What is a Kopi Luak (Kopi Luwak)?

The only coffee of commerce today that is the product of
an animal’s digestive tract is Kopi Luak or Luwak from
Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is reported that
the yearly crop is about 80 LB total. It retails in the US
for about $18.50 oz. or $296.00 LB. and is available from
John Martinez & Son in Atlanta, GA.

According to the former head of the Indonesian national zoo,
as told to the Smithsonian’s rep. Kopi Luak is a fiction
with a great sales pitch.

In 2002 I recieved the following e-mail
from T.S.Ganesh.

2 thoughts on “What is a Kopi Luak (Kopi Luwak)?”

  1. fiction?

    BY fiction you mean, untruth.. and if that is the case then kopi luwak is a scam..a rip off? Are you absolutely certain about this? Have you tried kopi luwak? Here is what I have gathered from other sources..

    1. Non Fiction… Well kind of…

      Hi Roy,

      I see it’s been quite a while since you asked your question, but thought I’d respond anyway. If you added up the amount of “Kopi Luwak” being sold online and otherwise, it would total about 5000% the true annual production of the coffee. Even if you can find true kopi luwak, chances are high that it’s sourced from caged/force-fed luwaks living in terrible conditions. There are a few legitimate providers of the beans, such as http://www.rosskopi.com/ and http://gayokopi.com/ who certify their beans are only derived from free-roaming wild civets in Sumatra. Their coffees carry a premium, but that’s due to how incredibly rare their coffee actually is. Hope this helps!

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