It is understandable that the above recommendations would have the possibility to work. Recommendations aside, that is for any one person to decide.

        1. WOW

          Marijuana is not a depressant! Please do your research before posting. Take 2,000 to 2,500 of GABA on days of high caffeine consumption with about 400-800mg of Magnessium, a ZMA or Calcium/Magnessium/Vit. D combo would also work.

      3. You are mad

        Uhhm you are obviously not thinking this through. Yes smoking is bad. Drinking is not bad if in moderation(even a small amount of alcohol is actually beneficial. Beer for example contains malt and hops which is good for sleeping and has no side effects or risks. As long as you aren’t allergic

        Increasing Melatonin intake will NOT help because Caffeine actually inhibits your melatonin from doing what its supposed to. which is to make you sleep. Also too high melatonin levels gives head aches !!

        Water wont really help as much as it does not anti-oxidize.(although you will probably strain your kidneys to get rid of the caffeine quicker)

        Vitamin C will help as it is a antioxidant. Although not a very powerful one Rather drink Rooibos tea (Translated and known outside of South-Africa & Holland as “Redbush” tea which is the only drink in the world with which you can actually completely replace your daily water intake) (Caffeine free, low in tannin, rich in antioxidants and a million other health benefits)

        If you cant find that. Use Jasmine/Ginger teas. Or eat some Blueberries(Foods with high antioxidant levels

        If all else fails a cup of Horlics


    2. Smoking Pot?

      Ok I have insomnia and was prescribed by my doctor a benzodiazepine medication as a sleep aid. I do know the risks involved that one can form a dependency and may have the potential of becoming addicted to this type of medication but it is being monitored and prescribed by a licensed physician. I was told by a friend maybe I should try pot but I declined. I am already having a hard time dealing with getting over one addiction and don’t want add another. I have to admit that I am scared about taking the sleeping medication that was prescribed but with no sleep, the benefits out way the risks. But when it comes to pot, it is illegal and enough said. Yes, there maybe so called quick fixes out there to try and get over the caffeine withdrawals but we need to think about the potential harm that these drugs could do to our bodies. If you are not sleeping because of caffeine withdrawals, I would strongly advise you to seek professional medical help. Sleep deprivation in the long run can cause you more anxiety and harm to your body which will make the healing process of caffeine withdrawals seem never ending.

      1. better perspective

        Well for one pot is not addictive. Its a lot like medication in the sence that one may becoms dependant on the use of THC in order to bring a more optomistic perspective to their life style. After people smoke pot they usually smoke it again in the near following future because some people have a very satisfying reaction to it. Other people when high can black out or drop and just sleep through the effect of the drug, in which case, would be a potential solution to you’re problem. Other people get hyperactive and happy, and can have minor hallucenations which would becounter productive to your issues. I do notknow how you might react to cannipis, but it could either knock you on your ass and make you sleep like a baby or make you trip balls and be up all night watching tv. Of course if you were meeting the depiction of that second description you would most likely stop giving a shit about having insomnia and probably be perfectly happy watching teletubbies while laughing your ass off and/or sobbing at the idea of how much you wish you had a television in your stomach.

      2. your logic is faulty

        Benzos are WAY more addictive than weed, regardless of whether or not a doctor is prescribing them. The withdrawals from benzos are worse than any other withdrawals (this is coming from an ex heroin addict…I would rather kick heroin over benzos any day!). The withdrawals from benzos can cause seizures and hallucinations. It’s a scary, scray drug.

  5. Heavy food

    I find just eating some heavy food helps. It is common to have a coffee after heavy food to wake oneself up. It makes sense, then, that heavy food should counteract the feeling of too much caffeine.

  6. Foods with Melatonin

    Purslane has the most melatonin and it is buffeted with omega 3 healthful oil.
    Get it at a well stocked produce section which caters to Mexicans.

    Eat some toast with smoked salmon on top, and keep your heart lubed
    so that it is not jittery from the knocks of the caffeine.

    There are no chemical isomers of caffeine : no teaine from tea, mateine from yerba mate, etc.
    The structure forbids it. Caffeine is caffeine.

  7. Caffeine “Antidote” Tried

    Here is an unofficial experiment. I am very sensitive to caffeine but I have two exams and a presentation next week so I was falling asleep studying and to force myself to stay awake I used 4 cups of high caffeine Black Nepal and Green tea mixed. About an hour later I felt my heart racing and felt like I would die giving me anxiety. I searched and found this site and tried the following advised remedies and with 5-10 minutes was feeling much better.

    1. Took a magnesium supplement
    2. Drank 2 glasses of spring water
    3. Ate an egg sandwich with 2 ounces of melted cheese on top, 1 slice of canadian bacon (optional) on an english muffin.

    I still don’t feel tired and my heart is still a little jumpy but I immediately (5-10 min. felt myself calm down)

    1. caffeine antidote REALLY WORKED FOR ME!!!

      This worked AMAZINGLY well for me! I took 3 CALCIUM-MAGNESIUM-CITRATE capsules, drank a bottle of spring water, and felt super calm and relaxed within 5-10 minutes! I’ve NEVER found anything before that worked so fast and so easily! Each capsule had 1,000mg of Calcium, 500 mg of Magnesium, and 400 IU of Vitamin D. I don’t know if the 1500mg of Magnesium was what did the trick, or if the other ingredients helped as well, but I am SO HAPPY right now to feel SO SUPER CALM. Thanks a million for this excellent caffeine antidote!!!

  8. Benedryl (diphenhydamine)

    Benedryl (diphenhydamine) kills/dilutes the effect of caffeine for me.  A shot of brandy works pretty good also. 

  9. Best remedy!

    The best way to get the caffeine out of the body is to drink a shit load of water to increase the rate of urination and flush it out so to speak, but for me, I find the best way to counteract the effect is to beat one out, I always feel relaxed afterwards, just saying.

    1. i touch myself!!!!

      anytime i over do it with caffeine or my anxiety goes thru the roof (panic attack) i masturbate, if my mans around then i have him do me real hard, ALWAYS WORKS 😉

    2. water

      Yes, I’ve noticed that lots of water helps. Since caffeine is a toxin, your body wants to get rid of it and will utilize the extra water you drink to move it on out of your body. You’ll feel for a bit as if you were coming down off a drug (which you are) but it after that you’ll be able to sleep. also keep a glass of water by your bed for when you wake up dehydrated with the last bit working it’s way out of your system.

  10. Caffeine & Adrenaline

    I read/learned somewhere that caffeine usually has a 5-hour effect that peaks at about 3-hours except when the body is adrenalized (has A&P? active in the cell) at time it’s metabolized and in that case it can have effect for up to 20-hours! This is why sleeping meds sometimes aren’t effective. Benadryl might be because it wouuld tend to calm a system that’s amped up from an allergic reaction so it might in general calm adrenaline in the cells.

    Therefore, despite the mentioned lack of an antidote, it would seem that something that calms the adrenaline down might help. This could include yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, hypnosis or gaba, kava, chamomile with honey, etc.

    Someone out there with knowlege of naturopathy or physics might have some other suggestions!

  11. Don’t squeal until you read this:

    This combination works for me, don’t ask me about the science of it.  I can vouch for it, try for yourself.  3 raw egg yolks and a few gelcaps of PhosphatadylSerine.  They synergize somehow, I have used it when I felt manic from overexertion.  I got the idea because they are both phospholipids and there is (though much less) some PS in egg yolk.  Cooking the yolks negates the effect.  I eat eggs from a local farm that still have traces of bird smear on them and I’ve never become sick.  Unless the egg is punctured their is very little risk.  I won’t juse them if they even have those tanslucent “pre-cracks” which become cracks later.  I look for perfect eggs.  Just wash the eggs.  They advertise PS for cognitive enhancement; I don’t believe it.  It affects my mood a little… lifts it while applying some subtle relaxation and no stimulant effect.  Adding raw eggyolks mulitplies this effect for me and sometimes makes me feel too understimulated… without feeling sedated.  Hard to explain.  Have used it for countering the effects of caffeine.  I doubt that it effects the metabolism of caffeine or hastens its removal from one’s system.

    Valerian root will help with anxiety.  Won’t effect metabolism.  Melatonin will help too.  These are sedating and when present with enough caffeine the feeling is strange… though I wouldn’t say uncomfortable.  Water doesn’t help me.  It just replenishes what the caffeine pushes out and prevents muscle spasm.

    If your doctor will prescribe benzos on an as needed basis this can be useful for too much caffeine(and the ensuing panic attacks).  Coffee is a must for concentration for many when in college.  The effects are not always consistent in my own experience.

    Freeze dried coffee tastes terrible but has less potential for panic in my experience.  The alkaloid ratio must be altered by the freeze-dry process.  Its all bad but the individual packets are the least bad.  Starbucks is the exception, they put ground bean in theirs, rounding out the alkaloid profile.  I don’t buy the large containers even of the same brand as the individual packets.  I can taste the difference.

    That’s what.

    1. Where I’m from we call mixing

      Where I’m from we call mixing “uppers” and “downers” speed ballin’

      It is very bad for your heart because one second you are going full speed and the next you can’t hold your eyes open. So if you ingest caffeine and want to lose the buzz, eat some crackers and drink a lot of water. Also understand that you can lose your life from caffeine. Research people!!

  12. Reality check…Also my favorite caffeine “antidote”: Kava

    This is a really amusing thread. As noted, many of the suggestions will have a depressant effect, which somewhat counteract the stimulant effects of caffeine, but I don’t think any of them, will actually increase your body’s rate of elimination of caffeine (reduce it’s half life in the body).


    The comment about nicotine reducing the half life is interesting, but their are no sources cited, and I can’t find any source or reason to beleive that. And while alcohol might make you more relaxed, it may actually increases the half life according to wikipedia ( Some of the things like eating a big heavy meal (aka lots of fat and protein) tend to make you sleepier as a normal reaction of thel parasympathetic nervous system.


    I don’t know of any way to reduce caffein’s half life, but I’ll throw in my favorite way to reduce the jittery effects of caffeine: Kava extract. Kava is an herb that has been used for over a thousand years, and makes you feel very physically relaxed, even mildly stoned if you take enough, but without clouding the mind at all. Or pure Kava, prepared the traditional way, which is safer and can be much stronger, but extract is a lot more convenient (also traditional Kava is very much an aquired taste…let’s just say you don’t drink the stuff for it’s flavor). I’m not selling the stuff or anything but I think it’s a great herb and makes a great combination with caffeine (some people call coffee + Kava a “happy camper”). I’ve tried lots of brands of Kava extract and some of the strongest and also best priced is from In my experience you need to take between 10-20 pills to start to noticably feel the effects. That sounds like a lot, but keep in mind the number of pills is practically meaningless it’s the dose of the active ingredients that matter. If pills scare you, order some quality Kava root.


    Despite some of the FDA warnings, it is very safe as long as you DON’T MIX IT WITH OTHER DRUGS. There were a few cases where people mixed it with alcohol and prescription drugs, and/or had improperly prepared extracts, and had problems, but I don’t think there’s ever been a reported case of permanent illness from pure kava taken in any quantity. Kava actually has a very good safety record and has been used for ages, I wonder if the extra scrutiny that the FDA has given Kava is due to how powerful of an herb it can be and potentially compete with very profitable drugs like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

    1. 10-20 pills, are you serious?

      Wow, you didn’t say a thing about kava hepatotoxicity, and I’m pretty sure it’s contraindicated for liver conditions. Stimulants and depressants are never a good combination. And you would use it as an ‘antidote’ for caffeine? The liver can metabolize and filter a lot of byproducts, but I just think this idea is overkill. Also, pure versions of this are not necessarily safer than synthetics; there is just not as much available information about them altogether since it they are not regulated as explicitly. Use at your own risk

  13. My best antidote to caffeine

    My best antidote to caffeine is valeriana + hydroxizin (atarax). Makes me like a sealcub meeting a norweigan in an hour.

  14. Chasing the Dragon

    Shooting, smoking or snorting a tad bit of heroin will banish the caffeine jitters.  This is a longstanding Pacific NW tradition, it’s what makes us so healthy: good coffee and good heroin.  Also, it helps drive away the depression that comes along with 275 rainy days in a year.  Happy schmecking. 

  15. I’m an American lit student. 

    I’m an American lit student.  I can tell you for a fact that reading Ralph Waldo Emerson should do the trick.

  16. Side Effects of Pot

    Side effects of pot include but are not limited to: getting arrested for otherwise harmless traffic violations, being way too friendly to strangers, caring more about smoking pot than moving out of your parents house, weight gain, slow or very difficult male orgasm, loss of short term memory, prolonged exposure will produce a loss of cognitive abilities, emphysema (weed smoke has 5 times more tar than filtered cigarettes, the sticky makes your lungs sticky, go figure), loss of money, loss of job, loss of girlfriend, loss of children (in that order).

    Side effects of Caffeine include: inability to concentrate, increased heart rate, loss or lack of sleep, decreased appetite, increased blood pressure, increased productivity at work, shortened life span…

    So…. go to jail a pennyless, lonely, zombie and die a horrible suffocation death on oxygen….. or die sooner and be a generally more productive member of society while not supporting the international illegal drug trade. 

    THC comes from a plant. So does strychnine. 

    Pot may or may not be addictive depending on whose smoking it. But I know a lot of my friends didn’t eat when they were little because their parents bought weed instead of food. If that’s not an addiction I don’t know what is. I REALLY enjoy smoking cigarettes… But if it ever came down to a cigarette, or groceries, I’m picking groceries.  

    Smoking weed is not a cure for caffeine. None of the things listed are cures for caffeine. But we do have un-caffeinated coffee, soda, and tea now.

    Working out always helps me. If you’re going through some intense caffeine panics try doing some pushups or running a bit. It seems counter-intuitive but the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles from working out seems to do something to counter-act it. It’s always helped me.

    1. What?

      Wow, you sure don’t like pot. I used to smoke pot, everyday. I had a job, a girlfriend and really a pretty nice life. I only stopped smoking because I got a new job that randomly tested me. I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with pot. I’d even venture to say that you don’t really have any friends that grew up malnourished because their parents couldn’t choose food over weed. Further more I doubt your a scientist, is it lactic acid or an elivated metabolism. Now I don’t want to make rash assumptions but I’m going out on a limb… you should chill out and smoke a joint! Oh and one last thing. Ten years later still got that girl and have a kid.…in that order.

    2. Kids starved for parents pot addiction???

      LOL, you are full of it.

      “Lots” of your friends didn’t eat because their parents were addicted to pot??? I have a hard time believing that you would even know that “lots” of your little friends smoked pot, let alone that it was the sole cause of their not being any food in the house.

      LOL, define lots. And how do you know they were using pot and nothing else?

      Besides you obviously just making stuff up…anyone knows that anyone who is a regular pot smoker, is going to have munchies in the house. lol.

      1. Hate

        You are a fool and an idiot.


        If you have the balls to try to define being alone without any help and accidents happen, houses burn down, and no one there to help but a bowl of weed.


        You can go to hell for upsetting me so much- If you want to challenge weed. Be my guest. I have, and I’ve had concentrate bowls of 10000% THC and still can’t feel better.


        So when you’re insides hurt, you show some God damn respect.

    3. True effects of marihuana

      The part about marihuana is totally nonsense. I guess you mistook it for heroin or cocaine. The majority of marihuana users have no problem with controlling their smoking. There’s nothing like an urge to smoke the day after smoking or hours after the effects have worn off. While smoking marihuana will potentiate some of caffeine side effects like increased heartbeat, it will also make you relaxed and calm, it will also relax your muscles so this will counteract shaking after caffeine. Because of narrowing of blood vessels (due to adrenal gland hormones secretion) one feels cold, marihuana should counteract this as well. Of course it also depends on the amount of cannabinoids in marihuana you smoke. Marihuana never had any bad effects on me, it helped me for insomnia, depressive states, and anxiety (although it’s proven it may cause anxiety in some people or even paranoia, it all depends on your personal attitude towards smoking, e.g. if you’re afraid, it will make you panic, then don’t smoke because you cause negative effects yourself).

      Other methods of counteracting caffeine side effects are:
      1) drinking water will speed up caffeine clearance from your body (just remember not to drink too much!)
      3) eat fruit and vegetables containing potassium, magnesium, and calcium, e.g. bananas and tomatoes are good source of potassium
      3) drink lemon balm tea – it has mild calming effect due to inhibition of GABA transaminase caused by terpenes found in the plant
      4) take deep slow breaths
      5) anxiolytics for strong anxiety (but these should be used as a last resort really); if you have trouble falling asleep, you may also use some 1st generation antihistamines (those crossing the blood-brain barrier), a good example is diphenhydramine found in Benadryl

      1. dude

        dude lol, take this from a guy who’s a master of all drugs in his time, pot can cause negative effects without you creating them. Just like they can cause positive effects without you creating them. Don’t bother explaining to people that it’s all in their mind because they had a bad attitude towards it. While set and setting are definitely a factor for many drugs, many people may have this adverse reaction without having a bad attitude towards pot. It’s just simply in their biochemistry. I am definitely one of those people who cannot control whether pot has a good or bad effect on me. In fact some times I think the effect will be bad and it ends up being good, while other times I think I will be absolutely fine and it ends up being a disaster. It’s just how these things work. 

    4. I’m searching the internet,

      I’m searching the internet, looking for some truth behind something my friend said. Here I come to this response…unfortunately this was posted a year and a half ago so it’s even less relevant now than it was at that time but I feel compelled to respond nonetheless. You sir or ma’am are a complete idiot. Just because your “friend’s parents” were neglectful in general does not mean that marijuana is as horrible as you, who obivously knows EVERYTHING, says it is. Wow – you must have really worked google to get those answers. Just like anything else, the POSSIBLE side effects aren’t always the case, for instance see these side effects for Ibuprofen, a.k.a. Advil, listed below. Moral of the story – you do not need Marijuana to make you a dip shit.


      • chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, problems with vision or  balance;

      • black, bloody, or tarry stools, coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds;

      • swelling or rapid weight gain;

      • urinating less than usual or not at all;

      • nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine,  clay-colored stools, jaundice  (yellowing of the skin or eyes);

      • fever, sore throat, and headache with a severe blistering, peeling, and red skin rash

      • bruising, severe tingling, numbness, pain, weakness or

      • severe headache, neck stiffness, chills, increased sensitivity to light,  and/or seizure (convulsions).

      Less serious side effects of ibuprofen may include:

      • upset stomach, mild heartburn, constipation;

      • bloating,  gas;

      • dizziness, headache, nervousness;

      • skin itching or  rash;

      • blurred  vision or

      • ringing in your ears.


    5. you are an ignorant, hypocritical person

      First of all, I just wanna start by saying that marijana is a simple plant that close minded people such as yourself choose to get worked up about. If you seriously believe that weed is bad for you, then I want to ask you: how bad is it? Is it worse than those cigarettes you smoke?
      Cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals with about 70 of those being cancer causing carcinogens. There are 400,000 deaths a year from tobacco and no recorded deaths from marijuana smoke. Even caffiene kills more people. Sure, it isnt good to smoke anything, but why choose the one that causes cancer and is addictive? As for the tar, a pack of cigarretes has about 20 grams of tobacco in it and by the way you said ” I REALLY enjoy smoking cigarettes” you probably smoke about a pack a day. If a stoner were to smoke an 8th oz. (3.5g or about 5 joints) Of weed a day which has 5x the tar, he would still be putting less in his lungs because 5 x 3.5 is 17.5g. As for your bullshit side effects, weed is no different than a drug like alcohol that makes you happy and carefree.
      My point is that you are stupid and jump to conclusions too quickly without actually knowing anything you are talking about. You are a hypocrite. Dont try to judge people for what makes them happy when you clearly arent a health fanatic yourself. So what I am getting at is that you should kill yourself. The world would be a better place without stupid people like you who repeat everything they hear without first making sure its right.

      Kill Yourself

        1. Yo..

          No one is coming back to this display of ignorance to check if you have defended yourself by logging into another account and pretending to defend some one else who is really just you. Also, no one cares about your opinion on hate when you cant even google a fact before you leave a big long giant post about your inaccurate opinion.

          Tldr; no one is coming back to check your ignorant posts stop posting to defend yourself and cluttering up the comments section with your nonsense. Spend that time learning something, you clearly rarely do this, who knows it may even be fun.

    6. Wow.

      Their parents made bad decisions so it an addiction. They cant possibly be terrible people, your friends cant possibly be lying. This is scientific evidence that weed is addictive here people !!!# you made everything that you said up. STFU!!!!!!!!! WEED IS NOT ADDICTIVE, the only thing that can happen is that people can have addictive personality disorder. This is to say that this person becomes addicted to things in their lives. Anything. Having sex with sheep, eating nail polish or even cutting themselves. This doesnt MEAN THAT THE WEED WAS ADDICTIVE it means that that person has a personality flaw. It is difficult to help people with a personality disorder as they generlly make them feel better while doing them than while not, unlike depression where a person who recovers can note dramatic improvement a person with personality disorder may feel much worse on their way to getting help just like an addict. For this reason recovery is often delayed and very difficult.

      NOW, for you to claim that this, or even just poor willpower means that weed is addictive, instead of looking it up and reading the facts about it tells me that you are not a very smart person. I am sorry to hear about your friends situations but there are programs put in place to help people like this in the united states. I hope yhat you did your job as a friend and reached out and helped them. My parents would often leave me homeless and yet that has nothing to do with weed my friend. It is most important to offer help or to offer to find help.

      As for your developed tendancies to lie about things without having researched them, I have never found a cure for ignorance so if any one has any ideas please feel free to chime in.

  17. I hope this gets a reply,

    I hope this gets a reply, I’ve just spent an hour scouring Google and ave found NOTHING to pull out, or counteract accidental or unintended caffeen intake.



  18. Counteract Caffeine

    For mild caffeine related sleeplessnes, try a banana or two (potassium), rehydrate with some electrolyte, water, and some good sleep foods such as milk, cheese, rice, and melon.  It will take time for high levels of caffeine to “half life” out of your system.  Each half life is about 5 hours.  If you’ve pumped yourself with 200mg of caffeine, it will likely take 5-10 hours to half life the dose down to a dietary manageable level including using sleep “friendly” foods.   If you end up sleepless all night then use the experience to learn that dietary energy management is easier without caffeine ingestion beyond breakfast.  

    1. Worked for me!

      I took 2 Calcium Magnesium Pills, ate a large banana, drank lots of chamomile tea, & ate 2 heaping teaspoon fulls of garlic (maybe a little more); it was crushed.  Within 10 minutes I felt better.  Had way too much Yerbe Mate’ at one time.  This really works!

    2. Worked for me too!!!

      Thank you so much for the suggestion.I had taken too much espresso and got very bad effect. I tried banana and drank water and it worked out really well for me.Thanks again…:)

  19. Try Garlic

    I’ve done this several times and it starts working almost immediately.  I came across this forum  tonight because I was curious as to what else out there would work as well.  Seems like garlic does the trick better than anything else.  To negate the effects of the harsh flavor of eating pure garlic I mix it with a little lemon juice, about half a squeezed lemon and it goes down just fine.  I use about two medium sized cloves.  I don’t eat anything with it right away to make sure it does the trick unhindered and I emulsify the garlic by spreading it on the chopping board with a large sharp knife with a good amount of force and chopping it, repeating the process as much as is needed to basically turn it into a paste.  Mix it with the lemon juice and it is drinkable.  Don’t like the mixture touching my teeth so I pour it down the back of my mouth and that’s all she wrote.  I had a lot of caffeine today enough to where I know it will be hard to sleep but having just consumed the garlic lemon juice mixture I know I should be fine.  Wether it’s coffee or tea I love my caffeine but I am one who is very sensitive to it so I try not to drink more than one cup of coffee a day and not after noon time  except for tea.  On days when I know I’m going to need more caffeine than it takes to keep me awake at night it’s good to know there is an antidote that works.  I was actually feeling jittery not too long ago and now I am much better.  I had alot of caffeine today and needed it but I should sleep just fine.  Hope this info helps anyone out there who also is sensitive to caffeine.  It should be a pretty safe way to counteract the negative effects caffeine can have at times.

    1. Thank You

      I was learning the meaning of ‘jumping off the walls,’ and not feeling good at all. I came across this suggestion, and happen to have garlic supplement pills. I took one with a piece of bread, and it has helped tremendously. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

    2. This worked

      Thanks, I OD on caffiene too often because I love tea and coffee and this is the only thing that has ever helped. I mashed up three cloves of garlic into a paste and than tossed them into half a cup of lemon juice  and added a little water. I chugged it down and a few minutes later i few amazingly better.


    3. Worked for me

      I downed 2 tsp of garlic infused olive oil. I also ate a banana and took a dose of my calcium magnesium powder. I don’t know which did the trick but I am no longer jittery or nauseous. I only drank a small cup of Tazo hot green tea and had an 8 oz glass of cold raspberry tea today. I am very sensitive to caffeine though and just wasn’t thinking when I had more than 1 serving of caffeine in a day.

    4. Thank You!

      Just mixed some freezedried garlic and water in a shot glass and downed it. didnt take long and feel much better now, thank you.

    5. Garlic to counteract Caffeine

      I got some caffeine today by mistake. I haven’t had a significant amount of caffeine in over 20 years so I am very sensitive. I tried the garlic cure. I think it worked! Thanks so much!

  20. How to reduce the caffeine on your body?

    I woke up this morning wondering what the halflife of caffeine is in your body, because I am in process of getting my thyroid dose adjusted and need to know how coffee habit effects that.  I know that there is one enzyme in the liver that is resposible for metabolizing caffeine.  That enzyme is also responsible for metabolizing a number of other things and it tends to become depleted when over used.  Eating the “sleepy foods” that one commentor mentioned may help replenish this enzyme.  I do know that grapefruit directly replenishes this certain enzyme and that is why so many drugs have a caution about eating grapefruit along with taking them because it speeds up the body’s elimination of those drugs and upsets the dosing requirements. Eating raw garlic may also replenish this liver enzyme, although I have never read anything about that.  I do know that chamomile also directly antagonizes the effects of caffeine due to the fact that it immediately controls coffee jitters in my experience, though by what mechanism I do not know.  I know that many of the “sleepy foods” mentioned by one commentor in this discussion are high in calcium and magnesium which do have a directly stabilizing effect on excited nervous states, but whether they help to replenish the liver enzyme is unknown to me at this time.  This is a question to google perhaps or search on pubmed.

    This is a link to a wikipedia article on the subject (  It seems to indicate that the liver enzyme resposible for caffeine metabolism is highly effected by over use, and that eating foods that replenish it may go a long way in reducing the insomnia effects of caffeine. I am very curious as to whether garlic would be in the same category as grapefruit for this purpose.

    It is my understanding that Melatonin is our primary sleep hormone that is produced by the brain in direct response to our daylight driven circadian rhythm and would not need to be replaced unless caffeine has been used over a period of 24 hours or more to upset the circadian rhythm, such as a night shift job, or pulling an all nighter for study, or inability to sleep on a long plane flight, or using caffeine in the afternoon.  I would not suspect that Melatonin has a directly antagonistic effect against caffeine since caffeine can be used to overcome the effects of Melatonin, ie. drinking coffee to stay awake all night.

    I thank all the other commentors here for their input because you have opened up many avenues of inquirey that I would not have readily thought of on my own.  I hope my comments have helped some you in turn.


    1. Incorrect on grapefruit

      White grapefruit juice *inactivates* an enzyme in the liver (CY89 I believe). This enzyme is used for metabolizing many prescription drugs. So if a person drinks a lot of grapefruit juice, he is at risk for an excess amount of certain prescription drugs in his body.

  21. Caffeine antidote that works.

    You can use a beta-blocker called propranolol to counteract the ‘jittery’ effects from caffine. Beta blockers have been used for many years to lower blood pressure and have an excellent safety record.

    The combination works as caffine increases the amount of catecolamines like adrenaline in your system, while beta blockers block that effect. Since the beta blockers work more in the peripheries, rather than the brain, the awake effects from the caffine remain without the sweats / shakes / upset guts.

    You will need a prescription for the medication, but it’s pretty cheap since it’s long since off patent. Side effects include lowering your blood pressure (only an issue if it was low to start with), and in some men it can cause erectile dysfunction (only until it wears off!).

    1. Kick Your Depression, One Way Or Another

      Depression can happen to anybody, but if you’re experiencing it and it’s getting in your way of living, take action. There are numerous ways of treating and curing depression and what works for one person may not for another. Look over the following tips on dealing with depression and see if one or more might help you out.

      1. Try to control your negative thinking. Realizing that you can beat your blues is the first step to doing so and half the battle. When your mind starts focusing on negative thoughts, redirect yourself immediately to something good about you or your life. The more depressing thoughts that predominate your thinking, the longer you will feel depressed.

      2. Get out and do something. Developing a new hobby can be a fast way to divert depression and shake your blues. Anything you might find interesting like a ceramics or yoga class should help lift your spirits dramatically. Force yourself into social situations where you have to pay attention to distracting stories and tidbits about people. These interactions will help alleviate depression, at least long enough for you to enjoy yourself for a while.

      3. Attack your personal problems. Break big problems down into small and doable steps. When we allow problems to linger, they usually snowball into worse situations and fuel depression. Make a list of what is wrong and a map of how you can fix it, little by little. Solicit the help of friends or family, or a professional guide if you feel you can’t resolve the problems by yourself.

      4. Avoid bad behavior. Wallowing in self-pity and constantly complaining will only feed your depression; you need to attack depression at its roots. Don’t isolate yourself or be such a downer when you are around others that they start avoiding you. Make sure you do not use things like drugs or alcohol during times of depression either, as this will exasperate everything.

      5. Keep your feet on the ground. People often become depressed if their expectations are not realized and this is certain to occur when we set goals that are too lofty. Don’t think that you cannot be happy just because you don’t have a certain job, a lover in your life or certain materialistic things you’ve always coveted. Set your sights on basic things in life that are attainable to you, and be grateful when you reach those goals.

      6. If your depression lingers too long or keeps coming back, please get help. It’s one thing to be down for a day or so, that happens to everybody, but if you find yourself suffering from deep sadness that interferes with your ability to lead a productive and pleasurable life, you might need professional intervention. Don’t let embarrassment or potential shame stop you; understand that you are worthy of happiness and only human, like everyone else.

      Don’t suffer with depression alone and don’t let it rule your life. Life may not be perfect, but it’s far too short to be spent in the shadows and pain of depression. Try these tips, try something else or try a professional. Somewhere out there is the solution you are in need of.

      check out blood pressure monitorfor your health.

      1. Re Kick you depression, one way or anoher

        Thanks for this – great insight and very useful and inspiring. Reading it made me feel immediately more positive and wanting to do more to make my life better. All the best. Jackie

  22. how to eliminate caffeine from your body….

    You should try fresh carrot juice – it allegedly helps remove caffeine from body – I have tried it and it really works for me!

  23. Bad experiment with Kola nut


    Guys, I’m searching caffeine antidote because, just a few hours ago an Ambulance track have stopped by my house. Why, I call 911, thought I will die from drinking tea. I did some mixture of herbs Kola nut powder, Vanilla nut powder, and grinded Rose hips. I think the worst affect was from Kola nut, which contains a lot of caffeine. It was just proportion of 1/3 tea spoon of each ingredients, but Rose hips was one tea spoon. Everything was added to an average ceramic tea pot with a hot water. I drank maybe a half of cap and in a few minutes my blood pressure increased dramatically, I do not know exactly how much, but my hands started shake and I was afraid I will collapse and no one will know what happened to me. So I grabbed those bags, that I just have received from mountainroseherbs and started dialing 911 (at least if I will collapse they will see what I was taking). When they came in, they measured my pulls and blood pressure, and it really was not so bad, as they sad, about 144. Ambulance guy sad, to drink a lot of water, and that there is no antidote exist, but I’m pretty sure, in Emergency room they have some protocol to treat this kind of condition. So it is about 5 hours later now, I have drank probably of 3 liters of water, and I feel close to normal condition. Just to let you know it is not a good idea to experiment with some herbal sexual enhancement recipe from the internet. I have nothing against mounaineroseherbs, but do not experiment yourself.

    1. kola nut

      Kola nut is an intense stimulant. I believe it was one of the ingredients removed from the 19th century cola beverages because it was dangerous for people with heart problems. I believe it used to be the primary ingredient in old-fasioned cola beverages along with coca leaf extract, hence the name Coca-Cola. I would say the coca leaf was probably the less harmful of the two ingredients. One can still legally purchase both coca leaf tea and kola nut from herbalists, but there are many things herbalists sell that require caution, just like you have to use caution with any medicine. Anything that has a biological action on an organism has the potential to be toxic and cause harm. It is a matter of dosage. 

      If your blood pressure had been dangerously high, such as 200s over 100s, they would have (or should have) take you to a hospital where they would likely have given something to lower your blood pressure to safe ranges. 

      I am glad you are okay and I hope you will start with very small doses if you plan to experiment with bioactive substances, although I have to advise against it. People die of subsance overdoses very frequently, often from heart attack. 

  24. Drink water

    Another method is to just start drinking plenty of water. Don’t bloat yourself, but drink enough to try to get yourself to have to pee. Drink as often as possible to lessen the effects of the caffeine quicker.

    1. Not too much

      Drinking too much water can be dangerous since coffee will cause you to pee a lot. You lose a lot of electrolytes along with the caffeine you pee and can dilute your blood.

      1. Electrolytes

        True, I also drink Vitacoco (coconut water) which helps to replace electrolytes and also helps to counterbalance the acidity of coffee. I’ve also read that, ideally, you should never have coffee on an empty stomach because it’s so acid forming.

        1. True but…

          That is true! You can get gastric ulcer. But you can get that by anything that got low Ph. Coca-Cola (and other softdrinks) could be considerable worse than coffé to stomach though… “Coconout water” may sounds much like some health/diet trends. If you’re not into such lifestyle (like I am not) you may be happy with just milk. But I may depend on your location since milk could have additives. I am from Sweden and here we don’t got any additives at all in our milk. But some other places in the world got preservatives and such that I don’t know if it could have any impact.

      2. hyponeutremia shouldnt be a

        hyponeutremia shouldnt be a concern unless the person has kidney disease, or is consuming waaaaaaay too much water such as in a contest or to pass a drug test, an american diet provides about 100x more sodium than someone needs.

  25. Caffeine against garlic

    I was so sick 1 hour ago… I was close to call an ambulance… A lot of caffeine and my body was shaken, nauseas, pain. I read the articles about garlic.. I took a large amount of garlic, 1 banana, water and 20 minutes I am much better. 5 hours very sick and just you helped me guys in 15 minutes. Good luck??? But It worked for me…

    1. How did that even just happen?

      I felt the same way. I was afraid to fall asleep in fear of not waking up. I ate 3 cloves of garlic and drank a glass of lemon water and felt better almost immediately. I have bad breath now but at least I can calm down. I can’t believe that just worked so well. And so fast…. Wow.

  26. Eat Something

    This happens to me alot, i drink alot of caffein, then later i feel sick and i forget that I had’nt eaten, when i eat somethign I always feel better. Always. 

  27. Caffeine Research

    Call for research participants:
    Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world, yet the experienced effects of the substance can vary between individuals. The aim of this survey research is to better understand the variation in responses to caffeine as well as relationships to the substance. As a study in the field of medical anthropology, this project specifically looks into categories of effects and symptoms, systems of knowledge about health and illness, and medical encounters in regards to caffeine consumption.

    How to participate:
    This study is open to caffeine enthusiasts, those who abstain completely, and all those in between. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

    Participate via an anonymous online survey:
    PsychData survey #158958

  28. magnesium seems to work.

    Today I bought a new brand of coffee (as in one that i did not try before). I was eager to test it so at 4pm i tried two cups and it tasted very good. I already sampled another coffee at the shop at 11am earlier that day, so 3 cups filter coffee as i normally should only take 1 cup because i am very sensitive to caffeine in coffee. For some weird reason i can drink a liter of coca-cola and i feel great and don’t get restless but to much coffee makes me anxious, restless, sometimes on the border of paranoid, not very pleasant at all.

    I took some calming herbs. first 800mg hop. almost had no effect, then i took a second one still not desired effect, only very mild and 1600mg hop probably should make even a horse feel sleepy. Then I used 500mg tablet of magnesium with a little st johns worth.

    Guess what i fell shitty for 5 hours straight, i take 500mg magnesium and i feel almost normal after 20 minutes.
    Seems to work great for me. I take these pills anyway because of sports and is good for muscle recovery and helps you sleep too.

    I definitly going to try garlic if it happens again but magnesium works good too. I actually did not read this forum until after i took magnesium, so it was just by accident that i know now that magnesium is the cure.
    But garlic is a lot cheaper and i have it in the fridge so if it happens again i go eat garlic-gloves with magnesium for desert.

    BTW if you don’t have magnesium pills or if it is too expensive maybe by kelp or seaweed, just dried and make yourself a noodle soup with seeweed, it has 8000mg potassium and and a lot magnesium in it (more then daily dose anyway), works better then a banana and taste pretty nice too. You just need a little bit of it (maybe 20 or 30 grams) and should already work better then 3 bananas

  29. Garlic powder does not equal minced garlic

    I just want let you guys know that garlic powder is not the same. It is so disgusting. 1/2 tsp and I feel like I’m going to throw up. I currently have two atomic fireballs in my mouth to get rid of the stench/taste.
    Overall, this is awful.
    I’m going to vomit.

  30. Roasted Garlic is easier

    I love coffee but get severe migraines and nausea with it.
    Like an idiot after a year I got greedy and had two cups of coffee after dinner.
    Now I felt all uneasy, nauseas, heady, racing heartbeats all that.. I saw your garlic suggestion and tried it.
    Since its difficult for me to take raw garlic because it’s too strong to bite into.. I pierced it with a sharp knife and put in on my stove until I made it black.. It gets really soft and easy to eat. The relief is quite quick. Try not to drink water for 10 mins after.. Works better..
    I’m going to have another one now it’s been 20 mins.. I know I’ll feel even better.

    Thanks so much guys. Hope the next person feels better too 🙂

  31. great relief 4 cms of ginger root, 3 cloves of garlic & cayenne

    Works fantastic 4 cms of grated ginger root, 3 cloves of garlic pressed and pured & 1 tablespoonful of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water works better fresh and raw but if its too much to handle a tea of all of this can help.

    Hope this helps to all because it helped me heaps.

  32. Neurocalm and magnesium

    I am super super sensitive to caffeine – like even decaf keeps me up all night with severe anxiety attacks. I accidentally drank an energy drink (wasn’t told it was caffeinated). started having panic attacks so took two neurocalm tablets and two magnesium tablets and it helped so so much!!



    I thought you might find this interesting. Healthline has compiled a list of the Effects of Caffeine on the Body in a visual graphic and I thought you and your readers would be interested in seeing the information.

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  34. I think the most useful comments….

    are those providing relief using easy to find items which are probably already in the home or office.

    The caffeine OD is not something planned and may result from forgetting about how much caffeine is in particular foods.

    Ingestion of 1800 mg of caffeine can induce a panic attack very easily. That’s only 6 regular caffeinated beverages and even fewer if you add espresso shots or buy jumbo sizes.

  35. Reducing the Effect of Caffeine

    I am also very sensitive to caffeine. It causes my heart to race, insomnia, and jitteriness. Yesterday I had 2-3 carbonated beverages with caffeine, a chocolate bar, and junior mints. I knew I would suffer that night. I decided to try out the garlic/lemon juice remedy. I took 4 cloves of garlic and put them in the Bullet blender, added 1/2 cup of lemon juice and hot water. Drank it. Didn’t feel great in my stomach – probably too much lemon juice. But, by golly, it knocked the jitteriness way down…and I actually had a fantastic night’s sleep. Better than usual, and unheard of considering the caffeine I consumed the day before. I find it amazing. Next time I will try less lemon – maybe 1/2 lemon instead of a 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Thanks!

    1. Garlic – not lemon – is what hurt your stomach

      Raw garlic is very hard on the stomach and hard to digest. Lemon is good for digestion. It is the raw garlic that gives you that knawing burning feeling.

    2. Yes it is garlic that can

      Yes it is garlic that can cause some serious stomache. Lemon is good for stomach it alkalizes the body. Garlic in that amount could burn your stomach like fire. You are one lucky retard.

    3. garlic thanks soooo much

      thank u sooo much i was crying from nervousness i took overdose caffeine thought that it will help me study more but i was so nevous and my heart beat was so rapid but after eating garlic and drinking alot of water it worked and am feeling way better :’)

    4. Did you know chocolate actually does not have caffeine

      Chocolate actually contains Theobromine a stimulant similar to caffeine but chocolate actually does not have any natural caffeine but some chocolate companies make an energy version of their chocolate and add caffeine.

      1. Not exactly true

        Chocolate can have very small amounts of natural caffeine in it depending on it’s production. The husks of cacao beans in particularly contain small amounts caffeine and this can easily get into the chocolate during production. But yes you are right the main stimulant in chocolate is Theobromine.

  36. Anyone plz

    I cant sleep when i drink 2 monester engery at afternoon help to clean caffine in my body
    plz i want a help

  37. Banana

    I didn’t have any garlic but I had a banana and some water. I drank a big glass of water and ate the banana. It’s only been 5 min but I feel better.

  38. Lemon juice, garlic and minarel water are seperately reduce effect of caffeine.They reduce also anxiety caused by caffeine. Try after drinking tea or coffee or eating chocolate.

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