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This FAQ is dedicated to coffee and all that goes with it. There are several newsgroups in which these topics may be of relevance, including,, and alt.drugs.caffeine. I welcome any and all contributions to this FAQ. If you do not agree with the info in here please let me know or write an article for the FAQ. If you feel you can explain something better than I have, by all means rewrite the article and send it in.

Brewing the Ultimate Drink

Coffee Beans
What is the best temperature to brew coffee?
Is water important?
Coffee quality
What is the difference between arabica and robusta coffee beans?
Just how much ground coffee do I need for x amount of coffee?

Preparation Methods

Drip coffee
Press Pot aka French Press aka Cafetiere aka Bodum
Espresso Machines and Makers
Vacuum Coffee Makers
Ibrik aka cezve
Moka Pot aka Mocha Pot

Peripherals and Storage

Proper care of coffee makers…
How to clean an espresso machine
How to store coffee beans?
What kind of grinder should I buy?
What is the best way to clean my coffee bean grinder?
Vacuum Bottles and Carafes for storing brewed coffee

Home Coffee Roasting

Why roast coffee beans at home?
How do I roast coffee beans at home?
More home coffee roasting information
Green Coffee Bean Vendors

Do it Yourself

Growing coffee trees
Processing raw coffee beans


Espresso & Coffee Bean Guide
How do you spell Espresso?
What is a Kopi Luak coffee?
How much caffeine is in decaf?
Why do some people put egg shell in coffee grounds?
When did companies first start to make tinned coffee?
What is “white coffee”?

Coffee Recipes

Making chocolate covered espresso beans
Caffe Latte
Turkish Coffee
Irish Coffee
Thai Iced Coffee
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Vanilla Sugar


General flavoring notes
Chicory coffee
Italian Syrups
Other coffee flavorings

Coffee Terms

Espresso drink names and terms
Roast Names
Roast Related Terms
Varietal and Processing-Related Terms
A few more terms
Aged Coffee beans


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