How do I measure caffeine content at home?

To the best of my knowledge this can not be accomplished without sophisticated equipment. The Department of Energy’s web page briefly explains what is involved.

There are labs that will test the caffeine content of ground coffee for a fee typically between $200-$300. While this is pricey if you’re just trying to find out for your own curiosity, it may be worthwhile for those trying to create energy bars or other baked goods with coffee.

There’s no truth to rumors that darker or lighter coffee roasts have a meaningful difference in caffeine levels, and taste is not a reliable method of gauging caffeine levels.

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    Funny how the “Department of Energy” would have something on how to measure caffeine content. I just find that a bit of humerous irony.

    1. Department of Energy has more

      Department of Energy has more PhD’s in Physics and Chemistry than any other government branches because it owns all the national laboratories. The current secretary of DoE, Dr. Chu came from UC Berkeley. He is a Nobel price winner in Physics.

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