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Some people are hyper sensitive to caffeine. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is not a way to determine if a person is caffeine sensitive before they experience the side effects. Many people also forget caffeine is a drug. Specifically it is a relatively mild stimulant. Caffeine should be treated with care in the same way that any drug is. 

As for the headaches, I have personally experienced headaches and migraines when deprived of caffeine either voluntarily or by circumstances outside of my control. For me it usually happens starting on day two and I'm relatively headache free after a week or so. Headaches and migraines the most common side effect of caffeine withdrawal but far from the only one. Over a month later seems unusual but if you have spoken to a doctor and they have ruled out other possible sources then I will not claim it is impossible. 

I looked up Optibolic Optidrene since I was not familiar with the product. It contains 75 mgs of caffeine per capsule (2 sources 37.5 mgs each) and the recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day. That is a total of about 300 mgs of caffeine spread between 2 doses. This is not what I would call a huge dose of caffeine. Each 150 mg dose is the equivalent of  one strong cup of coffee, two glasses of iced tea or about three 12 oz Mountain Dews. Having said that there is a definite difference in how fast caffeine hits the blood when taken in different forms so there may be a more spiky caffeine jolt with this type of product.

You may want to talk to your doctor about the possibility of caffeine sensitivity and how you should handle this in your diet. A very large number of foods and drinks contain varying amounts of caffeine so if you are sensitive you need to know which foods to avoid. 

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I also hope others will use you source as one of many examples of why caffeine should be used in moderation if at all.

As an aside, nutritional supplement companies are starting to turn to caffeine as a stimulant replacement for ephedra now that ephedra is banned from supplements in the USA. If you are planning to use supplement products check the caffeine levels they can be quire high and don't over dose. As an aside to the aside ephedra is still legal in some forms such as herbal teas so watch what you are getting in those products if you want to avoid ephedra.


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