How to reduce the caffeine on your body?

Is there a way to reduce the quantity of caffeine on your body, like an antidote?
For example, if you take an expresso or a certain amount of coffee to keep you awake (for finish a work or study), but then you realize that you don't need to be awake all night, is there something that cuts the effect of caffeine (food or drink for example) you have on your body?

I've searched in your FAQ, but didn't find anything.

Thanks in advance


I have drank 12 cups of coffee in the last 5 hours, how safe is this? im assuming not very safe.


I didn't have any garlic but I had a banana and some water. I drank a big glass of water and ate the banana. It's only been 5 min but I feel better.

Anyone plz

I cant sleep when i drink 2 monester engery at afternoon help to clean caffine in my body
plz i want a help

Reducing the Effect of Caffeine

I am also very sensitive to caffeine. It causes my heart to race, insomnia, and jitteriness. Yesterday I had 2-3 carbonated beverages with caffeine, a chocolate bar, and junior mints. I knew I would suffer that night. I decided to try out the garlic/lemon juice remedy. I took 4 cloves of garlic and put them in the Bullet blender, added 1/2 cup of lemon juice and hot water. Drank it. Didn't feel great in my stomach - probably too much lemon juice. But, by golly, it knocked the jitteriness way down...and I actually had a fantastic night's sleep. Better than usual, and unheard of considering the caffeine I consumed the day before. I find it amazing. Next time I will try less lemon - maybe 1/2 lemon instead of a 1/2 cup of lemon juice. Thanks!

Did you know chocolate actually does not have caffeine

Chocolate actually contains Theobromine a stimulant similar to caffeine but chocolate actually does not have any natural caffeine but some chocolate companies make an energy version of their chocolate and add caffeine.

Not exactly true

Chocolate can have very small amounts of natural caffeine in it depending on it's production. The husks of cacao beans in particularly contain small amounts caffeine and this can easily get into the chocolate during production. But yes you are right the main stimulant in chocolate is Theobromine.

garlic thanks soooo much

thank u sooo much i was crying from nervousness i took overdose caffeine thought that it will help me study more but i was so nevous and my heart beat was so rapid but after eating garlic and drinking alot of water it worked and am feeling way better :')

Yes it is garlic that can

Yes it is garlic that can cause some serious stomache. Lemon is good for stomach it alkalizes the body. Garlic in that amount could burn your stomach like fire. You are one lucky retard.

Garlic - not lemon - is what hurt your stomach

Raw garlic is very hard on the stomach and hard to digest. Lemon is good for digestion. It is the raw garlic that gives you that knawing burning feeling.

I think the most useful comments....

are those providing relief using easy to find items which are probably already in the home or office.

The caffeine OD is not something planned and may result from forgetting about how much caffeine is in particular foods.

Ingestion of 1800 mg of caffeine can induce a panic attack very easily. That's only 6 regular caffeinated beverages and even fewer if you add espresso shots or buy jumbo sizes.


6 caffeinated beverages is NOT 1800 mg of caffeine, at most it's around 100 mg per 20 oz. of soda.

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Neurocalm and magnesium

I am super super sensitive to caffeine - like even decaf keeps me up all night with severe anxiety attacks. I accidentally drank an energy drink (wasn't told it was caffeinated). started having panic attacks so took two neurocalm tablets and two magnesium tablets and it helped so so much!!

great relief 4 cms of ginger root, 3 cloves of garlic & cayenne

Works fantastic 4 cms of grated ginger root, 3 cloves of garlic pressed and pured & 1 tablespoonful of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water works better fresh and raw but if its too much to handle a tea of all of this can help.

Hope this helps to all because it helped me heaps.

wonderful works well

thanks for sharing it really does work!!

all it did for me was give me

all it did for me was give me bad breath.

Roasted Garlic is easier

I love coffee but get severe migraines and nausea with it.
Like an idiot after a year I got greedy and had two cups of coffee after dinner.
Now I felt all uneasy, nauseas, heady, racing heartbeats all that.. I saw your garlic suggestion and tried it.
Since its difficult for me to take raw garlic because it's too strong to bite into.. I pierced it with a sharp knife and put in on my stove until I made it black.. It gets really soft and easy to eat. The relief is quite quick. Try not to drink water for 10 mins after.. Works better..
I'm going to have another one now it's been 20 mins.. I know I'll feel even better.

Thanks so much guys. Hope the next person feels better too :)

Garlic powder does not equal minced garlic

I just want let you guys know that garlic powder is not the same. It is so disgusting. 1/2 tsp and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I currently have two atomic fireballs in my mouth to get rid of the stench/taste.
Overall, this is awful.
I'm going to vomit.

magnesium seems to work.

Today I bought a new brand of coffee (as in one that i did not try before). I was eager to test it so at 4pm i tried two cups and it tasted very good. I already sampled another coffee at the shop at 11am earlier that day, so 3 cups filter coffee as i normally should only take 1 cup because i am very sensitive to caffeine in coffee. For some weird reason i can drink a liter of coca-cola and i feel great and don't get restless but to much coffee makes me anxious, restless, sometimes on the border of paranoid, not very pleasant at all.

I took some calming herbs. first 800mg hop. almost had no effect, then i took a second one still not desired effect, only very mild and 1600mg hop probably should make even a horse feel sleepy. Then I used 500mg tablet of magnesium with a little st johns worth.

Guess what i fell shitty for 5 hours straight, i take 500mg magnesium and i feel almost normal after 20 minutes.
Seems to work great for me. I take these pills anyway because of sports and is good for muscle recovery and helps you sleep too.

I definitly going to try garlic if it happens again but magnesium works good too. I actually did not read this forum until after i took magnesium, so it was just by accident that i know now that magnesium is the cure.
But garlic is a lot cheaper and i have it in the fridge so if it happens again i go eat garlic-gloves with magnesium for desert.

BTW if you don't have magnesium pills or if it is too expensive maybe by kelp or seaweed, just dried and make yourself a noodle soup with seeweed, it has 8000mg potassium and and a lot magnesium in it (more then daily dose anyway), works better then a banana and taste pretty nice too. You just need a little bit of it (maybe 20 or 30 grams) and should already work better then 3 bananas

Coffee Antidote

Any food or supplement with: Magnesium, melatonin or Vitamin C

Rutacarpine herb works too.

Rutacarpine herb works too.

Caffeine Research

Call for research participants:
Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world, yet the experienced effects of the substance can vary between individuals. The aim of this survey research is to better understand the variation in responses to caffeine as well as relationships to the substance. As a study in the field of medical anthropology, this project specifically looks into categories of effects and symptoms, systems of knowledge about health and illness, and medical encounters in regards to caffeine consumption.

How to participate:
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Drink some hot water

Taken some hot water, i always get benifit from it. i don't know why? but it work.

Eat Something

This happens to me alot, i drink alot of caffein, then later i feel sick and i forget that I had'nt eaten, when i eat somethign I always feel better. Always. 

Caffeine against garlic

I was so sick 1 hour ago... I was close to call an ambulance... A lot of caffeine and my body was shaken, nauseas, pain. I read the articles about garlic.. I took a large amount of garlic, 1 banana, water and 20 minutes I am much better. 5 hours very sick and just you helped me guys in 15 minutes. Good luck??? But It worked for me...

How did that even just happen?

I felt the same way. I was afraid to fall asleep in fear of not waking up. I ate 3 cloves of garlic and drank a glass of lemon water and felt better almost immediately. I have bad breath now but at least I can calm down. I can't believe that just worked so well. And so fast.... Wow.

Drink water

Another method is to just start drinking plenty of water. Don't bloat yourself, but drink enough to try to get yourself to have to pee. Drink as often as possible to lessen the effects of the caffeine quicker.

Not too much

Drinking too much water can be dangerous since coffee will cause you to pee a lot. You lose a lot of electrolytes along with the caffeine you pee and can dilute your blood.

hyponeutremia shouldnt be a

hyponeutremia shouldnt be a concern unless the person has kidney disease, or is consuming waaaaaaay too much water such as in a contest or to pass a drug test, an american diet provides about 100x more sodium than someone needs.


True, I also drink Vitacoco (coconut water) which helps to replace electrolytes and also helps to counterbalance the acidity of coffee. I've also read that, ideally, you should never have coffee on an empty stomach because it's so acid forming.

True but...

That is true! You can get gastric ulcer. But you can get that by anything that got low Ph. Coca-Cola (and other softdrinks) could be considerable worse than coffé to stomach though... "Coconout water" may sounds much like some health/diet trends. If you're not into such lifestyle (like I am not) you may be happy with just milk. But I may depend on your location since milk could have additives. I am from Sweden and here we don't got any additives at all in our milk. But some other places in the world got preservatives and such that I don't know if it could have any impact.

Bad experiment with Kola nut

Guys, I’m searching caffeine antidote because, just a few hours ago an Ambulance track have stopped by my house. Why, I call 911, thought I will die from drinking tea. I did some mixture of herbs Kola nut powder, Vanilla nut powder, and grinded Rose hips. I think the worst affect was from Kola nut, which contains a lot of caffeine. It was just proportion of 1/3 tea spoon of each ingredients, but Rose hips was one tea spoon. Everything was added to an average ceramic tea pot with a hot water. I drank maybe a half of cap and in a few minutes my blood pressure increased dramatically, I do not know exactly how much, but my hands started shake and I was afraid I will collapse and no one will know what happened to me. So I grabbed those bags, that I just have received from mountainroseherbs and started dialing 911 (at least if I will collapse they will see what I was taking). When they came in, they measured my pulls and blood pressure, and it really was not so bad, as they sad, about 144. Ambulance guy sad, to drink a lot of water, and that there is no antidote exist, but I’m pretty sure, in Emergency room they have some protocol to treat this kind of condition. So it is about 5 hours later now, I have drank probably of 3 liters of water, and I feel close to normal condition. Just to let you know it is not a good idea to experiment with some herbal sexual enhancement recipe from the internet. I have nothing against mounaineroseherbs, but do not experiment yourself.

kola nut

Kola nut is an intense stimulant. I believe it was one of the ingredients removed from the 19th century cola beverages because it was dangerous for people with heart problems. I believe it used to be the primary ingredient in old-fasioned cola beverages along with coca leaf extract, hence the name Coca-Cola. I would say the coca leaf was probably the less harmful of the two ingredients. One can still legally purchase both coca leaf tea and kola nut from herbalists, but there are many things herbalists sell that require caution, just like you have to use caution with any medicine. Anything that has a biological action on an organism has the potential to be toxic and cause harm. It is a matter of dosage. 
If your blood pressure had been dangerously high, such as 200s over 100s, they would have (or should have) take you to a hospital where they would likely have given something to lower your blood pressure to safe ranges. 
I am glad you are okay and I hope you will start with very small doses if you plan to experiment with bioactive substances, although I have to advise against it. People die of subsance overdoses very frequently, often from heart attack. 

how to eliminate caffeine from your body....

You should try fresh carrot juice - it allegedly helps remove caffeine from body - I have tried it and it really works for me!

Caffeine antidote that works.

You can use a beta-blocker called propranolol to counteract the 'jittery' effects from caffine. Beta blockers have been used for many years to lower blood pressure and have an excellent safety record.
The combination works as caffine increases the amount of catecolamines like adrenaline in your system, while beta blockers block that effect. Since the beta blockers work more in the peripheries, rather than the brain, the awake effects from the caffine remain without the sweats / shakes / upset guts.
You will need a prescription for the medication, but it's pretty cheap since it's long since off patent. Side effects include lowering your blood pressure (only an issue if it was low to start with), and in some men it can cause erectile dysfunction (only until it wears off!).

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^ this

I second this statement

Re Kick you depression, one way or anoher

Thanks for this - great insight and very useful and inspiring. Reading it made me feel immediately more positive and wanting to do more to make my life better. All the best. Jackie

How to reduce the caffeine on your body?

I woke up this morning wondering what the halflife of caffeine is in your body, because I am in process of getting my thyroid dose adjusted and need to know how coffee habit effects that.  I know that there is one enzyme in the liver that is resposible for metabolizing caffeine.  That enzyme is also responsible for metabolizing a number of other things and it tends to become depleted when over used.  Eating the "sleepy foods" that one commentor mentioned may help replenish this enzyme.  I do know that grapefruit directly replenishes this certain enzyme and that is why so many drugs have a caution about eating grapefruit along with taking them because it speeds up the body's elimination of those drugs and upsets the dosing requirements. Eating raw garlic may also replenish this liver enzyme, although I have never read anything about that.  I do know that chamomile also directly antagonizes the effects of caffeine due to the fact that it immediately controls coffee jitters in my experience, though by what mechanism I do not know.  I know that many of the "sleepy foods" mentioned by one commentor in this discussion are high in calcium and magnesium which do have a directly stabilizing effect on excited nervous states, but whether they help to replenish the liver enzyme is unknown to me at this time.  This is a question to google perhaps or search on pubmed.
This is a link to a wikipedia article on the subject (  It seems to indicate that the liver enzyme resposible for caffeine metabolism is highly effected by over use, and that eating foods that replenish it may go a long way in reducing the insomnia effects of caffeine. I am very curious as to whether garlic would be in the same category as grapefruit for this purpose.
It is my understanding that Melatonin is our primary sleep hormone that is produced by the brain in direct response to our daylight driven circadian rhythm and would not need to be replaced unless caffeine has been used over a period of 24 hours or more to upset the circadian rhythm, such as a night shift job, or pulling an all nighter for study, or inability to sleep on a long plane flight, or using caffeine in the afternoon.  I would not suspect that Melatonin has a directly antagonistic effect against caffeine since caffeine can be used to overcome the effects of Melatonin, ie. drinking coffee to stay awake all night.
I thank all the other commentors here for their input because you have opened up many avenues of inquirey that I would not have readily thought of on my own.  I hope my comments have helped some you in turn.

Incorrect on grapefruit

White grapefruit juice *inactivates* an enzyme in the liver (CY89 I believe). This enzyme is used for metabolizing many prescription drugs. So if a person drinks a lot of grapefruit juice, he is at risk for an excess amount of certain prescription drugs in his body.

How to reduce the caffeine

Melatonin, will make you sleep even if you had too much caffeine

Try Garlic

I've done this several times and it starts working almost immediately.  I came across this forum  tonight because I was curious as to what else out there would work as well.  Seems like garlic does the trick better than anything else.  To negate the effects of the harsh flavor of eating pure garlic I mix it with a little lemon juice, about half a squeezed lemon and it goes down just fine.  I use about two medium sized cloves.  I don't eat anything with it right away to make sure it does the trick unhindered and I emulsify the garlic by spreading it on the chopping board with a large sharp knife with a good amount of force and chopping it, repeating the process as much as is needed to basically turn it into a paste.  Mix it with the lemon juice and it is drinkable.  Don't like the mixture touching my teeth so I pour it down the back of my mouth and that's all she wrote.  I had a lot of caffeine today enough to where I know it will be hard to sleep but having just consumed the garlic lemon juice mixture I know I should be fine.  Wether it's coffee or tea I love my caffeine but I am one who is very sensitive to it so I try not to drink more than one cup of coffee a day and not after noon time  except for tea.  On days when I know I'm going to need more caffeine than it takes to keep me awake at night it's good to know there is an antidote that works.  I was actually feeling jittery not too long ago and now I am much better.  I had alot of caffeine today and needed it but I should sleep just fine.  Hope this info helps anyone out there who also is sensitive to caffeine.  It should be a pretty safe way to counteract the negative effects caffeine can have at times.

Garlic to counteract Caffeine

I got some caffeine today by mistake. I haven't had a significant amount of caffeine in over 20 years so I am very sensitive. I tried the garlic cure. I think it worked! Thanks so much!

Thank You!

Just mixed some freezedried garlic and water in a shot glass and downed it. didnt take long and feel much better now, thank you.

Worked for me

I downed 2 tsp of garlic infused olive oil. I also ate a banana and took a dose of my calcium magnesium powder. I don't know which did the trick but I am no longer jittery or nauseous. I only drank a small cup of Tazo hot green tea and had an 8 oz glass of cold raspberry tea today. I am very sensitive to caffeine though and just wasn't thinking when I had more than 1 serving of caffeine in a day.

This worked

Thanks, I OD on caffiene too often because I love tea and coffee and this is the only thing that has ever helped. I mashed up three cloves of garlic into a paste and than tossed them into half a cup of lemon juice  and added a little water. I chugged it down and a few minutes later i few amazingly better.

Thank You

I was learning the meaning of 'jumping off the walls,' and not feeling good at all. I came across this suggestion, and happen to have garlic supplement pills. I took one with a piece of bread, and it has helped tremendously. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Counteract Caffeine

For mild caffeine related sleeplessnes, try a banana or two (potassium), rehydrate with some electrolyte, water, and some good sleep foods such as milk, cheese, rice, and melon.  It will take time for high levels of caffeine to "half life" out of your system.  Each half life is about 5 hours.  If you've pumped yourself with 200mg of caffeine, it will likely take 5-10 hours to half life the dose down to a dietary manageable level including using sleep "friendly" foods.   If you end up sleepless all night then use the experience to learn that dietary energy management is easier without caffeine ingestion beyond breakfast.  

Worked for me too!!!

Thank you so much for the suggestion.I had taken too much espresso and got very bad effect. I tried banana and drank water and it worked out really well for me.Thanks again...:)

Worked for me!

I took 2 Calcium Magnesium Pills, ate a large banana, drank lots of chamomile tea, & ate 2 heaping teaspoon fulls of garlic (maybe a little more); it was crushed.  Within 10 minutes I felt better.  Had way too much Yerbe Mate' at one time.  This really works!