Growing coffee trees

The first issue to consider when looking at growing coffee
from seed is what exactly are you starting with. There are three
possibilities. One raw fruit, two a raw seed that still has the
silver skin attached or three a processed unroasted green seed.

If you are starting with a green seed that has been processed
for roasting you may have less success than if you are starting
from one of the other two points although I have heard of
success starting from green beans.

In any case most people recommend prewetting the seeds to allow
them to sprout. At this point you can plant the seed at a
moderate depth. It will take several weeks before you see any
evidence of a plant so don’t give up.

Coffee trees grow very slowly especially in a pot so do not be
surprised at the slow rate of progress.

It will take from three to five years before you will see any
fruit and do not be surprised if it does not produce any coffee
you want to drink unless you are extremely lucky and have great
coffee growing soil and a good coffee climate soil.

I am told coffee trees are also available in some nurseries.

You can buy seed from a number of online seed suppliers and some
nurseries may carry seeds or be able to special order them for

6 thoughts on “Growing coffee trees”

    1. Growing coffee trees

      I am growing 400 coffee trees in my greenhouse.
      I started by presoaking my seeds.
      After aprox. 2 months the seeds started to sprout, it took so long I almost gave up and tossed the seeds thinking they were bad.
      I keep the plants above 65 degrees and place outside in the summer. Keep moist but not enough to drown the roots.
      Although I started all the seeds at the same time, the plants are of different heights and shade of green with some showing variated leaves.
      They have been growing for two years with the tallest reaching 2′.

      1. growing coffee in a greenhouse

        Hi Mike,

        I had the same idea. How big is your greenhouse and what part of the country do live in? What kind of seeds did you use? soil? Do you control the temp and humidity? Do you have any suggestions for me? What about altitude? Thanks for your time. My name is Lou Birkel and my e-mail address is


      2. Coffee plants

        Mike, I bought 2 plants from you about three years ago. The plants are doing fine, I just had to re-pot them into much bigger pots as they were becoming root bound in the old ones. One is a little over three feet tall and the other is just under three feet. Today I noticed my first coffee bean, (still haven’t seen a blossom, but must have had one). My question for you is, as they are becoming too large for the spot I have been keeping them, can I put them on my sun porch which is unheated but doesn’t get much below 45 degrees in the winter, and have them be alright? How warm do you keep your green house in the winter? I know you told me they shouldn’t go below 65 degrees, but I still think that in their natural habitat in the mountains of Columbia etc., they must go below that. I am thoroughly enjoyed raising “The Boys” as I call them.

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