Monsooned coffees are stored in special warehouses until the
monsoons come in. When the monsoons come in the sides of the
warehouses are opened allowing wet air to circulate through the
coffee. The coffee in the process will swell in size. Unlike aged
coffee monsooned coffee is stored loose. Throughout the process,
which can take 12-16 months, the coffee is raked and rotated to
assure even change. In this time the beans will double in size and
change to a pale golden tan color. At the completion of the
process the coffee must be hand sorted again to remove any beans
that did not develop correctly. 

As with aged coffee things can go wrong in the process turning
what started out as an exceptional bean into bad coffee. 

Much like aged coffee monsooned coffee is typically used in
blends. Monsooned coffee will typically be pungent, deep and have
a somewhat musty flavor.  

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