What is "white coffee"?

This is generally a proprietary coffee that a few coffee shops have started to sell. The general consensus is that it is seriously under roasted coffee. The advertising hype that goes with it would agree with this assumption although the people selling this product will not say anything about how it is made. Because un/bairly roasted beans are extremely hard a special grinder is required to grind the coffee.

One of the common claims about white coffee is that it is higher in caffeine than normal coffee. Coffee loses caffeine by volume as it is roasted so it probably does have more caffeine by volume. By weight caffeine content actually goes up so the caffeine content by weight is probably lower. One theory that has been proposed (but once again this is a gauess and probably varies from shop to shop) is that the blend may be all or mostly robusta to boost teh caffeine.

In Australia a white coffee or a "flat white" can be any number of different espresso and milk of coffee and milk drinks.

In the US and UK you will from time to time hear coffee with milk or cream referred to as white coffee.

White coffee can also refer to a cup of instant with a dash of cold milk.

If you are interested in trying white coffee try a search on Google.


The Best White Coffee I ever tried

I always drink white coffee, the taste is strong and rich. There are so many brands out there. But the only brand of white coffee that satisfy me is BEVANDA. The taste of the BEVANDA premium white coffee is really awesome and perfect. I couldn't taste that elsewhere after I tasted it from a friend house. Unfortunately you cannot get it easily in the supermarket or hypermarket, but luckily I found that they got an online shop (http://shop.bevandavending.com), I'm buying online every week now, and the shipping fee is FREE in Malaysia! ^^ 
Here is the official site of BEVANDA: http://www.bevandavending.com

BEVANDA White Coffee

Yes, I bought the white coffee from BEVANDA. Their White Coffee is really good one. And their service is very good, I received the white coffee from them on the next day after I purchase. Thumbs up!!! Love their white coffee.

Where to find white coffee

You can find white coffee called white knuckle in this amazing little coffee shop in Troy, Montana It's amazing ---- it's under roasted giving the coffee a wonderful nutty flavor.. The town is small, very very small right on the Montana Idaho border about 144 miles from Spokane, WA. The scenery is gorgeous there as well. You can also do a google search for white lightning coffee... It's also pretty good.

Troy MT coffee

That wound be Main Street Perk and they are  exactly the  reason I googled white coffee!  So nice to see someone else noticed!

Boot Knock'n Good!

First time I had white roast coffee was at Main Street Perk in Troy, MT. They're the reason I'm searching white coffee now! Great shop, great coffee and sandwiches.

ReBoot, a half coffee shop

ReBoot, a half coffee shop and half computer repair center makes a mean white coffee drink in Spokane.It's right across the street from the Fred Meyer on Thor.  

White coffeeeee

You can find it at Cash and Carry in Spokane Valley.. Going there tright now to pick some up.. Happy java everyone!

I also found it in the cash

I also found it in the cash and carry on division in Spokane Washington. Thanks to you and this forum. My girlfriend has been talking about it non stop and can now make her the white coffee she always raves about for far les than $5 per drink.

White Coffee Heaven!!!

lol... Interesting, that you're in Spokane, because the first time I ever tried White Coffee was 18 or 19yrs ago on my first job. It was route sales and I was having a bad day in the hot sun of summer in West Spokane's concrete jungle. I popped into one of these at that time new fangled Barrista stands for a Quad Mocha to get me going. But the girl convinced me to try this Special White Coffee w/ just a double shot, white chocolate and absolutely wonderful home made Double Dipped Vanilla Biscotti, instead of that quad mocha. I fell instantly in love. With the coffee.... not the girl of course! lol...
So speaking with long lived authority on the subject now, I wanted to explain to readers here what white coffee is and what it isn't and where it came from. First off it has nothing to do with what you add to it like Ipoh drink in South Asia or even white chocolate, steamed milk or other additions. Now let me first explain exactly how it got it's name. When Coffee beans are first harvested, good pickers will choose the brightest ripe red coffee berries. New workers will often throw in some not so ripe berries in. But after they are run through the skinning process, there's very little difference in the undried coffee beans. It just that some are a little whiter than others.
Legend has it that this story took place somewhere in the White highlands of Kenya. But after these white beans are let dry in the sun, these so called Green Coffee beans all turn to a more beige white color, leaving little difference in sorting out not so ripe beans except when they're hand graded (rare). These are all Arabica beans grown this part of Kenya. But the same grading process takes place for Robusta coffee beans as well. After drying they're fed onto conveyor belts for the grading. In Africa this is also done by hand pulling both bad beans and whiter beans, along with sorting into sizes in bags. They always grade #1's as being largest beans and best quality. But most are sorted into the #2 and #3 bags. The rest including the bad beans are sorted out for extracting caffeine and more recently Chlorogenic Acid that's now used as a dieting aide.
Most plantation growers in Kenya will also roast some of their own beans as well as bagging them up Green (white/beige color) for export. At this stage high grown Fresh Coffee beans from the White Highlands of Kenya are known to have a distinct blueberry like scent when Freshly dried. Now they're put in the roaster and allowed to go through these different scent stages. First smelling somewhat like wet grass, then comes some of that blueberry scent back in along with vanilla and a hazelnut like scent at around first crack.
As they progress, you'll smell more citrus as it's now most likely further past the "First Crack" stage as moisture is released from the beans, so are the acids and gases. Now it will reach what we know as Light Roast state prior to "Second Crack" which will be a more medium roast. Cracking is the bean opening up. From there you have your many other darker roasts and they use cracking, color and bean scent samples to mark the roast levels for comparison.
Now back to the legend, rumor, story I'd heard years ago. Some industrious Kenyan worker decided to go over the bags of sorted out beans to find beans that maybe were good, prior to roasting. He found a bag of a bag of these whiter (from greener lighter red berries) beans, but other than that in perfect condition. So he decided to run them through the Roaster just to see what he got on his own time. Just as he was doing this the plantation owner came in and got mad about him using energy on what was considered bad bags headed for the extraction plant. Then he had him shut the roaster down immediately and it just so happened to be around "First Crack" w/ that vanilla like nutty blueberry smell coming out and that's just not a finished roasted coffee smell.
Afterwards the worker was wondering what he could do now with these half baked beans, because apparently this worker didn't even know what the temperature should have been set at in the first place. So there he is with these supposed worthless beans, smelling like vanilla nut blueberries. So he decided to go ahead and let 'em cool, rest and degas for the usual time anyway. When done he took some these more amber white colored nutty blueberry smelling beans and ground them up. He drank some of the coffee and was struck by how really different it tasted than the darker roasts he was used to. But what came next is what really fired him up!
Yeah he got really buzzed and it lasted much longer than he'd ever experienced with the really dark roasts. He then started serving this batch of half baked/half roasted beans to his friends and co-workers. He called them 'Tugela' or the Blanko Coffee of Kenya. Which was also known as the White Highlands of British East Africa in past generations. So the name is from the more whitish coffee beans sorted from the very ripest beans and then only half baked to become White Coffee Beans!
Now we get to the really unbelievable part! :D ....seems this worker had a blanko American friend that he'd also had try this coffee and was so taken by it that he sent a package of these beans in the early nineties to his relatives. Yeah in of all places Spokane, Washington. So somehow they got in contact with relatives in the coffee the emerging coffee industry in Seattle after falling in love with it themselves. White Coffee was born!!!  ......and I've been buying raw green coffee beans, baking 'em and drinking the stuff ever since!
But now only the best raw Green Arabica Coffee beans are being used for the finest "White Coffees". All the rest use blends of Arabica beans and some are throwing in more flavorless Robusta beans for their much higher caffeine content. So I doubt that many having tasted these ultra caffeine rich tasteless White Coffees even know what they're missing.
Now I hope you don't just settle for these poor pre-roasted (not baked properly) quality coffees. Instead I hope you try what I've been doing and that's baking my own. You can start by searching for Arabica coffee beans that are described best for light roasting to bring out the natural flavors in the beans that Darkbucks has no idea what they are, for the best White Coffee. Dig out an old cookie sheet, punch lots of holes in it or buy a Pizza Crisping screen to use in your oven (preferably convection). You can also try a Hot Air Popcorn maker, buy a temp adjustable coffee roaster or last but not least steal your dogs big stainless water bowl and use a heat gun to dry bake them. But be careful whatever you use and don't burn yourself. Join a Co-op forum for Coffee lovers and home roasters. You can even buy the raw Green beans cheaper in them, while sharing and learning the secrets to baking or low temp roasting good White Coffee! ....once you've tried your own fresh baked White Coffee...... well you'll never go back to Darkbuck's Burnt Coffee again!!!                  

Hi, interesting story. So

Hi, interesting story. So when you say half baked, do you mean what we would normally describe as a roast defect 'baked'. Or do you just mean a light roast rather than traditional dark?

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