What is the best temperature to brew coffee?

According to the SCAA, the optimal water temperature for coffee is 92 - 96C (197.6 - 204.8F) for 90% of the contact time.



Right temperature for coffee

Thanks to EVERYONE who commented...the internet provides a wonderful way to get lots of laughs...by reading comments from so many unique people...those who criticize and those who criticize the criticizers. LOL

Massive Metric Mahem

Since we live in a multicultural land with many languages and at least two mathematical systems can't you bother yourself enough to do the math for the millions of morons who can't and won't??  Simply wasting the time of the author wouldn't be a big deal but when you are ignorant enough to state a temperature in only one measurement then you immediately waste the time of millions of Americans who have been raised with their own standard and are now forced to convert the term. 
Yup, I just queried the web to find out the optimal temperature for keeping coffee hot and now I'm tasked with converting centigrade to farenheit so I can figure out what temperature you are stating. 
Well, I don't do it so I don't read any further into your article because down deep I'm convinced you don't want any Americans reading your stuff.
So, now I've lost interest in how hot coffee should be and I'm wasting more time letting you know just how dissapointed I am in your article.
If you haven't guessed it, I write electronic technical materials and I am one of those who must deal with both systems daily at work and I must make those conversions daily and write my document with both so others can read it without having to do those conversions.
Keep writing, maybe I'll finish your next article.

metric maYhem

good god man, you are spewing forth some anger there pal. so if you work with metric to english conversions all the time you should at least remember the basic conversion formula. if not that then get a decent conversion app on your phone. so what kind of coffee machine do you have and why is this super critical information not available to you in any other format except searching the web? unless you can share some of your expert writing it is not really fair to criticize the author especially when you cannot even spell Mayhem. have another strong cuppa joe buzzkill!!

Your grammar is abhorent, as

Your grammar is abhorent, as is your ignorance. 

Too much Coffee

Understand your pain but you should cut back on the caffine and mountain dew....just a tad.

you spent more time moaning

you spent more time moaning than you would have spent opening a new tab and typing "c to f" in a google window, lol. you really dont do anything good towards the positive attitude towards Americans from the rest of the World. Go and get a Kilogram ( http://lmgtfy.com/?q=kg+to+lb+conversion )of decent Italian roast coffee, dont boil it and then you can chill out and not let the Worlds most widely used Temperature scale and its use stress you out so much :)  Namaste 


Why would you waste your time writing that much negative, critical feedback if you didn't spend at least as much time reading the whole article? Your motives are in question and your credibility, as a result, is suspect. Perhaps some of the energies that motivated such a response would be better directed to more important things. Best of luck to you.

Obvious troll

Is obvious

dumb and proud of it.

yep, that's you. whenever someone starts talking about "us americans" then i know right away that i am dealing with a bigoted, moronic, flag waving, bible thumping hypocrite. you've got to be one gd dumb mother &^($er if you never look up information about anything you have no knowledge of.  but wait, you did attempt to look up coffee brew temps didn't you so i guess you just don't want to learn about anything "unamerican".  still makes you one dumb ass mfer. for your information decimal and centigrade will be the american  standard in a few years.  if you were still alive what would you say  then? even now, all measurements in science, medicine, electronics, engineering, etc. etc. are in your so called unamerican systems.  look on the next box of fruit loops or bag of potato chips you buy.  you are soon to be extinct, like the dinosaur.  and good riddance. Oh, and there is no way you write any thing technical unless it is the shade tree mechanic section of your local hick town paper where your favorite response to questions about problems on newer vehicles is "we don't work on no cars with stinkin' computers in them".  plus, if you do these conversions on a daily basis then you would not have had to go anywhere to convert Celsius,.  You could have done it off the top of you head, or at least worked it out in a couple seconds with a pencil and paper.   you must take most people that can read and think even a little for idiots. technical writer my ass.   P.S. for your information the author did convert C to F.  right there in the text right after the centigrade temp.  maybe you didn't  know that F stood for fahrenheit mr. technical writer.


So he's "bigoted" and a "bible thumping hypocrite"... which reinforces the stereotype that people who believe the Bible tend to push it down other people's throats and are usually hypocrites.  Nope, no bigotry there!  And why are you bringing up the decimal system?  Americans use decimals like 99.9% of the time!  Do you even understand what the decimal system is, in contrast to the metric system?  The former is a 10 based numeric system, the latter is a system of measurements.   One does not necessarily require the other.  The English system of measures (which is used by us dump, bigoted, God-loving 'Mericans!) of course employs the decimal system.  So while you're throwing down allegations of all types of profane studity for those who fail to do some research, remember that you are soundly in that same group of people!  (Don't be embarassed to have a friend help you with the big words in this response- I know you'll get it eventually!)

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