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Mountanos Bros. listting of caffeine content.

The list you furnish from Mountanos Bros. claims 1.01 to 1.42 caffeine in their coffees. The question was asked as to what the units were, and one person responded they were percentages. Elsewhere, you list a brewing recommendation by the SCAA as 10g coffee in 6 oz water, resulting in 5.33 oz brewed coffee. Taking those numbers as typical, if the Mountanos Bros. list indicated % caffeine in the bean, we would have 10g coffee with 1.01% caffeine (101 mg), up to 1.42% caffeine (142 mg) in a 5.33 oz cup of coffee. If the results indicated % caffeine in the finished coffee, figuring 1 oz water as 30 grams (160 g water in a 5.33 oz cup), we would have 1616 to 2272 mg, respectively. From what you post here, and in other sources I've read, 101 to 142 mg sounds in the ballpark for a cup of coffee; 1616 to 2272 mg looks way out of bounds. Wikipedia notes that the LD50 for humans is in the range of 150-200 mg per kg body weight—about 12,000 mg for a 180 pound person; in other words, about 84-6 oz cups by the first reckoning (percent caffeine in the bean), and about 5 cups by the second (percent caffeine in the cup). Seems that % caffeine in the bean is the meaning of the Mountanos Bros. list.


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