Studies on the side-effects of caffeine.

OAKLAND, California (UPI) -- Coffee may be good for life. A major study has found fewer suicides among coffee drinkers than those who abstained from the hot black brew.

The study of nearly 130,000 Northern California residents and the records of 4,500 who have died looked at the effects of coffee and tea on mortality.

Cardiologist Arthur Klatsky said of the surprising results, ``This is not a fluke finding because our study was very large, involved a multiracial population, men, women, and examined closely numerous factors related to mortality such as alcohol consumption and smoking.''

The unique survey also found no link between coffee consumption and death risk. And it confirmed a ``weak'' connection of coffee or tea to heart attack risk -- but not to other cardiovascular conditions such as stroke.

The study was conducted by the health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente and was reported Wednesday in the Annals of Epidemiology.


everytime i had coffee, i

everytime i had coffee, i will feel not comfortable. my body will start shaking, sweating the whole day. why is that so? could anybody tell me why it happens? i love coffee but i cant take it regularly because of the side effects. pls help.


sounds very like blood sugar dysregulation. Do everything you can to ensure you are not at a very early stage on the road to diabetes. Avoiding caffeine wld be important for you, as well as sugar - you will find strong emotional situations, and large stresses of any kind can trigger the same reaction as caffeine. See a naturapath or chinese medicine practitioner or somebody who knows how to address the underlying glandular and biochemical issues in your body. good luck!

There is no doubt that one

There is no doubt that one side effect for coffee is weight loss. Some are glad to hear about that, I wouldn't be, because coffee is an unhealthy way for loosing weight and it can't be a good alternative to diets.

not true

actually caffeine will make/keep you fat. it causes the body to think that it needs a burst of energy, this causes your body to go into overdrive releasing sugars and such and has a very negative effect on the thyroid. the only reason people lose any weight using caffeine is because they are not hungry and this is also very bad because your body goes into starvation mode and will not burn fat but will eat muscle

actually i would disagree

actually i would disagree with you...i have been drinking coffee and energy drinks every day for the past year...and it makes me more hungry than i normally am.

Recent findings of effects of the coffee bean on the brain


Caffeine provide bitterness,

Caffeine provide bitterness, astringency, sweetness and flavor and it also serves as a powerful oxidant. It definitely helps in weight loss. Black Coffee with no cream and sugar is no harm to weight loss seekers.


Could caffeine be the contributing ingredient to my breast pain? I recently had a mammogram, because my breast would pain me from time to time, not constantly. Of course I was thinking I had the big C.

But not so, but why the pain in my breast. For example one day I had a very large McDonald's ice tea, and another 2 glasses of tea at lunch and at dinner time another large cup of tea. Wow my breast hurt from 3 pm til 8:30 atleast. Could caffeine be the culprit?

Pain and Caffiene intake

I was interested to read your comments about breast pain and consumption of caffiene.  Similarly, I have had pain throughout my body for the past six months or so.  I had no idea what was causing it.  It wasn't only in my joints, but was in my soft tissue as well.  I had a mini revelation this week and decided the pain may have started when I began drinking cafienated coffee at work.  I stopped drinking the coffee and the next day I was pain free.  It has been two days and the soft tissue pain is completely gone.  I suggest others try this.  I hope this continues and may help someone else.  Go for water instead.

RE: Pain

One word: Over-consumption
Drinking a cup or two of coffee/tea a day is not a problem (However if side effects still trigger, then I suggest you to, like the person said, switch to decaf.)

"For example one day I had a very large McDonald's ice tea, and another 2 glasses of tea at lunch and at dinner time another large cup of tea."
This explains it. There is a certain amount of caffeine your body can take so it would be best not to go over 2 cups at most. Continuous overconsumption may lead to heart disease; keep the caffeine-intake to a minimum. The good side about coffee/tea is that it contains some antioxidants but sometimes too much of a 'good' thing may not be good for you. However, I believe that in your condition right now, it would be best not to drink/eat anything containing caffeine for a while but if you can't live without your coffee/tea (like me), try decaf. Best wishes.

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