How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

In the United States federal regulations require that in order to label coffee as "decaffeinated" that coffee must have had its caffeine level reduced by no less than 97.5 percent.

Example: Panamanian coffee is about 1.36% caffeine by weight normally. This and many other arabica coffees are about 98.64% caffeine free even before anything is done to lower the caffeine content..

When 97% of the caffeine has been removed only .0408 % of the coffee weight is caffeine. About 4/100ths of 1%. At this level it is labeled "decaffeinated. How roasters label their products is another matter. Suppose two roasters roast Panama coffee that originally came from the same lot, and were decaffeinated together in the same vat. One roaster labels his decaf. "97.5% Caffeine Removed." The other says his is "99+% Caffeine Free." Which roaster is not telling the truth?

The answer is: They are both right. They are both essentially saying the same thing.

Decaf should range somewhere in the 2-4 milligrams of caffeine per cup range.

Currently used solvents for decaffeinating coffee include, H2O (water), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Meth. Chloride, Ethyl Acetate. Note: A relatively new method called Swiss Water Decaffeinated uses "flavor-charged" water in the decaffeinating process.


No cafeine and no more hypertension 230/120

In my case after a year on "decaf" no more dangerously high blood pressure, no more hypertension. My doctors tried every pill they could to keep my blood pressure down. Nothing was working. I was a heavy coffee drinker for 30 yrs, but since I have learned about caffeine, a "fresh cup of decaf" or a hot chocolate (caffeine free . . like Nestle's Quick) has kept me out of the hospital ER rooms and much healthier. Starbucks decaf coffee has more caffeine (and the hot chocolate also). They actually googled it for me. . .like 20% caffeine (must not be USA grown). Also I read any labeled decaf coffee made in the USA will be 97% caffeine free (at the least, some have only 0.14 caffeine ) in order to meet the FDA regulations. Next I may try the pero I am reading about.

My Doctor

I went for a physical this past week and informed my doctor of my withdrawal experience from caffeine.  He looked at me like I was from outer space.  Based on my personal experience (and many on this board's too), there is a pretty obvious disconnect between the main stream medical industry and those that suffer severe caffeine withdrawals.  Perhaps we are a minority, and most people recover within a week or so.  But our experiences are still real nonetheless.  I am so thankful that I found this board.  I am not sure what I would have done without it.  I think I took a similar path to withdrawal as ahuman did.  I am caffeine free for the past 75 days or so, and still have minor PAWS (mainly slight anxiety). 
It gets better.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel for people like us!  The rewards > than the pain.  Although I still have my down days, the good days are outnumbering them.  Sometimes I feel like I am 20 years younger.  I can't wait to see how I feel in 6 months from now.  Congrats to all that have kick this habit.  And good luck to those that are trying to. 
Take care, Marc

pero / the perfect break from coffee 100% caffeine free!

try is 'the perfect break from coffee' made from barley, malted barley, chicory, rye & nothing else.... it is great!    i was a starbucks junkie and i have been able to enjoy this just the same!   use it as you would instant or iced beverages...etc.   i drink it black as i can drink coffee any way...used to drink it with half & half and 'whey low' sweetener from vivalac (whey low is  'sugar made healthy'...which is another awesome product that a lot of people don't know about ). you can order it online ;)   the pero should be at your local health food store, whole foods, etc.   not sure if it is available at the local grocery...just started using it myself.

Chicory root is a great

Chicory root is a great alternative to coffee and is caffeine free. It still has that bitter and roasted taste but is actually good for you and very natural. I love adding some almond milk and stevia for the perfect morning drink. Can do it iced too. Chicory is a great option if you don't mind adapting your taste buds for the benefit of your health.


I thoroughly enjoyed my one cup of coffee/latte, but since I now have Menieres, professionals think caffeine may trigger a vertigo attack. I want desperately to try a cup if decaf, but I'm not sure how much caffeine is really in it. Marc, why don't you drink decaf?


I to am kicking the caffiene habit.
Can you tell me about your Menieres....I have been suffering from dizziness since last January, and the first doctor told me I had something called Labyrinthitis, which after seeing an ENT, is what it turned out not to be.   All they gave me was Meclezine, which did nothing.  They finally said I had something else where the fluid is in my inner ear and is pressing against the nerve.  Can't remember the name.
Please tell me more about this Menieres.

vertigo caused by stress

Hi guys, I had suffered for vertigo for about 2 weeks - not labyrinthitis - not Menieres as I could hear low tones (if you suffer from Menieres yuo are very likely to loose perception of lower tones rather than the higher ones). In any case doctors could not understand what it was, although I told them my ears felt wet and I felt an accumulation of fluid behind the ear. I finally went to a acupunturist who had diagnosed a kidne qi defiency due to stress, already after the 1st session I was feeling so much better and after a couple of weeks I was back to normal - she told me to stop drinking coffee as it over stimulates the adrenal glands; As a matter of fact what was happening was that the kidneys regulate fluids inside the body: hence the accumulation of liquids which pressed against the nerve. First step is definitely to give your adrenal glands and kidneys a break by stop drinking caffeine and lower your intake of sugars. Also good to drink lots of nettle tea and liquorice tea (if you don't have an hypertension problem)... and of course relax:) good luck!!!

caffeine consequences

Hi! I battled caffeine addiction all my life. I come from a family of heavy caffeine drinkers. I got up to drinking 10 cups a day, and wound up with serious cystic fibrous disease, and had breast tissue removed, was in a major 5 car accident after ingesting two much caffeine, have suffered heart arithmya for years and an inability to absorb iron. It caused major leg cramps due to calcium depletion, and serious b-vitamin loss. I just read an article that said that caffeine is a white, bitter chrystallline alkaloid derived from coffee, and its classified together with Cocaine and Amphetamines as a central nervous system stimulant. The final blow was Rhuematoid Arthirits, and an article that said, its one of the listed "poisons" that causes the bodies immune system to turn in on itself.  Fair warned young ones, there is hell to pay, for coffee addiction, and denial. I would love to have known all these stats at 18. The article said 10-15 Billions pounds of coffee is consumed around the world every year. Is it any wonder we are at war all the time. The whole world is wired on the stuff.

dana white

I'm only replying because I follow a podcast that has had dana white, ufc president, on and he suffered from meniers as well. He had a blood centerfuge procedure done that cured it 100%  this was after a surgery and other semi invasive procedures.  Sounded like a terrible condition,  so I had to pass on the cure. Good luck! 


Hi Julie,
Actually, I do drink decaf coffee every morning.  About 4 cups or so.  I am told by many that, while there is some caffeine in decaf coffee, there is very little of it.  Most people don't like decaf because of the taste.  I personally do not mind it.  A little fake sugar and some creamer goes a long way.  I personally feel that decaf is harmless, but that's just me and I am in no way, shape or form, a medical expert.
It's been over 100 days off of regular coffee, and I am really pleased with the results.  I don't miss caffeine at all.  The decaf coffee has some drawbacks, but I consider it an excellent and reasonable substitute. It may not be for everyone, but it has helped me.
I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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