What is an Italian Soda?

An Italian Soda is a flavored carbonated drink, typically made with a flavouring syrup component and an unflavored carbonated component.

Italian Sodas can be purchased pre-mixed from grocery stores, though the quality isn’t usually great. The most popular way to enjoy an italian soda is to buy the components and made it yourself at home, which is as simple and mixing the ingredients together in a glass.

Fruit flavors are typically used in Italian Sodas, such as peach, raspberry, lemon, lime, strawberry, etc. A popular variation know as the Italian Cream Soda adds a vanilla or coconut flavor to the fruit flavor to create a smoother, creamier taste.

The carbonated portion can be made using mineral water, sparkling water, or plain water depending on personal preferences.

They usually don’t have any caffeine content, though they can be mixed with a tea (after cooling) for a little pick-me-up.

Italian Soda Brands

Popular brands of flavoring syrups include Torani, Monin and 1883. These brands are known for using quality ingredients, and a have a lineup of over 100 unique flavours each.

Sugar Free Italian Sodas

Sugar Free Syrups can also be used, which are typically sweetened with Splenda, though sometimes Aspartame or Stevia are used. They allow people with a restricted diet (due to a diet, or diabeters) to enjoy more flavorful drinks.