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No Doz Dangers

I've never been a coffee drinker. Too bitter and too hot. I've been a Coca Cola drinker all my life. I still am except now I normally drink caffeine free (which is hard to find, unless it's also diet). My addiction is to No Doz. It started in college. I'd take a Vivarin or two while cramming for a test. At this problem. In later years I worked as a bartender in a very, very busy place. Before leaving for work I would sometimes take a No Doz. Still no problem. But then that No Doz started to be everyday. Begin problem. At some point I started taking them in the car on the way to work because I had been in a hurry to leave. Swallowing them, without water was difficult so one day I decided to chew instead. Sure it was a little bitter but it seemed to have a slight mint flavor. Increase problem. Then I started to take "nibbles" off No Doz throughout my shift and later throughout my day. For the last 12 plus years, I have had a No Doz addiction. I now chew over 4 per day. That's about 900 mg. If I don't have No Doz I feel horrible. Taking it is not an option. You call that an addiction. My blood pressure is about 143 over 97. I blame No Doz. I am again going to try to quit, but it is hard to do. My warning is this: if No Doz helps you quit then fine, but it is a bit like an alcoholic trying to stop a beer addiction with shot of vodka. Be careful.


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