A Few More Names for a Hammerhead aka A Shot in the Dark

I just love the names different bars come up with for this drink. So I have compiled a short list of the different names I have seen or heard of. If you have one to add let me know.

A Shot in the Dark
AA Boilermaker
Better than Coke
Black Eye
Black Fandango
Bull Dog (local dog themed shop in an old pet store)
By-passes (as in single by-pass, double by-pass or “I need a triple by-pass” you get the idea.)
Canadiano (Canadian name)
Coffee Suicide
Cup o’ Crack
Dead Man Walking
Depth Charge
Eclectic Witch Water
Early Shirley
Eye Opener
Lazarus (Christian themed shop. “This drink will raise you from the dead.”)
Mad Max
Morning Face Maker
Train Wreck

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    1. Where I come from (various

      Where I come from (various Canadian locations) a Black and Tan is Guiness and Cider. In Ireland it means something different…

      1. Black and Tan, at least here

        Black and Tan, at least here in Toronto, is Guinness floated on Harp (or sometimes Smithwicks if it’s a dark Black and Tan).

        The drink you describe is routinely called a Snakebite (Guinness and Cider, usually Strongbow).

        Black Velvet would be Guinness and Champagne. Why yes, I’m up on my Guinness.

        Anyways back ON topic, I’ve seen the espresso/coffee mix referred to as Jet Fuel and/or Rocket Fuel in Toronto as well.


        1. Coffee with an add shot of espresso

          I worked for a long time in the restaurant business and have always loved coffee. I made many espresso drinks on the job. Yesterday I was thinking about having a cup of coffee with an espresso shot added. I didn’t know the name for this. Certainly there must be a name. This morning I didn’t see this on the menu, but I ordered it. It tasted really great. It made my skanky tasting cup of regular taste way better, I actually had two of these. I named it an “Emperor”. The reason being that if you add up the numbers of 2011 it adds to 4 (2+0+1+1 = 4) and in Tarot the major trump for this number is the Emperor card. So this year is a year when we will be drawing on this energy of the Emperor in our leadership qualities in creating our kingdom (our lives and careers). This is a cup of luxury which is what an Emperor would enjoy do to the distinction of being a leader.

  1. Sludge cup

    In Alaska, it’s universally referred to as a sludge cup. (Sources: that’s its official name on the Snow City Cafe menu, everyone I know who likes them calls it a sludge cup, and a search for Sludge Cup turns up an article in our local alternative weekly newspaper with a reference to what it is.)

    This may have something to do with the state’s very large oil industry (i.e. oil sludge).

  2. for some reason i have yet

    for some reason i have yet to fathom, some coffeeshops in my town call this an italiano. i kinda doubt that’s authentic.

    1. I’ve never heard of this

      I’ve never heard of this before, but it’s not authentic, it’s a joke.
      An “Americano” is an espresso with water added, so therefore an espresso with coffee added must be an “Italiano”. Actually, pretty darned funny.

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