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My reduction programme

This is going to sound geeky, but...

I started my reduction programme a few weeks ago. Each day I take 95% of the caffeine I had the day before. I measure my intake in terms of mounded desert spoons of coffe grounds (I don't drink tea or cola and I don't eat chocolate). To avoid having to weigh out grounds precise to a gramme, I round off the value to the nearest half a mounded desert spoon of grounds. I use a spreadsheet for all this. At the end of this week I'll be down to half a mounded spoon of grounds a day (i.e. one rounded one)

In the past I've tried simply cutting down by half a cup a day and found that rate of reduction too steep. When I got to zero I got withdrawal symtoms that I couldn't tough out and failed.

OK, I'm not down to zero intake yet and the test comes when I am. But I'm down to a fraction of what my intake was and I'm not feeling much worse than I did before I started cutting down. I recommend this method.



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