What are the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal?

Regular caffeine consumption reduces sensitivity to caffeine. When caffeine intake is reduced, the body becomes oversensitive to adenosine. In response to this oversensitiveness, blood pressure drops dramatically, causing an excess of blood in the head (though not necessarily on the brain), leading to a headache.

This headache, well known among coffee drinkers, usually lasts from one to five days, and can be alleviated with analgesics such as aspirin. It is also alleviated with caffeine intake (in fact several analgesics contain caffeine dosages).

Often, people who are reducing caffeine intake report being irritable, unable to work, nervous, restless, and feeling sleepy, as well as having a headache. In extreme cases, nausea and vomiting has also been reported.


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You may be right 60 Year Habit. I do have another doctor's appointment and hope to get my B12 tested. Time will tell.

No symptoms of withdrawal?

No symptoms of withdrawal? Or no symptoms of being on caffeine?

Damn tired, if you are still

Damn tired, if you are still around I have remembered that I did have symptoms from caffeine pre my withdrawal which are still around or have changed a bit, I had developed a nasty dry cough in the year preceding my caffeine withdrawal which I still have and I had body aches and stiffness, which are v gradually lessening, which I think must mean that your fatigue could definitely be linked to your caffeine use.

6 year habit, I hope all your symptoms have nearly gone by now, and thanks for the info on lemon juice - amazing!!
It doesn't seem to make much difference to me going without it though.


When I stopped drinking lemon water, I immediately started replacing electrolytes and added Vitamin B-12 complex and Vitamin C to the One A Day vitamins that I was already taking. The thought was to replace any lost nutrients as quickly as possible. I started to notice a substantial difference within 48 hours. Yesterday was my best day yet. I would say I felt better than 100%. I know mathematically that's not possible, but if I felt 100% some days while on lemon water, then this felt a lot better than that. It could still be a placebo effect or coincidence. It's too early to know for sure, I'm feeling pretty good.

My caffeine ordeal has motivated a friend to start backing off of her caffeine... slowly. Hopefully, others will learn from my mistakes as well.

I am glad you're feeling

I am glad you're feeling better and I hope it is the lemon juice - it would e good to be feeling better!

Re My lemon juice intake, I am wondering if that has contributed to my high iron levels (on top of giving up milk and tea), because vitamin c taken with food apparently increases iron absorption…….


So far, I'm feeling a lot better. Yesterday I was feeling great. It's still too early to tell if it's coincidence, placebo effect, or it's really me cutting out the lemon water. It does make sense though because anything (like lemon) that detoxes the body is likely detoxing the body of both good and bad stuff. My fingers continue to be crossed.

I have not been tempted to go back to caffeine. Even if caffeine hasn't been the original source of my fatigue back in December, I feel so much better not drinking caffeine than I ever felt on caffeine! :)

Hello again, glad your bloods

Hello again, glad your bloods were ok, I hope the lack of lemon water helps. I haven't actually been drinking lemon water, only using instead of vinegar but I have been doing that for many years pre my caffeine wd fatigue, so I don't think there is a connection but will try not using it for a few days to see.


Negative side effects reported using too much lemon water over a prolonged period of time include vomiting, lethargy, extreme weakness, and fainting. I did a search for "Dangers of lemon water detox" to find articles on this. Considering that my 1st episode of fatigue happened 4 months before I stopped drinking caffeine, but 5 months after I started drinking 2 glasses of lemon water every morning when I wake up, there's a possibility that lemon water is actually stopping me from recovering from my caffeine withdrawal. I've been drinking lemon water for close to a year now. I'm sure everyone is different and I can't say for sure this will cure my feeling of weakness and fatigue, but I am going to give it a try. I'll report back here how things turn out.

In the mean time, I did go to the doctor this week and he ran a full set of blood tests and everything came back normal. I'm supposed to go back in two week for a follow up appointment.

@ 60 Year Habit: I know you've been drinking lemon water for a long time now. Because of this, I made a special point to share this information on this board. It may help you. It may not. It's just another angle to consider.

Well that sounds more hopeful

Well that sounds more hopeful to me, as if you may have found the answer to your fatigue. If you are anything like me, it will take you more than a year though….

I am still getting phases of having the shakes and sweating too, plus dreadful backache, and a lot of insomnia. i was amazed to find that caffeine wd was stopping me sleep!

I have noticed a very slight improvement, not much, of my level of fatigue, although my muscles are gradually getting stronger and I can walk further and faster. (I have had a few short periods of a week or so when the fatigue has improved, but not for ages).

I hope somebody with a similar experience to yours chimes in soon, that would really help you.

Thank you again, for your

Thank you again, for your reply! :)

Did you have issues with tiredness/fatigue and the blood sugar/shakes before quitting coffee? Or only through your withdrawal symptoms?

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