How do you pronounce mate?

MAH-teh. MAH like in malt, and -teh like in Gral. Patten.

Mate is a short form of Yerba Mate, whose leaves are dried and brewed into a caffeine-rich beverage similar to coffee and tea.

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  1. Mate is from the

    Mate is from the Argentine/Paraguayan/Brazilian border region. It is pronounced properly as “MAH-tay”. MAH is like the vowel sound in “mom” and tay rhymes with “play”. The stress falls on the first syllable

    1. Why???

      Can anyone explain how we could drink so much caffeine every day for years on end and then now as just one a day will cause so much dizziness? Just seems absolutely crazy.

      Thank you!

      1. Outside of Southern Brazil

        Outside of Southern Brazil and the border with Bolivia, the Brazilian pronunciation is like “MAH-tch”

      2. Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands to send out adrenaline, that what gives you energy. But if your adrenal glands are getting exhausted then caffeine can make you dizzy. Because your adrenal glands also regulate blood pressure, so when they are exhausted or under stress your blood pressure can get too low, thus the dizziness.

    2. Correct Pronunciation

      Well, “MAH-tay” may be how many people pronounce it in the United States, but in Spanish it’s pronounced “mah-TAY”. The acute accent seen over the letter “E” in maté is always used in Spanish to show where the stress falls.

      1. Its more like MAT-eh, with

        Its more like MAT-eh, with the “a” being shorter than in the english “mat”, and “eh” pronounced like the e in “pet”, and the stress falls on the first syllabe.
        It has no acute accent in the e. Written with an accent, “maté”, the stress falls in the second syllabe, and it means “I killed”.

        1. Mate pronunciation

          You got it sir. Stress is not on the “e” but “ma”. Otherwise you go to jail for confessing your crime.

      2. Mate vs. Maté

        There is no accent on the word mate in Spanish. It is added for English speakers so that they pronounce the word as two syllables. Therefore, the accent naturally falls on the first syllable. MAH-tay. The word “maté” in Spanish means “I killed”.

  2. I pronounce it like it is seen in the English language

    If you spell a word Mate, it sounds like Mate mayt. Mate sounds like someone you are close to, mah-tay in spanish means “I killed someone”

    Again open source developers don’t name their apps properly… never fully researching or thinking about things before doing them…

    It is pronounced mayt as it is spelled Mate. If you argue then I would refer you to the spanish translation.

    If you wanted it spoken as mat tay, spell it as Mattay, dont spell it all stupidly

    1. In Spanish, the “A” says “ah”

      In Spanish, the “A” says “ah” not “ay” and the accent in words is placed on the second to last syllable (in this case ‘ma’). “E” says “ay” in Spanish, therefore the pronunciation is most definitely ‘MAH-teh’.

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