Why do some people put egg shell in coffee grounds?

Adding eggshell to the grounds of coffee is said to take away some of the bitter taste that can be associated with cheap or over extracted coffee. People also use eggshell to settle the grounds of the coffee. I believe this to be a fairly rare practice now.


Just put a tiny bit of salt

Just put a tiny bit of salt in your coffee instead of egg shells to take away the bitterness. I knew a guy who used to drink coffee as black as possible and put no sugar or creamer and just salt, he said it tastes like toasty water.

Do you know the ratio?

Do you know the ratio?

egg shells in coffee

In the days of old (Olden Days) coffee was made in a pot of hot water with grounds on the bottom.  As you are never suppose to boil coffee it was almost impossible not to not boil it by this method and if boiled it was bitter and muddy.  Adding egg shells kept the gounds on the bottom, took the bitterness out of the taste and above all kept it CLEAR.  For those that don't believe me join me at the local pool hall and we will have a glass of balliards and discuss it. 

Actually, this is something

Actually, this is something coffee aficionados have dreamed up. Coffee grounds boiled in a pot is quite good. I like it better than drip, more flavor. Try it.

egg shells in a one cup wonder coffee machine.

Was cooking up a mcmuffin breakfast when it all of a sudden I remembered my mother putting egg shells in her perk when making coffee back in the 40s.  I have one of those one cup wonders - but got tired of paying $.55 a cup for coffee so I bopught one of those tiny coffee baskets that you can use instead with your own coffee.  I put the egg shells in with the coffee expecting no difference in the result.  Much to my surprise - the bitterness was gone.  I'll be making my coffee this way from now on.


The fishing & hunting guides in Maine use to put a coffee when they made coffee for the people who they was guiding.  They would guide the people for fishing and they stop and cook the fish they had caught and made the coffee on the campfire.   They said the egg kept the coffee grinds in the bottom of the pot.   You can find the recipe in an old Grand Lake Cookbook

Egg shell is alkaline. Coffee

Egg shell is alkaline. Coffee is acidic. When the acidity is reduced by the alkali, it tastes better.

I think this is right - i

I think this is right - i didn't connect the acidity issue but I notice that adding even a little egg shell to my french press makes it a smoother brew

Egg shell in the coffee pot

When we went camping, my mother would use an old aluminum coffee pot with a little glass knob on top, so you could see the brew percolating. She put the water and coffee in the pot -- no basket for the grounds -- along with a rinsed out egg shell. She told me it made the coffee taste better since it was boiled coffee, and kept the grounds at the bottom (settled). She called it campfire coffee.

Interestingly, she didn't do this at home. I think it was because she had a more sophisticated brewing pot. :-) I will have to ask her for details about this.

whole eggs in coffee

I have just read a book - The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke - and in the book she mentioned that the Cafe owner puts a pinch of salt and breaks three eggs, shells and all in the ground coffee - mixes it all together with a spoon and scoops it all into the coffe basket of the machine before switching it on. Ok - I understand about the salt and the shells, but why the eggs as well?

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