Meta-FAQ (the FAQ about the FAQ)

There are a few things that really should be said about the FAQ and the way I look at the FAQ. These are completely random so don’t assume any meaning to the order. This is just the order things popped into my head. Please real all points before e-mailing me.

  • This is a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) file. For this
    reason there are a ton of things that are not covered in the file. Some
    should be but I have not had the time or do not have the expertise to address them but most are also
    just not common questions. Please check out the Usenet
    Archive at Google. you can probably find an answer with a little
    searching here.
  • I am always willing to take submissions or articles. Please keep them
    brief and let me know your sources of info. Thanks
  • I do not sell anything on the web site. I also will not recommend a
    given merchant. If you are a merchant looking for someone to recommend
    your product keep looking. I make one exception to this. I personally
    buy my coffee and much of my coffee equipment from Sweet
    Maria’s. I will without hesitation recommend this one company. All of
    the advertising on this page is currently handled by Google AdSense. If
    you click at the bottom of the AdSence bar you can add your
  • On a related note… No I am not interested in a link exchange. All of the links I have on these pages are companies or people I have personally chosen to link to.
  • If you see me linking to your page feel free to link back, but I will not ask or insist on you doing the same. Regardless of whether you link to me, if I link to you I think your content is good. If I link to you and you would like me to stop linking just let me know and I’ll remove the link immediately.
  • If you like my content and want to link to this web page please feel free. I only ask that deep links not be constructed to appear to be part of your own page (frames etc). Yes deep linking is OK as long as you are clear that you are linking outside your own page.
  • If you want to know how much caffeine is in a given product that is not
    listed I recommend contacting the manufacturer directly after checking
    their web page. Some manufacturers are helpful. Some are not. All the
    caffeine concentration data I have is already listed. I will not likely
    list more unless I personally get curious or I get submissions. If you find caffeine content listed on a web page please send me a link and a short note. Thanks.
  • If you would like to use excerpts from either of the FAQ files feel free
    to use what you want. All I ask is that you give credit and use the URL
    in your citation.
    If you would like to e-mail me to let me know what you are doing that
    would be great. I love hearing that the info is being used. If not that’s
    OK as well.
  • If you have a correction or suggestion please send it to me via e-mail.
  • I cannot send you the FAQ by postal mail or e-mail. I also no longer keep a
    copy of the FAQ available by auto responder.
  •  I will not answer any medical or quasi medical questions in
    relation to caffeine or coffee. I am not a doctor. I do not play a doctor on television.
    The scientific parts of the FAQ were all done by the previous editor of
    the FAQ Alex Lopez-Ortiz.  I am a computer network geek by
    profession. So any advice I might give you would be questionable at best.
    Please talk to a medical professional if you have a medical concern. If
    you have a computing concern please do not talk to your doctor they
    probably will not be able to give you expert advice in the IT field. Although
    I will admit that my doctor is a Mac geek and probably knows more about
    that architecture that I ever will.
  • Do I answer my e-mail? The short answer is sometimes. If I have time between
    my job, training, school and something I try to call a life I do try
    to answer the e-mails that I can answer intelligently. This
    is one of the reasons I have added this section. I get several e-mails a day most
    of which will require me to do some amount of research to answer. While I do not
    mind doing the periodic research for the FAQ because many people can use
    it I do not enjoy doing it if there is not a wide interest. So if you want my opinion
    on something feel free to e-mail I will try to make time. If you are
    looking for something you cannot find I may be able to help you out. If
    you want to say how great the site is feel free. I like flattery. On the
    other hand if you are e-mailing to ask something already covered in one of
    the FAQ files or this FAQ please expect me to delete your e-mail without a
    response. As a final note even the items I mention that I will try to
    answer may or may not get an answer depending on my time, how much e-mail
    I get on a given day and just how lazy I am feeling. Especially that last
    one. If you have read this and want to e-mail please direct your correspondence
    to email2 @ coffeefaq DOT com. Obviously take out the
    spaces and replace DOT with a (.).
  • Can I use the content of the web site for …? I have no
    problem with your use of any of the information/content anywhere on I do ask for a citation referring to either or If you intend to use the entire FAQ file online you must
    make it clear that you are mirroring this document and include a link back
    to from each
    page. If you will be using the entire FAQ file in print please make it
    clear that you are not the author and refer to either
    or as the original source. If you make any changes other
    than formatting or markup please make it clear that some content has been
    changed. This can either be an all inclusive statement or indications in
    each spot.
  • I do not consider the FAQ files primary sources for research.
  • I do not guarantee that there will not be mistakes in either or both FAQ files.
  • Information included in the FAQ files should not be used to replace a competent medical opinion.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Daniel Owen

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