Studies on the side-effects of caffeine.

OAKLAND, California (UPI) -- Coffee may be good for life. A major study has found fewer suicides among coffee drinkers than those who abstained from the hot black brew.

The study of nearly 130,000 Northern California residents and the records of 4,500 who have died looked at the effects of coffee and tea on mortality.

Cardiologist Arthur Klatsky said of the surprising results, ``This is not a fluke finding because our study was very large, involved a multiracial population, men, women, and examined closely numerous factors related to mortality such as alcohol consumption and smoking.''

The unique survey also found no link between coffee consumption and death risk. And it confirmed a ``weak'' connection of coffee or tea to heart attack risk -- but not to other cardiovascular conditions such as stroke.

The study was conducted by the health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente and was reported Wednesday in the Annals of Epidemiology.


Yes, Caffeine causes breast

Yes, Caffeine causes breast pain especially if you have fibrocystic breast disease. Caffeine makes these cyst enlarge and cause tenderness. Switch to decaf.

how about drinking loose

how about drinking loose leaf tea. less caffeine and good for you. Give japanese green tea a go.

One thing that I've found

One thing that I've found (while it seemed obvious after realising it) in helping me cope with the lack of caffeine in my system, once i decided to kick caffeine out of my life, was WATER. Drinking more and more water has helped me immensely to feel more energy and more alive. I realised that I drank less and less water that more soda/energy drinks I would drink. Didn't really dawn on me until just recently how closely related my lack of energy may have been to simple lack of water in my system. The more water I've put into my system in the effort to 'detox' from caffeine, the easier it has been on my system- perhaps the body forgets a little about what it's not getting (caffeine) as it begins to receive what it's been desperately lacking for some time (water)

I've been off caffeine for

I've been off caffeine for about a week now. Used to drink 5-6 diet cokes a day for 30 years. Yes, there are headaches, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced nightmares? The other night I woke up screaming, couldn't feel my skin so I three water all over me. I asked my husband to call 911 but he just held me. After 3 minutes I was ok but scared to go back to sleep! Just wondering if this might be caffeine related.

hi, over the last ten days l

hi, over the last ten days l have found that rapid detox can cause many and various side effects. hot flushes and tingling being a couple. l have a anxiety history and have recently been learning how the brain works in a complexe manner of psychology. Now that you have had one episode that was physical, the brain will have recorded all the other emotions that went with it. now l have found that, in my case l have to unlearn all the other stuff that goes with the physical symptoms. So when l try to go to sleep l get 'scared' of what could happen if anything. so my suggestion that worked for me is self meditation. Relax all your muscles one by one untill you do go to sleep. Once its worked a few times you will learn a new sleep pattern that doesnt always have to include anxiety. Good Luck!!!!


omg same i totally agree with all you guys rock on!

Caffeine and asthma

I just thought I'd comment on a really amazing development in my life since I have given up coffee. I went through the major headaches etc but after they went away (a week or so to subside) something else occured which took be by complete surprise. As I am a regular gym goer that suffers from exercise enduced asthma, I usually take a puff of reliever before starting my exercise program on any given day. As I just mentioned, I had recently given up coffee (one month or so ago) and unfortunately one day I forgot to take my routine puff of reliever before starting my exerices. Well, as I was walking away on the treadmill I realised, and of course I panicked as an asthma attack can hit me pretty quickly once I've started exercising (the last time I forgot to take my reliever with me an asthma attack suddently took hold and I had to rush home and scramble for my reliever). The good news is, the asthma attack did not happen so I kept walking. Thinking it was just a lucky day that day, I tried it again, this time having my reliever ready just in case. Well, surprise surprise, again, the attack didn't happen. Now given that I have never been able to exercise without a reliever(not even once as I have tried all different techniques to avoid using it), this truly is a remarkable discovery for me. I have discovered it rather late, but as they say, better late than never. To think, I would never have found this out had I not given up coffee and had I not forgotten to take my usual dose of medicine.

Drinking coffee

I have read most of he articles against drinking coffee/tea.
What do you substitute for these drinks.
Being English where tea is our national drink I have a problem, not so much with not drinking coffee but with not drinking tea.
It becomes fairly obvious that the problem is with caffeine.

cafeine effects

I just wanted to make a comment. I have been having some problems with dizziness and heart fluttering and have been to a doctor and had a ultra sound of my heart and they found nothing. Incidently, I stopped drinking caffinated coffee and soft drinks and the problem has went away. Just to make sure, I bought a diet coke and after about three drinks I became dizzy. Just thougth this was an interesting fact you could post on your web site.

Dizziness and coffee

I also have problems with dizziness after drinking coffee, particularly if I don't have a healthy meal with or just before the coffee. It sometimes lasts for hours after the coffee consumption... I just thought it was interesting that you also experienced this. It could be related to dehydration or low blood sugar.

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