Processing raw beans

First and foremost you will only want to harvest the cherries
that have reached a ripe red color.

Once you have harvested your cherries you are ready to process
them. The method I will attempt to describe below is a wet
process method. If someone would like to describe dry process
please let me know.

First remove the sticky fruit from the berries. This can be done
by pushing the seed out with your fingers. You will be left with
one or two seeds.

Immerse the beans in water for one or two days. This is known as
fermentation. Any beans that float to the top should be culled,
as they are bad. This will help to remove the pulp as well as
loosening the skin.

Once the beans are removed dry them by laying them in a thin
layer in the sun. Cover them at night to protect them from
moisture. As a shortcut you can also use a dehydrator to speed
this part of the process up. The drying process will loosen the
outer protective skin.

Remove the outer husk from the beans.

Once this is done your beans are ready to roast.

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  1. removing husk?

    I have bean (pardon the punt) growing coffee for sometime now, i have recently had my best harvest in which i pinstackenly processed the bean by hand, i have learnt by trail and error better methods. However my biggest hesitation in making more coffee is removing the husk after drying, could you offer a solution ?

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