NOTE: Flavorings really should not be needed in good coffee but we
all want something a little different every now and again. As a general
rule, adding your own flavoring is a better approach to drinking
flavored coffee than buying pre-flavored coffee. Commercially-flavored
coffee usually uses a low quality bean since most of the flavor will be
masked by the chemical flavorings anyway. So be warned – in many cases
you are paying a lot for cheap beans that have had a chemical added to
them to make them more palatable. It is my opinion that if you start
with a good quality coffee, there is very little need for external
flavorings. As in all things coffee, go with your taste. If you like
flavored coffee by all means drink it!

One last note. If you buy flavored coffee wash all your coffee equipment
thoroughly after brewing flavored coffee. The flavoring agents used will
stick to anything used with them. Do not use the same grinder to grind
flavored and unflavored coffee. It will take approximately 20 grinding
of coffee to remove all the flavoring agents that stick to the internal
part of the grinder.

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