Why do some people put egg shell in coffee grounds?

Adding eggshell to the grounds of coffee is said to take away some of the bitter taste that can be associated with cheap or over extracted coffee. People also use eggshell to settle the grounds of the coffee. I believe this to be a fairly rare practice now.


I am reading chocolate chip

I am reading chocolate chip cookie murder and I saw the part about the coffee two days ago! It started bugging me so much i just had to look it up! It's funny I haven't heard of it cause my relatives live im Minnesota. Definitely going to have to try it

Boiled coffee

I have heard of it, however I am 69 years old and my grandmother did it at the cottage on lake Melissa in the late 40's.

egg coffee

I read the same book and when I came across the paragraph about the coffee I went back and read it three times to make sure I wasn't reading it incorrectly. I even got my husband to read it to make sure we understood the same thing. I was interested because I love coffee but hesitant to try it because...well...it just sounds so weird. I googled egg coffee and found out that it is sometimes referred to as Norwegian Egg Coffee and is popular in the midwest and with Lutherans. So, I thought, what the heck, I will try it, if it is terrible I will pour it out. I followed a recipe that I found online and to my utter astonishment discoverd that it is wonderful. I normally drink my coffee with sugar and cream to tame the bitterness, but I can drink this coffee black. It is smooth and delicious.

Egg coffee

I'm reading the same book, I can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks for the info!

egg coffee

I just read the same book!!! and was wondering why?? So here I am and finding out it's a common practice. I have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker and very curious now to try it!!!! It's a 12 cup and would I use 1-2 eggs maybe for the pot? 

Haha! I am reading that book

Haha! I am reading that book right now and I had to look this up! I am going to try it, but I am very nervous.

  There is an episode of I

There is an episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy breaks an egg into a coffee pot before brewing laughing "my grandma was Swedish".  :)  Since then I've always wanted to try it.

eggshells in coffee

I'm 55 and my Great Aunt from Sweden made THE BEST COFFEE ever and she always put egg shells in her coffee pot. I do the same - rinse egg shells. When I brew a pot I put shells from one egg in bottom, the coffee always tastes smoother, even when I use expensive coffee. One person I personally have known has ever heard of this and they observed it while travelling in Europe (forgot what country).

That's really a very

That's really a very interesting fact about eggshell...i heard it really does take away the bitter taste of the coffee, i've never tried it but maybe it's true.

Egg Coffee Recipe

I found a recipe in a book my grandfather had for egg coffee, which led me to this discussion board. I thought I would share it here.

Rinse coffee pot with boiling water. Measure coffee into pot, allowing 1 tablspoon coffee for each cup of water. Combine coffee with slightly beaten egg (I guess you could throw the shell in there too), using 1 egg for each 8 tablespoons coffee. Pour measured amount of freshly boiled water over coffee and egg. Heat to boiling. Boil 3 minutes. Strain and serve at once - The Household Searchlight.

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