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Growing coffee trees

The first issue to consider when looking at growing coffee from seed is what exactly are you starting with. There are three possibilities. One raw fruit, two a raw seed that still has the silver skin attached or three a processed unroasted green seed.

If you are starting with a green seed that has been processed for roasting you may have less success than if you are starting from one of the other two points although I have heard of success starting from green beans.

In any case most people recommend prewetting the seeds to allow them to sprout. At this point you can plant the seed at a moderate depth. It will take several weeks before you see any evidence of a plant so don’t give up.

Coffee trees grow very slowly especially in a pot so do not be surprised at the slow rate of progress.

It will take from three to five years before you will see any fruit and do not be surprised if it does not produce any coffee you want to drink unless you are extremely lucky and have great coffee growing soil and a good coffee climet soil.

I am told coffee trees are also available in some nurseries.

You can buy seed from a number of online seed suppliers and some nurseries may carry seeds or be able to special order them for you.


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