What are the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal?

Regular caffeine consumption reduces sensitivity to caffeine. When caffeine intake is reduced, the body becomes oversensitive to adenosine. In response to this oversensitiveness, blood pressure drops dramatically, causing an excess of blood in the head (though not necessarily on the brain), leading to a headache.

This headache, well known among coffee drinkers, usually lasts from one to five days, and can be alleviated with analgesics such as aspirin. It is also alleviated with caffeine intake (in fact several analgesics contain caffeine dosages).

Often, people who are reducing caffeine intake report being irritable, unable to work, nervous, restless, and feeling sleepy, as well as having a headache. In extreme cases, nausea and vomiting has also been reported.


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Hi Guys

I actually drink at least 15 mugs of coffee a day (known me to drink 30). I have read some of these blogs and I am hoping that I can put my mind at rest. A few weeks ago I was rushed to hospital with cellitise (an insect bite). I did go tachicardic and had to have my heart rate and blood pressure taken regulary. Then over the past few weeks I have started to get occasional sweats, loosing colour heart rate beating fast feeling really Anxious. Then I start feeling dizzy for a good 24hr period. I start to panick thinking oh is it my time. Tossing and turning all night long. Could this actually be the caffiene. Sat here typing I now realise I drink way too much.

Thanks Phil

Day 4 cold turkey

...And I feel simply horrible. The worst is the flush-like feeling to my extremities and face, all down my arms, and the chest pain that has sent me into a couple of panic attacks. I have had to have friends reassure me I am not dying, and I'm still not sure.

Hey it's okay. You'll make it through this day, I say, and Pray.

Trust me, It's a common feeling. I'm on day six and it's horrid. I feel like I'm slowly dying inside. Panic attacks are the worst part. I think I'm going to die every ten minutes with them. And the headaches are absolutely unbearable. I feel like I'm dying because of them. There is hope though. With God and my convictions I'll make it through this storm.

Am I suffering from caffeine withdrawal?

Hello all:

Wondering if what I'm experiencing could be chalked up to caffeine withdrawal. I've always drank about one can cherry coke/ day. Haven't had one for almost two weeks. I've been experiencing a stuffy-type feeling in my head, almost like a pressure upon it that you would experience before the onset of a headache. I've also had random achy type feeling in my legs (specifically thighs and calves) and slight chest pains.

I visited my doctor; told him my symptoms and he told me it wasn't anything to worry about. Blood pressure was fine and nothing abnormal in blood test. The caffeine withdrawal didn't dawn on me unitl after my visit. I did suffer from one severe headache two days ago that lasted about two hours and included vomiting. I've been trying to drink much more water and eat more fruit.

Thanks for reading and any feedback!

Could be, but unlikely

It could be, but probably not. A can of coke has 45mg of caffeine in it. I'm pretty sure the studies around dependence and withdrawal have found it starts with an intake of around 100mg a day. It could be that you're particulalry sensitive to it, but it's unlikely and wouldn't last 2 weeks on such a low dose.

More likely it could be sugar or something related to it than caffeine.

Thanks for the response. For

Thanks for the response.

For what it's worth, I've drank one can/ day of Cherry Coke for the past three days and the aches and pains seem to have gone away. Maybe I was just that sensitive to it or the sugar? Just hoping it's not anything serious (me being somewhat of a hypochondriac certainly doesn't help matters!).

Any idea if eliminating that 45mg/ day would cause problems if it were part of a "caffeine routine", meaning that in addition to the soda (usually during late afternoon), I'll usually have coffee in the morning (either large dunkin donuts w/ sugar and two packets of equal or a traveler mug with three pakcets of equal) and a glass of sweet tea at night. I didn't drop the coffee and sweet tea habit over the past two weeks, just the soda.

Please Help

I wake up every morning with a splitting headache, i have a huge 500ml mug of tea and the headaches goes away..i am totally addicted to tea..i have approx. to 4 to 5 x 500ml mugs in a day..i am trying to stop but but cant seem to get past the 1st day because the headaches sets in..wat can i do... [email protected]

Try using excedrin extra

Try using excedrin extra strength. It has caffeine. Start by taking the max dose per day. Then slowly start cutting back on the excedrin

My names Emilie and i am only

My names Emilie and i am only 19 but I drink caffeine constantly. I have at the minimum two red bulls and six colas a day.

I am also an ex cocaine addict so i am trying to quit caffeine now as well, because it is an unhealthy stimulant.

Unfortunately my withdrawal symptoms are terrible: fever, migraine, chills and extreme irritability, not to mention being very tried yet restless at the same time.

I unfortunately succumbed to the siren call of the caffeine. So I ask? how do I do it? how do i stop drinking caffeine?

email extractor

Please Help

What I have done to eliminate my caffeine addiction is this: I buy one regular coffee package and one 1/2 caffeine package and mix them together (usually the small bags) when I finished this mixture I move to just the 1/2 caffeine, then after that mixture is gone I buy one decaf and one 1/2 caffeine and mix together and when that mixture is gone, I go straight to the decaf. I have experienced the headaches occasionally but I haven't had a cup of coffee now for two days and the headaches are gone.

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