Is there a legal limit for caffeine content?

The answer to that is it depends on the country. A few examples of laws related to caffeine content for food and drinks include the following:

In the United States there is a limit of 65mg of caffeine per 12 liquid ounce in beverages. This may only be for carbonated beverages. (What we call coke here in the south and my northern friends like to call pop.) There is also a limit of 200mg in pills such as Vivrin. For more info on caffeine contents in drinks check out  High Caffeine Pop from 'Energy Drinks' Revealed. Also check Ask Erowid for more specifics.

Here is the FDA regulation text:

[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 21, Volume 3]
[Revised as of April 1, 2003]
From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access
[CITE: 21CFR182.1180]

[Page 462]




Subpart B--Multiple Purpose GRAS Food Substances

Sec. 182.1180 Caffeine.

(a) Product. Caffeine.
(b) Tolerance. 0.02 percent.
(c) Limitations, restrictions, or explanation. This substance is
generally recognized as safe when used in cola-type beverages in
accordance with good manufacturing practice.

This text is available at the GPO web site. Essentially what this means is that for a drink or food to fall within the FDA's guidelines 68 mgs per 12 oz is acceptable. Some drinks do have more. Most if not all energy drinks are legally classified as supplements. Supplements (vitamins and such) have a much lower oversight than food and drugs. Natural caffeine levels are also exempt from these regulations so coffee based drinks may have more caffeine than the limit without being classified as a supplement.

Australia has a limit of Australia 145mg of caffeine per liter for non-energy drinks which they refer to as "formulated caffeinated beverage" for legal purposes. Formulated caffeinated beverages can contain up to 320 mg/L of caffeine but not less than 145 mg/L of caffeine.

In parts of Northern Thailand it is completely illegal. It was outlawed as a precursor to meth.


Why would you want too? The

Why would you want too? The human body can only absorb the caffeine in two cups of regular coffee per 24 hour period. The "high" associated with the chemical is very real. But the "act" of behaving hyper is all in your head. I will say that there is an energy drink out there that I like. It has an excellent amount of B and C vitamins in it and a reasonable amount of caffeine in it. It is made by Hansen's company and is called Energy. It tastes good and keeps me up all day. With just one can.

Caffeine High a Placebo Effect?

It's not. I once did my math wrong and put enough instant coffee in turkish mocha that I ended up literally high, and the amount I thought I put in I know would do no such thing.

"The human body can only

"The human body can only absorb the caffeine in two cups of regular coffee per 24 hour period."

I'm not sure where you heard that, but it's absolutely false. If that were true, there would be no lethal dose for caffeine, however, there is and it's 10 grams.

Coffee is not just an energy

Coffee is not just an energy drink, it's also addictive. I couldn't possibly count my caffeine intake because I drink a lot of coffee although my doctor told me to be more careful. I recently read that coffee producers, tobacco producers have risen the addictive substance amount in their products so that they become more addictive. I sure hope this isn't true...

yes you can, from chemical

yes you can, from chemical dealers, but that may be a bit hard. but, if you have a basic to medium level knowledge of chemistry, you can extract it as a pure white powder from coffee and other plants that contain caffeine

I did some research on

I did some research on caffeine last year, so I got some solid facts AND a response from the FDA themselves when I wrote a personalized letter to them talking about caffeine (took two months for a response).

I wrote about how an energy drink Wired x505 contain(ed) 505mg of caffeine in an 18oz. drink...since then and my bringing it to their attention, it has been banned and only available in the UK (where it was originally released).

I know some people will disagree with me in that it would be a "fun" drink, but its too dangerous.
A standard lethal amount of caffeine is around 10g (for the average weight/size person). Having 1/20th of a lethal limit is just too risky and has bad affects on the human body.

I have had the energy drink Cocaine (formerly known as No Name because it was have issues with its name) which has about 300mg of caffeine in a TWELVE (12) oz. drink...25mg/oz.
That had me very wired, but the only reason that this much of a dosage can exist is because caffeine can be naturally extracted from gaurana, mate, and tea (known in pure caffeine form as guarananine, matiene, and theine)...which being in 3 different extracts but the same caffeine, causes flaws in the FDA's regulation on caffeine doses.

I am looking into getting some caffeine pills myself, I just need to find out if a 200mg caffeine pill is really a legitimate amount of caffeine to be affected by (if it is really 200mg of caffeine in a tablet)--I am getting these for some studying/activities I am going to do, in avoidance of pills like Ritalin or other small forms of speed because they are so addictive.

That's my input on the matter.

Pure Coffee is not food or drink anymore

Yeah the last comment is right, if you have some knowledge in chemistry you can do it, or you can look on the net. But i would not advise using it as a drink though, pure coffee is not considered as food and can be quite dangerous if you take a good amount.

Pure Caffeine

I cannot authoritatively answer this question. I can say that a number of body building oriented sites advertise what they claim is pure caffeine so it may be possible to purchase pure or near pure caffeine I the United states. According to the University of Bristol in the UK chemical supply companies cannot sell pure caffeine to individuals. I would not advise the use of pure caffeine in any but a carefully monitored environment. In pure form a small miscalculations of dose can be a big deal.

legal limit per ounce?

I can't see how this is correct. In america, drinks like Starbucks Doubleshot have upwards of 21mg of caffeine per liquid oz.

***Carbonated drinks....

If you read the original post it says there is a legal limit on carbonated drinks.... That does not include Starbucks Doubleshot and other non-carbonated drinks like most energy drinks

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