Why roast coffee at home?

1 Freshness. Beans are best between
eighteen hours and about a week and a half old. Roasting
yourself ensures that you can hit this peak – and you know when
they were roasted. Some coffees break this general ideal. Some
will reach their peak as much as three to four days after
roasting but you have no way to judge this unless you are
roasting your own.

2 Choice. Green beans last for several months to a year or more
– so you can stock several varieties and choose what you want
when you want. You can roast as little as 3 ounces (depending on
your roaster) so you are not stuck with half a pound of the same
bean to drink in a fortnight. This is particularly useful when
you want to try home blending or cupping and want small
quantities of several beans.

3 Home roasting does seem to make it easier to understand the
flavors and varieties available around the world.

If you don’t enjoy roasting and experimenting or live in a house
or apartment without sufficient means to vent the smoke and
chaff – then home roasting might not be for you.

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