What is "white coffee"?

This is generally a proprietary coffee that a few coffee shops have started to sell. The general consensus is that it is seriously under roasted coffee. The advertising hype that goes with it would agree with this assumption although the people selling this product will not say anything about how it is made. Because un/bairly roasted beans are extremely hard a special grinder is required to grind the coffee.

One of the common claims about white coffee is that it is higher in caffeine than normal coffee. Coffee loses caffeine by volume as it is roasted so it probably does have more caffeine by volume. By weight caffeine content actually goes up so the caffeine content by weight is probably lower. One theory that has been proposed (but once again this is a gauess and probably varies from shop to shop) is that the blend may be all or mostly robusta to boost teh caffeine.

In Australia a white coffee or a "flat white" can be any number of different espresso and milk of coffee and milk drinks.

In the US and UK you will from time to time hear coffee with milk or cream referred to as white coffee.

White coffee can also refer to a cup of instant with a dash of cold milk.

If you are interested in trying white coffee try a search on Google.


White Coffee Location

Monon Coffee Co. In Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, Indiana sells white coffee as well.

Where to find white coffee

You can find white coffee called white knuckle in this amazing little coffee shop in Troy, Montana It's amazing ---- it's under roasted giving the coffee a wonderful nutty flavor.. The town is small, very very small right on the Montana Idaho border about 144 miles from Spokane, WA. The scenery is gorgeous there as well. You can also do a google search for white lightning coffee... It's also pretty good.

White Coffee

Bargreen Restaurant Supply, Everett, WA has a shop on Rucker Ave there where WHITE COFFEE beans can be purchased, and also enjoyed in their nice shop

White Coffee at Bargreens in Everett

I am sipping my first cup of White Coffee from Bargreens in Everett and it is delicious! Such a small shop, local so I love supporting them!

MT White Coffee

Funny that MT seems to have so much good white coffee!! I live in Missoula, and there is a little Kiosk here-- Good Americano-- that has the BEST white coffee I've ever tasted.

I first tried white coffee in

I first tried white coffee in Libby, MT, not too far from Troy. Hav'A'Java was the hut. It was great! I had it as a white chocolate frappe. The combination of the nutty flavor of white coffee and white chocolate was amazing.

Troy MT coffee

That wound be Main Street Perk and they are  exactly the  reason I googled white coffee!  So nice to see someone else noticed!

Boot Knock'n Good!

First time I had white roast coffee was at Main Street Perk in Troy, MT. They're the reason I'm searching white coffee now! Great shop, great coffee and sandwiches.

White coffee

This is funny. We were just camping over by Troy. We had to run into town and we got some white coffee. We have now spent the last few days trying to find a place as good as the one in Montana. Amazing place.

ReBoot, a half coffee shop

ReBoot, a half coffee shop and half computer repair center makes a mean white coffee drink in Spokane.It's right across the street from the Fred Meyer on Thor.  

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